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Abducted children in the castle Amerois or the other places and the lives of the whales

Since 70 % of countries of Japan are mountains, Japan is the country where famine is easy to arrive. The Japanese ancestors began whaling to save the Japanese people from famine from time without the petrol. Since Japan was blocked the sea by the Western countries at the time of World War II in Japan, many Japanese citizens died of hunger in death. Did your country give anything foods to Japan at that time? You should not criticise the whaling of Japan if you cannot promise necessarily to help Japanese people from terrible famine.. And the fishermen of any countries thin out dolphins in order to secure fish. You should know impoliteness resulting from ignorance. And I don't hate the whale. I love the whale as the yummy food. Because the persons to relate to the castle Amerois regard the children abducted as the yummy food, you should do activity to help the children from the castle Amerois rather than "the activity to help the whales". You should save human children far more than a whale. In addition, although the persons to relate to the castle Amerois regard the children abducted as the yummy food, they support the activity of Green peace to protect the lives of the whales.
A devil ceremony seems to be held in Château de Faulx-les-Tombes,too. This video calls "Château de Faulx-les-Tombes" "Amerois castle".They seem to call it Amerois now.
The minke of the whale is kind that the quantity of natural resources is extremely rich. Even if Japanese fishermen caught the minke, Green peace criticizes Japan. Why do Western nations moan for Japan although Japan's whale hunting has been food for generations?
Human children are not the fresh ingredients. In addition, human beings must not shoot human children like a rabbit and a deer. There is the information that "the human children not a deer" are shot in the deer hunting event which is carried out in summer every year, and are eaten as the fresh ingredients in Amerois castle.
Why don't Western nations moan for Amerois castle even if the human children are shot in the deer hunting event which is carried out in summer every year for generations?
And Greg Hunt, the Australian environment minister, said the Australian government opposes whaling “clearly, absolutely and categorically”.No fin whales to be hunted in Iceland this summer.
“It is in my view abhorrent and a throwback to an earlier age,” he said. “There is no scientific justification for lethal research.” Hunt Australian environment minister criticised Japan for going ahead with the killings “in spite of a resolution by the [International Whaling] commission calling on it not to go whaling”.
But I know the information that the cut corpses of many children are thrown away in the very large desert in Australia.The Australian deserts are so wide that many corpses seem to be hard to be detected.I heard that the children toward the entertainment world mainly were abducted for the sacrifices of the diabolatry in Australia .I have read the information that a father of a famous Australian actress who owned a very large ranch often shoots at abducted children while giving a follow-up shout of joy by his jeep.The Australian ranch is so wide that the crime to hunt down several abducted children by a gun seem to be hard to be discovered.Father of this Australian celebrity actress seemed to have died in Singapore. The cause of his death still remains a mystery.
And I have heard the information that Australian teachers invited the girl of the high school student who has blue eyes and blond hair to let her become "a medium of the diabolatry,Lylyth".
Hunt Australian environment minister should hunt the ranchers of Australian satanists hunting down abducted children by each gun from each jeep or teachers of Australian satanists hunting down Australian high school girls to let them become Lylyths far more than slandering whaling.
Hunt Australian environment minister
Hunt Australian environment minister
Hunt Australian environment minister1
Oh yeah...Help "Australian abducted children" far more than whales.Human children are not fresh ingredients.Protect the environment of Australian children.
Hunt Australian environment minister ought to be ashamed of yourself and being a crude uncouth ill-bred person lacking culture or refinement!Probably so many slush funds would be found if his political financial supporting group is checked. He is made to resign a minister one day and will fall out of employment, I believe.
Hunt Australian environment minister has no qualification to hunt Japanese whaling-vessels . Hunt Australian environment minister should help "Australian abducted children" far more than whales.
Hunt Australian environment minister,Don't you think you're putting the cart before the horse?The reason why Hunt Australian environment minister slanders Japan is that Hunt Australian environment minister is uneducated. He is only a fool man who eats a kangaroo except any whales and is the lazy bum who does not help abducted children. Hunt Australian environment minister should improve "Australian environment" and "peace and order" of Australia.Doesn't diabolatry spread whole Australia among other things?Even if there is diabolatry in Japan, it is a one-10,000th of Australia.Who are you that you should lord it over Japan so?
"Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) "activates human brain and is effective in raising teachability.This "DHA" is included in a whale a lot. The reason why the Japanese people is wise is because the Japanese people eats a whale.
Because Hunt Australian environment minister eats a kangaroo , not the whale, Hunt Australian environment minister has no brains.According to ranking of the major economic power, Japan is glorious third place, but Australia is the 12th rank.

In your poor brain ,Hunt Australian environment minister must always perform successively a hop and a step and a jump in continuous movement with your stupid ideas because Hunt Australian environment minister eats a kangaroo.
There are people insisting that mercury which is included in the meat such as a whale , a dolphin, and the tuna is a serious problem. However, the BSE problem of the hormone which is included in the imported beef is far more serious problem. The fishery products which grew while the environment where mercury was discharged from the factory into artificially was made are clearly harmful. However, in the case of naturally derived mercury of the whale, it is harmless.It is announced in an American learned society.
At least the whale is the healthy food.
But the problem of the overfishing by the Japanese trawl net is serious . The Japanese Government should consider that Japan should examine the discharge of the fry of various fish.

When Turnbull Australian Prime minister visited Japan on last December, Prime Minister Abe held a ceremony of the tea party and welcomed Turnbull Prime minister. However,Turnbull Prime minister spoke that Turnbull Prime minister was against whaling at the political conference.I think that a ceremony of the tea is clearly more healthy than a devil ceremony. It is Japanese noble spirit of hospitality to hold a ceremony of the tea party in a tea-ceremony room for the guests . Turnbull Prime minister should not have the tea for nobles in a tea-ceremony room if Turnbull Prime minister wanted to object to whaling.The whaling is the Japanese culture that even God would permit us .

As for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ,it is the already same as a terrorist group.Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ! Dash oneself against Amerois castle and release children who were kept in Amerois castle if Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has strong sense of justice as mush as dashing yourself against Japanese whale's ships.
Everyone considers Sea Shepherd Conservation Society a pharisee.Sea Shepherd Conservation Society!!!! Can you prove that Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is not a pharisee while Sea Shepherd Conservation Society receives huge money of vast support?Very good.Sea Shepherd Conservation Society should release abducted children in the castle Amerois.If Sea Shepherd Conservation Society values the lives of the whales far more than abducted children in the castle Amerois,Sea Shepherd Conservation Society proves that you are only rich pharisee.
There are the terrible Dobermans which are hungry in Amerois castle. Shepherd follows the people of the castle Amerois like sheep because Shepherd is scary in Dobermans and its own sponsor.The representative is Paul Franklin Watson. Do not underestimate the samurai spirits of Japan.

Is it allowed for an Australian to eat a kangaroo?
Is it allowed for the French to eat a snail and a frog?
Is it allowed for a Korean to eat a dog?
Is it allowed for a Chinese to eat a snake?
Is it allowed for an American to eat an alligator?
It is none of your business what we eat within our own culture whether we boil or bake our food to eat , if we never eat human child.
At least human child is not fresh ingredient.

I believe God would permit moderate whaling of Japan, but God does not permit "hunting down abducted children" and "the sacrifice of the human children".

I would like to hope that the people of the Western countries would not have any prejudice against the Japanese culture even if Japanese people eat a whale such as the minke.I believe God would permit moderate whaling of Japan.
Many spring flowers have begun to bloom all at once at the Japanese forests. Whenever I see these fine display of spring flowers in the Japanese forests, I can't but believe the existence of God.
In March, Oriental Paperbush begins to bloom at the roots of cryptomeria forests in Japan.When the fairy takes a nap, the fairy is said to make a cocoon. The flower of Oriental Paperbush reminds us of the cocoon of the pretty fairy. Don't you think that these flowers are very pretty?
The wild camellia has begun to bloom in the forests, too.More women have become concerned about hair damage and are using camellia oil to repair their damaged hair.A splendid natural conditioner is extracted from the fruits of the wild camellia. God would give them all to us by His grace in the natural world.I remember that I should thank God anytime when I look at the beautiful wild flowers.
I pray that the method that the multiple personality of satanists will be healed is discovered.
And I pray to God so that abducted children will be released.

Belgian prince Laurent recently admitted that, at times, he gets "a little tired" of royal life.Regardless of age or gender or social status, the loneliness is the common pain for human race.The human weak point is the loneliness.Therefore it is necessary to compromise together.The people of Satanists from ancien times seem to let them be grown from babyhood by their parents and grandparents and their families so that they promote wishing that the world should ruin.They suffer their own memories of several kinds of cruelty.A course of helping their souls is to build a kingdom of the peace for 1000 years together.
I would like to hope to pray for Prince Laurent to be helped from the living hell by God.
I would like to hope to suggest that Belgian prince Laurent would visit the island of Okinawa to meet Yuta. Surely there is some way, I think.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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