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Don't be taken in by his bluff of Foreign Minister Wang Yi

china risk1
CHina risk
At Minister of Foreign Affairs talk of the end of April, Foreign Minister Wang Yi showed four points with having his nose in the air.
“In the political area, the Japanese side should stick fast to the four political documents including the China-Japan Joint Statement, face up to and reflect upon the history and follow the one-China policy to the letter. No ambiguity or vacillation is allowed when it comes to this important political foundation of the bilateral ties.”
“In terms of its outlook on China, the Japanese side should translate into concrete actions its consensus with China, that is, the two countries are each other's cooperative partners rather than threats.”
“It should have a more positive and healthy attitude toward the growth of China, and stop spreading or echoing all kinds of ‘China threat' or ‘China economic recession' theories.”
“In terms of regional and international affairs, the two sides should respect each other's legitimate interests and concerns, and have essential communication and coordination in a timely fashion.”

1.Has China ever reflected on building the military base of the artificial islands into the territorial waters of other countries of Spratly Islands?
2.Has China ever reflected on making the artificial islands become the stations of the nuclear submarines,based on the national strategy map of 2050 which was flowed out from Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

The world knows that the monetary value of yuan may reduce very much even if China is going to perform a thought control of Japan.
If the world's countries invest China, we would give China an opportunity to throw his weight about.
The people of the New York Wall Street and American politicians who have received a lot of bribe of China" "and the representatives who related to China were going to always evade collapse of China.
Because the people bank just adjusted it to the dollar fund increment after the Lehman shock and published a fund of Yuan,, so to speak, Yuan had supported the monetary value of the dollar, and trust of Yuan inside and outside China increased, and the international settlement of accounts of Yuan expanded for the trade.
3.However, the China's economy has become weak by housing bubble collapse which happened from 2012 through 13, and " the overproduction of steel , Rare Earth Minerals, and the coal ", and current Yuan cannot support the dollar anymore .
There is still the Chinese foreign currency liability reserve more than 3, 500 billion dollars, but the external debts exceed 5 trillion dollars. China borrows money from the outside, and China, so to speak, maintains foreign currency liability reserve by the debts. When foreign investors and financial institution pull up a fund from China all at once, the Chinese foreign currency liability reserve might become empty.
In China, the People's Bank of China may be going to step forward to the devaluation of Yuan to largely increase export, but it accelerates capital flight from China more and more.
4.We should understand that the notice of the devaluation of Yuan is already a signal that the companies should withdraw from China.
5.Because China has no intention to reform controlled economy, it is impossible that China makes Yuan be the major component currencies of the special drawing rights (SDR) of IMF .

Yuan which is ruining has no merit for IMF. AIIB is treated less than a junk bond.
It is almost Chinese companies to benefit from the situation at a negative interest rate of the United States. Therefore almost Chinese companies will go bankrupt in a chain reaction if the United States raises interest rates. FRB raises interest rates in this September. Venezuela of the oil-producing country becomes the hyperinflation and Venezuela's citizens can't do shopping now if they do not load many wad of bills onto a trolley. In Venezuela, a riot is taking place by lack of food.China did vast investment in South America to enlarge a right in South America, but China suffered large damage by economic ruin of Venezuela. And "the riots from 500 to 800 for a day" are taking place in China from late 2013. The internal disturbance in China has already begun in 2013. 
And the issues regarding unpaid wages are caused by the overproduction of steel and Rare Earth Minerals in China. And, profit of the Chinese business does not match the enterprises of other countries anymore because the personnel expenses of China has become higher.
The U.S. dollar holds out, and Chinese yuan will collapse. I think that George Soros causes the free fall of the Chinese stocks soon.Jiang Zemin will rise in revolt soon. Jiang Zemin is connected to the American Khazars Mafia closely. AIIB was founded by China in order to collapse the dollar, but AIIB is handling that is less than a junk bond. President Obana would already beat China.Panama Papers gave "Chinese President Xí Jìnpíng and British Prime Minister Cameron" a coup de grace. Ling Jihua was prosecuted for bribery. However, by Panamanian papers, the unjust moneymaking of the elder sister of President Xí Jìnpíng was revealed, but she is not prosecuted. Besides, three persons within China seven which are 7 executives of Politburo Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China are are listed in Panama paper. China should let the People's Liberation Army withdraw from every artificial island of Spratly Islands and should vacate every artificial island of Spratly Islands to the United States Armed Forces .The foreign countries would not export weapons to the Chinese current administration if they continue the territorial waters violation of other countries more and more, and the foreign countries will come to export weapons to only Jiang Zemin.
China should stop assuming a haughty attitude.
6.All the countries of the world should accept collapse of China fearlessly, and all the countries of the world should change each policy into preparation for weapons export for military affairs internal disturbance in China.
7.The Japanese Government should give a grant to make almost Japanese companies move into India and countries of the China plus one, the oil-producing country such as Russia and Iran , from China . In addition, the Japanese Government needs an effort to change the import of food any place other than China.

Don't give up
Lyrics:Izumi Sakai
Composer:Teturo Oda

Hi!!!Foreign Minister Wang Yi!!!
You behaved with grand airs in spite of not having the relevant ability at Minister of Foreign Affairs talk of the end of April between Japan and China.
So Aozora becomes frenzied.
Foreign Minister Wang Yi!!! Watch your tongue.
Japan is a country of Samurai.
You are forgetting yourself!
I have just one more thing to ask of you - Get Lost.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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