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The world should unite so that arrest of Dick Cheney and resignation of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu will come true.

The news of Brussels's terrorism of the ABC news
Three people were arrested in Brussels this morning in a series of raids related to an arrest in a Paris suburb Thursday night, the Belgian federal prosecutor said today. Authorities made the arrests in the areas of Saint Gilles, Rue de Belgrade and Avenue Rogier, the prosecutor said. Two of the suspects suffered leg injuries, he said, and a police source told ABC News one of those arrested appeared to have been shot. Two of those arrested were identified as Tawfik A. and Salah A. by the Belgium federal prosecutor's office. The third was not immediately identified. The prosecutor said the arrests related to a raid in Argenteuil, France, Thursday night that resulted in the apprehension of Reda Kriket, a French national linked to the ringleader of the deadly November Paris attacks. Kriket was wanted by authorities after he was charged in abstentia in Belgium last summer for his alleged activity to recruit jihadists. Today's arrests in Brussels followed the detainment of several people in the city last night amid an ongoing manhunt for two suspects in this week's deadly bombings.
All but two of those people have been released. Authorities are looking for a man seen on surveillance video at the Brussels airport prior to the attacks and a man linked to the bombing of the metro station. Officials have not identified either suspect, but a U. S. official said the man seen at the airport was already in U. S. terrorism databases at the time of the attacks. The Belgian federal prosecutor today confirmed that DNA from one of the dead airport bombers -- 24-year-old Najim Laachraoui -- was found on explosive vests used in the Bataclan and Stade de France attacks in Paris Nov. 13. The prosecutor said Laachraoui traveled to Syria in 2013. Laachraoui then used a fake alias and traveled with Paris attack suspect Salah Abdeslam in September, the prosecutor said. The two were stopped on the Hungary-Austria border at the time. Laachraoui then used the false identity to rent a house that was raided in late November, according to the prosecutor. Hours after Tuesday's attacks, the Syria-based terrorist group ISIS claimed responsibility. In a video released today by an ISIS province in Iraq, two purported Belgian members of the group threaten further carnage. One of the men says in the video, "after New York and Paris, today we declare to you the new 9/11". On Thursday Belgium lowered its threat level from the highest level, 4, to a 3. Paul Van Tieghem, director of the office that evaluates threats to the nation, said there was no indication that another attack was imminent but that the threat was still serious and possible. Random checks at metro stations will continue as the subway system gradually reopens with an increased police and military presence in place. The Brussels airport will not have passenger flights until Sunday. At least two Americans died in this week's terror attacks in Brussels, a U. S. official said today as U. S. Secretary of State John Kerry was meeting with leaders in Belgium. The official and Kerry didn't identify the two Americans, who were among at least 31 killed in the attacks. Andre Adam, a former ambassador to the U. S. during the Clinton administration, was also among those killed, the Belgian Foreign Ministry said today.
I express doubt why ISIS aimed at Brussels. I wanted to know the reason . And I read many documents.The taboos of Belgium culture throw its norms into sharp troubles.Dick Cheney who made ISIS intends to plunge the whole Europe into confusion like Syrian civil war.If Europe becomes the civil war's confusion, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu who made soldiers of ISIS train by Mossad would desire many Jews take refuge in Israel.If Europe becomes the civil war's situation, Dick Cheney will provide many weapon in the emigrant groups so that every civil war should be prolonged , while Dick Cheney will export weapons to the governments of each EU country,I think.I think Dick Cheney intends to absorb assets of Rothchild by arms smuggling.
There is an opinion that people of Rothchild supported Adolf Hitler to sacrifice European Jews' blood for the founding of a country in Israel.
How will the people of Rothchild think now?Do the people of Rothchild hope European civil war?I can't see the truth.But persons of Rothchild don't seem to fight against Dick Cheney and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.Will the European civil war have any merits for persons of Rothchild? The European civil war has too many disadvantages for Rothchild,I think.
By terrorism of Brussels, 31 people die , and more than 300 people get injured.That's the last thing the victims expected that spring's trip ended tragically, and they wanted to live with beautiful future.I will pray for the repose of the souls of the victims.I pray the injured persons would become healthy . And I will pray good medicine will relieve the pain of the injured persons.I pray that the method that the multiple personality of satanists will be healed is discovered.
Dick Cheney using the suicide bombers believing in God of the Allah is like the devil.
The Rothchilds should support the Obama Administration so that Dick Cheney would be arrested.
Rothchild should support the Obama Administration so that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu resigns.Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu does not become the Israeli national interest.
The times that Satanists control the world will be over soon. I often hear the opinion that the devil was not appeared in a devil ceremony. God would help the souls of the persons who made each effort to build a kingdom for 1, 000 years of the peace by all means.
The world should unite so that arrest of Dick Cheney and resignation of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu will come true.
And His Majesty Jordan's king Abdullah would accuse Turkey of sending terrorists to Europe. His Majesty Jordan's king Abdullah would have told US politicians that radicals were being 'manufactured in Turkey as part of Turkish policy'at the meeting in Congress attended by the chairmen and members of the Senate Intelligence.The American politicians are Senators John McCain and Bob Corker, and Senators Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid.
He shows 666 signature again on JANUARY 4, 2016.
The Western countries should check the details of relation among Turkish Erdoğan President and Brussels attack and should apply the economic sanctions against Turkish Erdoğan President such as freezing his own assets directly.
The world utterly unable to devise any appropriate measures to cope with Turkish Erdoğan President.The world should notice that the world should let his own assets of Turkish Erdoğan President freeze directly."The Turkish Erdoğan President who kills 31 citizens of Brussels and who causes more than 300 injured persons of Brussels" is not only a terrible terrorist but "also abnormal pervert who often forces Turkish soldiers to cut off each neck of citizens of Turkish Kurd's villages and who burns Kurdish people to death even if they are living" .The Turkish Erdoğan President often bombards "the Kurd's army" not "ISIS" in Syria and Iraq. The assets of the Turkish Erdoğan President should be distributed between every Turkish citizen, and Turkey must return to healthy politics.
The Turkish Erdoğan President often shows 666 signature but the human race must not cause World War 3.
The Turkish Erdoğan President thinks that neither a Belgian nor the Kurd are the human beings as same as himself. However, they are the same human beings .

The people of Satanists from ancien times seem to let them be grown from babyhood by their parents and grandparents and their families so that they promote wishing that the world should ruin.They suffer their own memories of several kinds of cruelty.A course of helping their souls is to build a kingdom of the peace for 1000 years together.

yuta_s.jpgThe method that the multiple personality of satanists will be healed should exist,I think.Yuta who is the Sherman's woman of Okinawa region sometimes hold a ceremony healing a hurt soul.The claim of Yuta of Okinawa may be unscientific, but they insist that the soul is constructed in seven Mabuis. Mabuis seem to gather so that six Mabuis protect a nuclear soul around a nuclear soul.When the human being is ill-treated or has an accident, the human being seem to miss some of these six Mabuis. Mabuis which was fallen seems to become a doppelganger. Yuta makes "Mabuis which was fallen" return to the original soul .Yuta often insists that unity of Mabuis becomes strong if the human being clean the rest room and the toilet oneself.I do not know the mechanism of the mind in detail, but I think that these opinions of Yuta may serve as a reference.

12809682_545438092283084_3427907846103113569_n.jpgThe human race should compromise to build peaceful society, and the human race should study healing of the soul and develop the method .
Regardless of age or gender or social status, the loneliness is the common pain for human race.The human weak point is the loneliness.Therefore it is necessary to compromise together.
When a child is murdered in a devil ceremony, satanists may think as if satanists won a great victory against God. However, God raises all the souls of the victims who were dead in war or terrorism or a devil ceremony to the high level world even if it is unsuitable for them.It doesn't follow that satanists win.God would wait that human race will notice the universal truth.
Please look at the left photograph.The narcissus is blooming from the gap of the sidewalk. This narcissus makes a so large flower bloom.I know the place where the violets bloom from the gap of the stone wall. I made friends with the violets in my mind.
I like wild flowers which bloom in the face of adversity. Therefore I made my eyes shine when I looked at this picture of the narcissus.
Though a seed is hard to grow for the narcissus, the narcissus seems to be rarely formed on the seed. But a miracle happens. From seed this narcissus seems to bloom.Though nobody is going to give any water to this narcissus, this narcissus blooms so beautifully.
Even if we are in the face of adversity like this narcissus, even so, we should build the peaceful society .

Qui a le droit
The devil is a weak existence.
Even the devil of the high rank disappears by words of the prayer in ten several seconds, too.
Just the human being who can use world of Satan is the terrible existence far more than Satan.
However, on the other hand, the human being has ability to build peaceful society.
The Lucifer does not have ability to build peaceful society.
Therefore the Lucifer is jealous of a human being.
The human race must unite to build peaceful society.
I will pray for the repose of the souls of the victims in Brussels .
I pray the injured persons in Brussels would become healthy .
And I will pray good medicine will relieve the pain of the injured persons.
I pray that the method that the multiple personality of satanists will be healed is discovered.
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