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The review of the Status of Forces Agreement

The case that a woman of Okinawa was murdered by a U.S. soldier happened.
I pray that the deceased will be in peace in the next world.
By the education of U. S. forces, the soldier seems to be taught;
"Kill all the things moving even if they are a woman, and also a child without regard for morality."
But every human being wants to live. There is dignity to live.
The U.S. soldier who committed a crime should be judged by a law of Japan.
The Status of Forces Agreement must be reviewed.
The United States forced Japan to join the Hague Convention which is the merciless treaty to separate a child from the mother who had escaped with her child together at the risk of life .
Then, please accept the review of the Status of Forces Agreement.
Japan is not a colony.I 'm sad.
Prime Minister Abe should mention not only the prevention of the recurrence but also a review of the Status of Forces Agreement.
Prime Minister Abe should not behave like other people's affairs.
Okinawa's fate is too weak .
Head of state should say something in a resolute attitude.
If a soldier has caused a crime in Okinawa, Japan and the United States should stop the Henoko transference and should disperse the transference place of the Futenma base in other prefectures .
If thinking about a problem of the security, as for the proposed site , it should be "Nozaki island of the uninhabited island that China sometimes aims at" , or "South Kyushu of the weak defense of the Self-Defense Forces", or Itami Airport of Osaka that was discovered a lot of hidden warehouses of arsenals of the staying Korean people in Japan by Great Hanshin Earthquake.
Considering to the aspect of the security, what so wide US bases are concentrated in Okinawa too much causes several troubles. Henoko transference isn't the best way.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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