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The arbitration of the United States and Iran

1983 Beirut barracks bombings I often feel that Iran might not have taken part in  Lebanese Beirut barracks bombings which happened on October 23, 1983.
During the Lebanese Civil War , when two truck bombs struck separate buildings housing of "United States and French military forces" who were members of "the Multinational Force in Lebanon (MNF)", these truck bombs killed 241 U. S. and 58 French servicemen, six civilians, and the two suicide bombers. An obscure group calling itself 'Islamic Jihad' claimed responsibility for the bombings and that the bombings were aimed to get the MNF out of Lebanon.
The western media insisted that the chain of command likely ran from the government of Iran because "Iran's Ambassador to Syria", Ali Akbar Mohtashamipur who located in Damascus and Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) commander Hossein Dehghan in Beirut drew on assets in Lebanon.Hezbollah, Iran, and Syria have continued to deny any involvement in any of the bombings, and the Iranian government erected a monument in Tehran to mourn the 1983 bombings and the "martyrs" in 2004.
Though Iran erected a memorial service monument for the repose of victims, I think that Iran was misunderstood as if Iran totally had built the trophy of a war commemoration.I think that "Iran's Ambassador to Syria" and "the IRGC commander" might have used the assets to hand over the fund to PLO and Hezbollah which were not 'Islamic Jihad'.
Because it is the incident which was 33 years ago, every exhibit is vague.Mr. Victor Arlovski of the staff of "Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations (Mossad)" said, "Although the Mossad Director General Nahum Admoni knew the plan of "1983 Beirut barracks bombings" beforehand, Nahum Admoni of Secretary Mossad did not notify the United States intentionally".
Victor Arlovski criticized Mossad Director General very much. Mossad seemed to feel unpleasant about the fact that the United States had intervened in Lebanese civil war.If something trouble happens around Israel, the interest of the world will reduce from Israel although Israel persecutes Palestine.
The civil war such as the incomprehensible nightmare in Lebanon was a problem to be connected directly with not only "Maronite Patriarchate group , PLO and the Syrian military" but also Israel clearly .
Iran might support Hezbollah, but Hezbollah often causes the mysterious terrorism which is advantageous to Israel and makes Iran fall into a predicament. I do not think that 100% of terrorism of Hezbollah are intention of Iran. There is the person insisting that Israel remote-controls a part of Hezbollah by bribery. Besides, "1983 Beirut barracks bombings" was the terrorism that 'Islamic Jihad' caused and it might not have been caused by Hezbollah . I think it might be the case that Israel had let 'Islamic Jihad' cause terrorism.When I read the article that Prime Minister Netanyahu hit American Defense Secretary Kelly and hurt him, I was astonished, but the Israeli politicians seem to often make light of Americans.Because Secretary of State Kelly is patient and supports President Obama with extreme conscientiousness, I think that he is a very excellent person. I respect Secretary of State Kelly.
Even if I felt that the criminal of "1983 Beirut barracks bombings" may be Israel , after hearing an idiosyncratic behavior of Prime Minister Netanyahu, it is no wonder."1983 Beirut barracks bombings" is still an unsolved incident in confusion.

I think Iran and Russia are falsely often accused as if they have done something trouble that they have never done .
For example, Russia claimed that Russia had never participated in Malaysian Airline System blast incident on July 17, 2014 desperately, but Ukrainian government insisted that Russian Ukrainian people of anti government group mistakenly have bombed the Malaysia airplane by Buk surface-to-air missile (SA-11) .But Russian Ukrainian people of anti government group didn't have Buk SA-11.
Almost western media was agree with the opinion of Ukraine's government. However, some exhibits which Ukraine showed were doubtful.
All the corpses in the airplane were old and seemed to have decayed. The Malaysian Airline System MH17 might have carried many corpses of people who had been killed somewhere . There was the information that "two fighters belonging to the Ukrainian air force" escorted the Malaysian Airline System MH17 until two or three minutes before Malaysian Airline System MH17 was shot down near Donetsk. Although the Ukrainian government insisted that this incident was caused by the mistaken bombing of the anti-government organization, the figures 7 of the cabala secret number was incorporated in everywhere of this incident a lot. There were many people who doubted that it were accidental. Many people imaged that this incident might be an artificial man-made disaster .
It is said in Old Testament "Genesis" that July 17 is a sacred memorial day that "Noah's ark" stopped on Mt. Ararat after a deluge .The Malaysian Airline System MH17 itself has a number of 17.Also Malaysian Airline System MH17 is still an unsolved incident in confusion....Recently everyone feels "both of the Russian criminal theory and Russian Ukrainian anti-government organization criminal theory may be wrong".
Russia and Iran are easy to be doubted, and there might be so surely the case that they might be the wirepuller . However, I think that they are often doubted even if they never participate in any incidents.
It is not right legally to demand compensation for damages to the defendant in the cold case without the positive evidence.
The current Iran insists desperately that Iran does not participate in "1983 Beirut barracks bombings" just like Russia which has continued insisting that Russia has never participated in Malaysian Airline System blast incident without being discouraged .The Iranian government would feel it considerably unfair about the asset freeze of 2 billion dollars of the Iranian central bank.If I would read the face of Iranian Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Khamenei and the Hassan Rouhani President, they would seem to be filled with vexation and regret.
Behind the scenes, the persons concerned of American Department of State and Ministry of Finance don't care much for good openings for trade with Iran and the trade business including Iran . That is why the world finance including Swiss Bank hesitates about business with Iran .
Iran backed up PLO and Hizballah at the time of the internal disturbance in Lebanon and many citizens might have been killed in the internal disturbance in Lebanon .
And the U. S. Government backs up the Israeli government and supports the Israeli military, but is the situation that cannot but pretend, as a result, not to watch the actions to kill many Palestinian unfairly of the Israeli forces.
There's much to be said on both sides.
In then Lebanon, each "Maronite Patriarchate group", PLO , Hezbollah and the Syrian military did the civic abduction, the civic torture, and the civic slaughter of the opponent each other. In the first place, I think that Mossad might have caused the internal disturbance in Lebanon so that world's interest was reduced from slaughter of Palestine .
I think that "Iran's Ambassador to Syria" and "the IRGC commander" might have used the assets to hand over the fund to PLO and Hezbollah which were not 'Islamic Jihad'.
If it was Mossad to have caused "Lebanese Beirut barracks bombings", this trial result that is unfair for Iran will leave a great ruination, and, as for it, it would not be American national interest.
The trial result that is unfair for Iran is very dangerous to leave a ruination. It is because Mossad may cause the internal disturbance in the United States, too.
In the first place who pays compensation to the bereaved of the citizens who had been slaughtered in Lebanon? Is it Israel?

It is important how Japan arbitrates the United States and Iran.
If Iran think "the existence who take objection to the missile tests of the Iranian ballistic missile is the enemy of Iran", and if Iran think "the existence to give Iran a silent approval about the missile tests of the Iranian ballistic missile is the Iranian friend", the opinion is not good.If Iran thinks that Japan does not do the missile tests of the ballistic missile because Japan is a defeated nation, the recognition isn't correct.
Russia is the victorious nation but Russia keeps the missile tests in only the satellite missile without a ballistic missile although Russia feels a menace for MD system in Poland and Rumania. Because the missile tests of a ballistic missile let foreign countries feel a menace, every country should refrain the missile tests of a ballistic missile .
The Iranian missile tests of a ballistic missile may threaten Israel, but it silences several American politicians which are going to push forward peace of the United States and Iran , and let "the power of politicians who have hostility against Iran " be strong .Even if a fired Iranian ballistic missile is the design that is not a style to use nuclear weapon, even if it did not violate United Nation resolution virtually, because it has been already known to the world that "the hitting ratio of the interceptor missile such as the Patriots or PAC3" is not high, "missile tests of a ballistic missile by Iran" causes the hostility of the Western countries needlessly . The "missile tests of a ballistic missile by Iran" does not become the Iranian national interest.
PatriotMissileBatteries2.jpg There is the opinion that the interception rate for the target which Patriot launched itself is only 40%. Patriot can only intercept only two of five.Even if Patriot shoots for the missile of the aim that can calculate orbit, Patriot may only win only 40%. Besides, there is the opinion which they let the missile of the target self-destruct itself "in the interception experiment of Patriot" because its ability is too poor.
Patriot calculates the orbit of the missile after discovering a missile fired from the backside of the mountain or from a submarine and from a truck and Patriot will program and input it in order to fire an interceptor missile. I think an interceptor missile cannot hit just at "a warhead of approximately 30cm in diameter" which is flying in the relative speed of extremely faster than Mach 5.Besides, the range of Patriot has only 20km. If it is not revealed where an enemy shoots the missile, the Patriot has no meaning and Patriot is a useless thing for interception.
I think surely that Patriot missile at the time of the Gulf War did not hit at even one missile.

Dick Cheney20131017 The Scud missiles which were fallen on the ground would only have fallen on the way. At the time the United States announced formally that the interception rate of the Patriot in the disputed region is 10% .
The military industry insists that PAC3 succeeded twice during two times of experiments , but I think that it is possible that their remark is the 100% lie. The company of PAC3 is the Raytheon company.
A great liar Dick Cheney dominates the Raytheon Company in the top of the administration . Dick Cheney can not remember by himself how much truth there is in his own story, I think.
While Dick Cheney promotes nuclear development in North Korea and tempts Marshal Kim Jong-un greatly to do the experiment on missile launch, Dick Cheney let Japan buy PAC3. Because Dick Cheney keep selling a lot of weapons at the unreasonable prices , "both PAC3 and Nodong may cause the malfunctions one day and may fall on the baldheaded of Dick Cheney" .
Japan has a proverb that the hated person can live long in this world (Ill weeds grow apace), and Dick Cheney will not readily die.Old Dick Cheney received the cardiac spare-part surgery, but gains in health more and more by his new heart of the steel.Even if Dick Cheney changed his heart, Dick Cheney never reforms himself. However, we believe love of God without being discouraged at absurdity of the world and we must build peaceful society even if Dick Cheney will not readily die.

The United States and Iran must compromise peacefully each other.

1.The United States and Iran should talk about the another peace discussion so that the United States returns 2 billion dollars that was frozen and confiscated of the Iranian central bank to Iran and the United States should cancel the economic sanctions of the companies which are related to the Iranian missiles on condition that Iran should limit the missile test to a satellite missile for future ten years.
2.I suggest that both United States and Iran would establish the relief fund in order to help the bereaved of "Lebanese Beirut barracks bombings" and both United States and Iran would donate the fund , and I suggest that the world's countries provide a fund for peace. I think that Japan had better donate approximately 500 million dollars to this foundation.
Japan should contribute approximately 500 million $ for investment to evade World War 3 positively.It is not a good policy that the United States and Iran curse each other. We must overcome every wicked power.
The human being is born to build peaceful society.
3.I suggest that the United States and Iran should talk again three years later whether the United States and Iran would update this peace treaty or not .
During Obama presidential term, the United States and Iran should completely erase the source of the war.
4.The finance business society of the Western countries seems to continue to hesitate to invest to Iran's economy. But I would like to hope to suggest that Japan's Hitachi will accept an order of the submarine pipeline for petroleum and natural gas between Iran and India .
Japan missed the order of 12 Australian submarines by interference of China.I want to overcome the various wicked plot of China. Instead of being angry with China, I ought to seek for future triumph.
"The submarine pipeline for petroleum and natural gas between Iran and India" does not have the danger of the pirate without worry of terrorism of Taliban of Pakistan and Afghanistan , too.
Cheap personnel expenses of India will cause the new vision that India will become the center of the production business of Asia in the future, and the India economy will move forward by leaps and bounds if India can get Iranian oil and natural gas in the stable condition.The economy of Iran must make rapid progress, too. I think my suggestion will be a breakthrough for Iran from the current condition.
A test calculation of the submarine pipeline for natural gas between Japan and Russia is approximately 480 billion yen(4,415,040,000$). I think that Hitachi can establish the submarine pipeline for petroleum and natural gas between Iran and India at a close price.
The infrastructure investment into oil-producing country Iran is attractive.It becomes the loss if the Japanese city bank deposits money in Bank of Japan at a negative interest rate of Bank of Japan. The Japanese city bank can't but invest somewhere. If this grand conception of the submarine pipeline for petroleum and natural gas between Iran and India comes true, the Japanese city bank will come to finance Hitachi and Iran at low interest.
5.I would like to hope that Iran would make much of Japan far more than China by Japan's arbitrating the United States and Iran faithfully.The infrastructure investment into oil-producing country Iran is attractive.Of course I would like to hope that Iran would introduce the Japanese Shinkansen(not the Chinese Shinkansen) into Iran .

For term in office of President Obama, it is important that world countries cooperate so that the United States and Iran can establish the peaceful relationship that they do not curse each other. If President Obama is a marathon runner, I want to support a splendid burst of speed at the end for peace of President Obama from my bottom of my heart.

Don't give up
Lyrics:Izumi Sakai
Composer:Teturo Oda

We should believe love of God without being discouraged at absurdity of the world and we must build peaceful society .
God gives both the light and the water and the beautiful actual nature abundantly to the human race. Even if this world is full of the absurd , we should believe that God loves the human race.
The human being is born to build the peaceful society.
Even if we are in the hard serious world, let's build the peaceful society.
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