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Love and peace

Each year His Majesty the Emperor's garden parties are held at the Akasaka Imperial Gardens, once each in spring and autumn.Today was the spring garden party. Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress had invited for friendly conversation about 1800 guests who engage , such as "persons who have contributed to the distinguished service in various fields including industry, culture, the arts and social activities with all of them or with their spouses".
The His Majesty the Emperor married couple blesses the person who contributed to the country heartily by the noble voice to thank for the guests.
Whenever Japanese people heard the voice and saw the smile of the His Majesty the Emperor married couple, Japanese people notice that it is important to contribute to the country called Japan.
It is just Love and peace. Just because we live in the hard and serious world, we need existence giving hope to citizens.
Her Imperial Highness Masako would have attended at a spring garden party this year following last autumn.When I watched Her Imperial Highness beautiful Masako in a wonderful white suit on TV, I was very very happy and smiling."His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince" smiled at Her Imperial Highness Masako with a loving look, today too.
His Imperial Highness Akishinomiya married couple is really beautiful, too.

Even if something bad happens in my life, I can become happy just to look at the family of His Majesty the Emperor. Today, France received a bid for 12 submarines from Australia, and Japan missed them, but I knew Australian government has no mind to order from Japan at the end of March because the Australian Minister of the Environment Greg Hunt insulted Japanese whaling culture at the end of March.Only to criticize whaling of Japan, Australian prime minister Turnbull had postponed the decision for a long time in which country Australia ordered 12 submarine from.But because Australian prime minister Turnbull had no mind to order them from Japan from the beginning,it was good that at the end of March, I retorted with all my might against Australian wicked opinion about Japan's whaling.The ex-Prime Minister Abbott loved Japan very much, but I knew that the prime minister Turnbull spoke ill of Japan with Chinese President Xí Jìnpíng once.I feel relieved to have retorted so!! And it is good that "Japan's high technique of stealth's ability of submarine which is far more higher than France" did not flow out into Australia in which people eat kangaroo meat . It will be easy to discover "the submarine which France eating a snail and a frog makes" far more than a whale.The Japanese whalers will locate the place in an instant where the French submarine is,I think .And The Sea Shepherd often causes a panic for "the stealth technology " of the Japanese whaler's ship..
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In this February, "when Australian Julie Bishop MP. Minister for Foreign Affairs visited Beijing," "Chinese Wang Yi Minister for Foreign Affairs" showed a fear that Australian military domain may come to cooperate with Japan .Australia seemed to have succumbed to pressure of China.Australia wants to give priority to relations with China.A plan to make Australia "China's colony" is obvious by the world conquest plan of China, and much China emigrants already emigrate to Australia.Australian prime minister Turnbull will not know the existence of the national strategy map of 2050 which was flowed out from Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The pink domain is going to be forced to be the Chinese colonist place. The artificial island of Spratly Islands will become the stations of dispatch of many Chinese nuclear submarines to control in a Pacific region.China prevented Australia which tries to get the submarine of the Japanese high stealth technology.
The domain of artificial island of Spratly Islands is called China's "red tongue", and I think the Chinese government will thrust out its tongue for the direction of Australian prime minister Turnbull at this time.
Australian ex-Prime Minister Abbott noticed the invasion plans of China to invade Australia, but Australian prime minister Turnbull was deceived by China.
What a ignorant and foolish head of state Australian prime minister Turnbull is!!!
Because Australian prime minister Turnbull eats only the meat of the kangaroo, he is deceived by China."Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) "activates human brain and is effective in raising teachability.This "DHA" is included in a whale a lot. The reason why the Japanese people is wise is because the Japanese people eat the whale.Australian prime minister Turnbull had better eat the whale.
From the ancient times of "Annals of the Three Kingdoms", China has had the national strategy which has been the plot to let a large quantity of Chinese citizens emigrate in the enemy country to let them guide China's aggressive army to the enemy country . Current Australia is full of Chinese emigrants. Besides, the Chinese emigrants' Mafia overwhelms many Australian Mafia.
A large quantity of Chinese submarines which exceed far more numbers of the living whales in Pacific Ocean will aim at Australia in the near future. 1brgn5_e0line.gif
I think Japan to be dear heartily today.The noble existence dispelled an unpleasant image of Australian prime minister Turnbull.Because I saw the Emperor's family on TV, I found happiness from the bottom of my heart today.My mind is clean like a spring breeze!!!
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