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Arbitration between the United States and of North Korea

active fault Because North Korean Jong Un general of the army would seem becomeing desperate, I would like to hope to arbitrate between the United States and North Korea.And my new suggestion will lead to saving Japan.

Please watch the world map of the active fault's line as follows.
In Japan, four continental plates such as North American Plate, Eurasia plate, Pacific plate , and the Philippine plate flow into several oceanic trenches of Japan.That is why Japan is full of many volcanos , and there are a great many earthquakes.Japan is the country which must abandon of every nuclear power plant, but Japan cannot decide the abandonment of nuclear power plant by the strong pressure of some part of CIA.
The United States is going to reduce nuclear power plants to evade any terrorist attacks. But some power of CIA forces Japan to produce plutonium to provide to USA.
Though there is the Sendai Nuclear Power Plant of Kyushu right above an active fault, and although there was a major earthquake in Kumamoto, in Japan, Sendai nuclear power plant is forced to operate yet.Michael Green is an agent of the Mossad and CIA and promotes an extinction plan in Japan among other things.
Because many continental plates are not concentrated in North Korea, I think that North Korea can extract plutonium by North Korean nuclear power generation safely in a northern area without the active fault. In addition, the North Korea can extract uranium in North Korea having a very large uranium mine. Instead of exporting plutonium and uranium from the North Korea to the United States, I would like to hope to suggest that the United States and the South Korea would stop "U. S. - the North Korea military exercise" for two years. Two years later, the United States and North Korea had better do talks again whether they update the treaty.But FBI and CIA are at daggers drawn. If North Korea would offer plutonium and uranium to the United States through an organization of FBI, it removes various misunderstandings.

If this peace treaty between United States and North Korea may come true, Japan can abolish nuclear power plants and Japan can stop the terrible Sendai Nuclear Power Plant.I hear the Sendai Nuclear Power Plant does not seem to be able to urgently stop because the control rods of the Sendai Nuclear Power Plant are warped by Kumamoto earthquake.But if this peace treaty between United States and North Korea may come true, Japan can stand up to decide to stop the Sendai Nuclear Power Plant.Japan can close nuclear power plants without any bankrupts if Japan nationalizes all electric power companies .Therefore the citizens should understand it, if the government uses the tax for abandoning nuclear power generation.
Though the earthquake of Kumamoto is an artificial earthquake obviously, "the aftershocks magnitude 1 still continues".Because many Kumamoto citizens of the prefecture are afraid of the collapse of the building, they sleep in each car yet.The Abe Administration should dispatch the Self-Defense Forces to patrol there in order to to prevent gang of thieves in Kumamoto and Oita.Because the Kan former Prime Minister dispatched large quantities of the Self-Defense Forces in the stricken area of the northeastern great earthquake disaster quickly , the peace and order were maintained. But the Abe Administration underestimates a situation.The several crimes happen there.

Anyway, Japan must stop Sendai Nuclear Power Plant as possible early.I would like to hope that the United States and the North Korea would talk about my suggestion immediately.
If this peace treaty between United States and North Korea advance, I would like to hope to suggest my idea about the arbitration between the United States and Iran newly.
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