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Resources of fiscal stimulus

Japan and Germany remained apart Wednesday on May 4 over whether fiscal stimulus is needed to support the flagging global economy, but agreed to continue the discussion at an upcoming Ise Shima summit , Japanese officials said.
Although the Japanese media reported so, and although German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Prime Minister Abe toasted with white wine and rose wine in Germany's state guest house which was merseburg Castle, a Baroque castle north of Berlin,she screwed her face into a frown.she would seem to think that the countries with room to take fiscal measures should do so.
It is because the positions of derivative transactions of Deutsche Bank AG is around 15 times of the German GDP and it is the largest in the world . The stock prices make a sudden drop, and CDS rises suddenly.While the reserves for public spending rapidly decrease, the economic structure is vulnerable to the fluctuation of the oil prices.
I think that Prime Minister Abe should suggest resources of fiscal stimulus to her.
Each European sightseeing spot stands in the so far place from the neighborhood station, and its traffic is inconvenient. Each country of EU can provide the employment of 6 million people if each country of EU build the subway from each sightseeing spot to the neighborhood station in the European whole land.
EU should employ middle-aged and aged workers about the construction of this subway with precedence. In addition, EU should limit the store opened of the large scale retailers around the sightseeing spot and should protect the small stores and should fix the financing system to the small‐to‐medium‐sized enterprises. In addition, EU should stabilize prices by price control. And the construction of the subway protects each farmhouse because it does not destroy farmland. If tourists of EU increase, the demand for specialty product will increase.EU should give a subsidy for the delivery of children more than the second children in order to prevent declining birthrate.
EU should make an effort about protecting economy and citizens more positively.
How can EU create resources of fiscal stimulus for the construction of this subway in the wide area of the whole EU and the economic measure mentioned above?
A large amount of fund is necessary, but these resources should be provided by a large amount of deficit-covering bond to exceed far an appropriate financial scale to perform this public construction. However, should publish what's called subway bill of exchange when citizens cannot serve even this deficit-covering bond.
For example, the German government establishes a system to do shopping with "the bill of exchange" of Deutsche Bank AG.. On "the bill of exchange" , it should be written , "You can trade with the euro if you bring this bill of exchange into German central bank .
Therefore citizens consider it to be all "value same as the euro" and will receive "the bill of exchange". The German government can buy something if the German government use this bill of exchange without publishing government bonds.If German government would let the day of maturity of "the bill of exchange " be up to five years, because German government can get the huge profit at that time by exporting weapons to China German central bank can change it to the euro .
Because this bill of exchange is not accompanied by the currency increase by the method of a kind of government bonds, nobody have to worry about the inflation.

It is almost Chinese companies to benefit from the situation at a negative interest rate of the United States. Therefore almost Chinese companies will go bankrupt in a chain reaction if the United States raises interest rates.
FRB raises interest rates in this September.
Venezuela of the oil-producing country becomes the hyperinflation and Venezuela's citizens can't do shopping now if they do not load many wad of bills onto a trolley. In Venezuela, a riot is taking place by lack of food.China did vast investment in South America to enlarge a right in South America, but China suffered large damage by economic ruin of Venezuela.
And "the riots from 500 to 800 for a day" are taking place in China from late 2013. The issues regarding unpaid wages are caused by the overproduction of steel and rare earth elements in China. And, profit of the Chinese business does not match the enterprises of other countries anymore because the personnel expenses of China has become higher.
The U.S. dollar holds out, and Chinese yuan will collapse. I think that George Soros causes the free fall of the Chinese stocks soon.Jiang Zemin will rise in revolt soon. Jiang Zemin is connected to the American Khazars Mafia closely.
AIIB was founded by China in order to collapse the dollar, but AIIB is handling that is less than a junk bond. President Obana would already beat China.Panama Papers gave "Chinese President Xí Jìnpíng and British Prime Minister Cameron" a coup de grace.
Ling Jihua was prosecuted for bribery. However, by Panamanian papers, the unjust moneymaking of the elder sister of President Xí Jìnpíng was revealed, but she is not prosecuted. Besides, three persons within China seven which are 7 executives of Politburo Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China are are listed in Panama paper.
China should let the People's Liberation Army withdraw from every artificial island of Spratly Islands and should vacate every artificial island of Spratly Islands to the United States Armed Forces .The foreign countries would not export weapons to the Chinese current administration if they continue the territorial waters violation of other countries more and more, and the foreign countries will come to export weapons to only Jiang Zemin.
President Obana would already beat China.
There will be the referendum to decide whether UK leaves the European Union in a June 23 . Prime Minister Shinzo Abe cautioned Britain on Thursday , May 5, 2016 as follows , “A vote to leave would make the U. K. less attractive as a destination for Japanese investment,” Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who leads the world's third largest economy, said through a translator at a news conference with Prime Minister David Cameron.
However, Prime Minister David Cameron insisted that he wanted to make much of restructure than fiscal stimulus. And Prime Minister David Cameron agreed to continue the discussion at an upcoming Ise Shima summit .
Prime Minister Abe's words about Brexit seemed to have irritated Prime Minister David Cameron because Prime Minister Abe had his nose in the air at the time."The Telegraph" which was the British magazine published an article to criticize Abenomix intensely. I think that probably Prime Minister David Cameron would have candidly revealed his anger by anonymity in "The Telegraph".
After the Abe Administration was established in 2012, the Abe Administration shot "three arrows" in an economic policy but "The Telegraph showed a viewpoint that "three arrows" were beside the point. A debt for the GDP swelled, "The Telegraph insisted that there were more debts of Japan than Greece. "The Telegraph" reported that real wages of Japan fell down. And Prime Minister Abe warned the U. K. of a risk to leave EU, but "The Telegraph" criticized Prime Minister Abe severely whether they were worth hearing his economical advice.

Oh....Prime Minister David Cameron....You have guessed wrong if you compare Japan with the Greek example of default because the Bank of Japan purchases huge amount of Japanese government bonds.
Both the British GDP and the economic growth rate rose by a policy of retrenchment of Prime Minister Cameron. However, it is the only numerical superiority.The unemployment rate in the U. K. is 5.00%, but the unemployment rate in Japan is 3.27%.
Because Jiang Zemin will rise in revolt soon, the EU economy will be normalized by weapon export. The U.K. should escape from AIIB than EU.
AIIB brings neither the public works project of EU nor the public works project of the U.K. . And AIIB does not provide 6 million employment in the U.K.
Handsome Prime Minister Cameron. You should not commit a double suicide with China's President Xí Jìnpíng.
・✿ヾ╲(。 。)╱✿・゚:✲:Let's think about that positively at an upcoming Ise Shima summit.♬♫♬
Obayashi Corporation and Shimizu Corporation build the comfortable, wonderful subway's stylish shopping town and nice subway by good security of bright illumination. The subway of EU is gloomy, and there are so many points to improve. Please give Japan the huge orders of the subway construction.Japan's Shopping malls under the ground are very nice.
Japan's subway's stylish shopping town is always full of bright illumination, wonderful music, wonderful patisserie, wonderful cafes and trendy boutiques.
It is like a dreamland.
Also EU should be full of the bright dream.
I forget when it was, but President Obama had said in his speech that the alliance between the U. S. and Japan would never be broken.
President Obama avoided World War 3 wonderfully while various terrible plots are complicated .
I always respect and love President Obama ,and I thank President Obama very much.
I always pray so that the world leaders can compromise peacefully to build peaceful society.
The human being is born to build peaceful society.
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