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I cannot but pray to God to give Kurdish people a nation.

ISIS puts handcuffs on to the women of the Yazidi believers to make them slaves.The soldiers of ISIS put the women of the Yazidi believers to the dungeon in order to sell them.Because many people of the Middle East suspect that the Yazidi religion is diabolatry , ISIS does not recognize human rights to Yazidi believers.
As for Yazidi believers,have they ever abducted any children systematically for a devil ceremony?I never read such a document about the Yazidi religion at all.
Because Melek Taus which the Yazidi believers believe has the figure of the beast with peacock's eyed feathers, it seems to be easy to be doubted that the Yazidi is diabolatry.It is written in the Koran that Shaitan refused to prostrate himself to Adam . It is said that "Melek Taus" resembles Shaitan (the devil) because also Melek Taus refused to prostrate himself to Adam . Muslims often consider as if the Melek Taus were devil from .
Several times my head swam, and I felt all the sensations of falling when i looked at these pictures.What will God be doing?No one in their right mind would do such a terrible thing.A human being is a terrible creature.
The Yazidi believers are the same human beings.
The women of the Yazidi believers are not treated as human beings by ISIS.
It is too cruel contents to read.
The former Japan forces have the history that made Asian women slaves in the whole land of Asia. The United Nations often issues a proclamation that Japan should restore human rights and the honors of women of the victims who were forced to be slaves .I think so, too.I can understand that the souls of the victims are not helped by the Japan-Korea agreement.I intend to do the new activity .
However why does United Nations abandon the women of Yazidi believers?
russian_ambassador_to_un_vitaly_churkin_h_52623912_1000.jpgRussia spoke in the United Nations Security Council that Russia was concerned about Syrian Kurd not being invited to discussion in Geneva up to the present.
However, the United Nations Security Council rejected " the Russian plan of the statement about Syria".
President Putin has the gentleness for Kurds the most if I say honestly.When Syrian President Assad made Syrian army bombard the Kurd district, President Putin expressed the withdrawal of the Russian military from Syria.The Western countries should recognize a good aspect of President Putin more.
There are many Kurds who are not Yazidi believers, and many Kurd fight against ISIS bravely.It is injustice that the Kurdish nation is not founded all the time even if Kurds fight bravely if Kurds are only used by the large country.The United Nations should make up its mind to have to found a Kurdish nation if the United Nations watch the photograph and youtube's movie mentioned above.
The world was astonished in the gruesomeness of the Nazis who persecuted Jew people and, the world admitted Israel had been established as a country.
Also Kurd's nation should be established along the border of Turkey, Syria, and Iraq toward the sea.
I think the Kurd nation may become independent as a country by getting the enough margin to sell oil into Europe if the Kurd put the oil pipeline of underground through the Kurd nation from Iraq, Iran , Saudi and so on.
In Yazidi believers, there is a bad custom to be sentenced to punishment of stoning if Yazidi believers marry with the pagans, but the founded Kurd nation should prohibit punishment of stoning and should recognize freedom of religion, and I think that the founded Kurd nation should make the right law as the democratic nation.
The world economy should change the policy to positive promotion of the infrastructure business of the whole Middle East's area rather than weapon export.
And...the United Nations need not listen to the saying of the Erdoğan President really.
Erdoğan President always persecutes Kurdish people with ISIS, and he is going to cause World War 3.

Qui a le droit?
I would like to hope that the United States and Russia would unite in order to destroy ISIS.
Oh....please,please help the Kurdish women of the Yazidi believers.
The women soldiers of ISIS put handcuffs on to even small girls.
Please help them quickly.
The devil is a weak existence.
Just the human being who can use world of Satan is the terrible existence far more than Satan.
I think ISIS is the group of satanists.
However, on the other hand, the human being has ability to build peaceful society.
The human race must unite to build peaceful society.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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