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An artificial earthquake and unfair election

earthquake1.jpg Aftershocks more than seismic intensity 3 to exceed 800 times by April 22 were occurring, but every earthquake stopped suddenly when Prime Minister Abe entered the stricken area. The aftershocks stopped from 7:35 to 15:08 when Abe visited Kumamoto in the morning on April 23. It is only the morning of April 23 that Prime Minister Abe stayed in Kumamoto.
The aftershocks still are continuing even now, and many citizens looked at Prime Minister Abe suspiciously.
When Bank of Japan raises more negative interest rate breadth, the market interest rates and government bonds falls down. Because the policy to reduce the burden on financial institution is set, the investors who anticipated it that the Japan's stocks prices do not fall down buy the Japan stocks. I think that Prime Minister Abe wants to cause weak yen and the flow of high stock prices for a rise in stock prices by interest differential expansion.If the aftershocks continue, the weak yen will be caused.
Because many Kumamoto citizens are afraid that each house collapses by the aftershocks , they sleep by car at night.
There isn't any P waves (preliminary tremors) of the first wave in Kumamoto's earthquakes and, as well as the vibration by the nuclear explosion, comes bang suddenly. The wave pattern of Kumamoto's earthquake has the unassailable evidence of the artificial earthquakes.By the radiation dose data of Kumamoto, it is around 0.06μSv at the maximum. However, the seismic center neighborhood becomes the value from 10 times to 30 times. The area of "Mashikimachi, Kamimashiki-gun, Kumamoto" has 34 times of the normal radiation dose among other things.
The Abe Administration should break off the rule of the Khazars Mafia, and Japan must introduce the Russian technique to delete radioactivity. The Japanese citizen must send it to the world. Indifference and silence are crimes.
Prime Minister Abe ,please stop every aftershock by your goodness and your supernatural power that produces miracles .You can do it because every earthquake stopped suddenly when Prime Minister Abe entered the stricken area although aftershocks more than seismic intensity 3 to exceed 800 times were occurring by April 22.
If an earthquake of Kumamoto is an artificial earthquake, Prime Minister Abe should stop so many aftershocks immediately.
The Kumamoto citizens are worn out from stress or strain by the fear of the aftershocks.

Michael Green As for me, I can imagine Michael Green chuckles grimly now. I wish Prime Minister Abe would break with Michael Green who pushes forward an extinction plan in Japan.
I think Michael J. Green's friends of the financial community would have bought Japanese stocks enough. Please stop every aftershock as soon as possible.
There are many Japanese persons who writes about Michael Green at the Internet as follows.
When Michael Green threatened "Former Prime Minister Takeshita who was going to sell US Treasury bonds" with a gun and abducted him to Alaska to kill him by Lynch murder. And Michael Green continues to threaten Japanese politicians by the terrible video of Lynch murder.
If Michael Green is going to attend at any lectures of Japan; many Japanese citizens shout "Michael Green is a cold‐blooded killer! Go out from Japan", and the demonstration happens around there.Whenever the demonstration of anti-Michael Green happens, Michael Green seems to escape from a meeting place anytime.Michael Green is afraid of the anger of the Japanese citizens very much. Prime Minister Abe should part from Michael Green, too.
Because Michael Green may still receive vast bribery from China, Michael Green may be going to push Prime Minister Abe to Japan-China War.But
Michael Green is made of base metal.Prime Minister Abe should wake up from various bad dreams.In Japan,Michael Green always show a mocking smile such as the above photograph.
Michael Green ....Are you so satisfied with advancing an extinction plan in Japan?Should die. Michael Green!!!!

Prime Minister Abe should revive human dignity of Former Prime Minister Takeshita.Michael Green may tempt Prime Minister Abe with beautiful women's group and the huge wealth, or Michael Green may threaten Prime Minister Abe to assassinate Prime Minister Abe. However,I think that Michael Green will be retaliated one day by Japanese people.Many Samurai hate Michael Green.
Michael Green might have brainwashed Prime Minister Abe to become a monster to make him a dictator. Prime Minister Abe,please try to snuggle up to Japanese citizens' minds in order to avoid a situation where the public don't trust statesmen and statesmen are doubtful about the public.'You are still half asleep―only half awake. Prime Minister Abe should rouse yourself a bit.
As long as Prime Minister Abe is a head of state , Prime Minister Abe should stop Sendai Nuclear Power Plant before further damage spreads.
Japan must not approve "Emergency Law".
"The revision of the Constitution draft" of the Liberal Democratic Party "is "the terrible revision law of the devils".

Prime Minister Abe must break with Michael Green who pushes forward an extinction plan in Japan.
北海道5区-1 Musashi It is the next day of April 23 when Prime Minister Abe visited Kumamoto.Yoshiaki Wada, the Liberal Democratic Party-backed candidate, won a seat in a Hokkaido by-election Sunday in what is seen as giving a boost to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's party in the upcoming Upper House election, after defeating the opposition Democratic Party's candidate, Maki Ikeda in a close race.
However, this election return is clearly unjust.
Musashi computer is a machine of high-speed adding up numbers of votes for exclusive use of the election, but the same thing was used even in Bush administration of USA.Musashi computer was a devil's product that the Khazars Mafia of USA produced.
Several spies of the government can easily tamper with a result without being noticed by the persons in charge only by putting the new label of the box of the ballot .In addition, they can remote-control the calculation contents of the computer.
The biggest shareholder of the company of the Musashi computer is Prime Minister Abe, and many Musashi computers are introduced into the whole country of Japan.
The chairperson of the election tactic of the Liberal Democratic Party is Toshimitsu Motegi.
Although Toshimitsu Motegi is a conscienceless villain, he is always poor at camouflage or concealment.
 The progress of the official counting of votes is as follows.
At 22:10 on April 24 (percentage of the votes already counted 28,9%).
The progress of the election return is as follows.
38,238 votes of candidate Maki Ikeda.
37,605 votes of candidate Yoshiaki Wada.
(Without exactly knowing why..., it was reported Yoshiaki Wada was sure of being elected at this point in time!)

At 22:32 (percentage of the votes is already counted 51, 6%)
67, 940 votes of candidate Maki Ikeda
66, 847 votes of candidate Yoshiaki Wada
(Although it was reported Yoshiaki Wada was sure of being elected, candidate Maki Ikeda leads him)

(6 minutes later).
At 22:38 (percentage of the votes was already counted 57, 3%)
68, 879 votes for candidate Maki Ikeda (+939 votes).
80, 438 votes for candidate Yoshiaki Wada (+13, 591 vote).
(Candidate Wada reversed a situation at a critical moment! A strange miracle happened.)

The final results: Voter turnout was 57.54%.
123, 517 votes for candidate Maki Ikeda
135, 842 votes for candidate Yoshiaki Wada
While voter turnout rose from 51, 6% to 57, 3%, someone seemed to have committed a sin...Motegi....don't you think so?If we could observe a mobile phone of Motegi for a long time before 30 minutes of 22:32 of the problem, what conversation can we listen to?Who would have given Motegi an order to start it?Yakuza?Or Michael Green? Who?

David Kaye, the United Nations special rapporteur On Tuesday , April 19,"David Kaye who was the United Nations special rapporteur" warned to protect media independence for Japanese government. And he said,"Japan is facing serious threats."
The visit of David Kaye, the United Nations special rapporteur on freedom of opinion and expression, came as concerns over media freedoms have grown.
The government and ruling Liberal Democratic Party have both drawn criticism for allegedly threatening the press.
However, the Abe Administration remains being a monster.
The United Nations should declare the correct intentions that Japan should abolish Musashi computer.
In this situation, Japan becomes the country such as North Korea, and both Japan's Self-Defense Forces and Japan's police become cold-blooded like ISIS. It will come to threaten Korea which is the mother country of the U. N. Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon. And I think Prime Minister Abe will come to establish the harem of beautiful girls who are abducted into the official residence.
The course to protect Japan from this terrible future which makes everybody despair is only one. It is abolition of the Musashi computer.
The United Nations should mention the abolition of the Musashi computer.
The private signatures's stamps of the persons in charge should be pushed in each ballot's paper itself in order to prevent manipulation, and in order to punish the persons who tamper with the number.
The Japanese media companies feign innocence and bless victory of the Liberal Democratic Party of the by-election of Hokkaido. Both the Abe Administration and the Japanese media companies completely ignore the advice of "David Kaye who was the United Nations special rapporteur".

And several earthquake has begun to happen in the Tokara sea near the shore.Depth of the seismic centers is from being extremely shallow to 10km.However, there was the earthquakes in Shizuoka which stands on the Japan Median Tectonic Line same as Kumamoto prefecture.
I doubt that Michael Green forces Japan's media report as if volcanic activity became active, and may he threaten Prime Minister Abe in order to plan to cause a big earthquake in the Tokai district?
This neighborhood is a stronghold of the manufacturing industry to support the Japanese economy.If Michael Green aims at destruction of the Japanese economy, the Tokai district is most suitable.And there is Hamaoka nuclear power plant on the Japan Median Tectonic Line.Michael Green intends to covet a right of huge money by making Japan's economy destroy and then revive it.
The D/V Chikyu is the world's first riser drilling-equipped science vessel, capable of drilling deeper at sea than any other science drilling vessel to date. The D/V Chikyu stays now right above a Nankai trough. Chikyu means the earth.What Chikyu is doing now?
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh....I'm on verge of fainting.
Prime Minister Abe is going to make Hamaoka nuclear power plant operate again, but it is crazy. Prime Minister Abe should cancel the re-operation plan of Hamaoka nuclear power plant at least.
The coping of the Fukushima nuclear plant accident doesn't advance.
I cannot but think the Fukushima nuclear plant accident to be an agenda of the population reduction that a Khazars Mafia planned.
The radioactivity of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant is far more dangerous than "the chemtrail" scattering the ingredient to weaken immune system and to cause the cancer.
Japan must introduce the Russian technique to erase radioactivity with the laser beam.
Because Prime Minister Abe is Japanese head of state, Prime Minister Abe should protect every life of Japanese citizens from wicked Michael Green.
Prime Minister Abe should execute just Michael Green.
Prime Minister Abe must not be afraid of Michael Green.
Please sing a song of "Brother Sun, Sister moon ".
Prime Minister Abe
You should remember you are Japan's head of state.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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