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The new Iranian infrastructure bond fund

If "the other party of the dollar trade" is "the organization to be related to Iranian national military and revolutionary army", U. S. Ministry of Finance would regard that it may conflict with the sanctions that have not been yet solved of the United States. Because many major companies of Iran are related to the Iranian national military and revolutionary army, it is difficult for them to send the fund which they earn in the foreign territory to the Iran own country, and it is not readily possible for the Iranian major companies to change "a memorandum regarding the facts that are understood" to an official contract.
Because a large amount of fine of 9 billion dollars (approximately 1 trillion yen) was inflicted on "BNP Paribas" in 2014, the world major banks lose their nerve and avoid Iran yet.The Iranian bank was connected to a remittance net of "Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication(SWIFT)" again, but, as for the remittance network, the situation is dormancy. Because Iran cannot use the credit card of the international brand, carrying much cash into Iran is necessary at the time of the visit to Iran.

The solution of this problem is not difficult.
I would like to suggest that Iran would make the new infrastructure supporting organisation which is totally unrelated to the national military and a revolutionary army in order to establish the new Iranian infrastructure bond fund. Even if the world city banks invest it it does not conflict with American sanctions because the infrastructure supporting organisation is new and totally unrelated to the national military and a revolutionary army.
It will become easy to gather the investment more if Iran's government would make the pretty name of this investment fund. Because Iran has too dignified image, the pretty name of the investment fund had better be chosen by the public.
What kind of name is good?How is Oshin investment bond fund?ummmmm....By the name of Oshin, investment may be gathered only from Asia.It isn't good idea...ummmmm....How is "the morning sun rises investment bond fund"??ummmmm....China which has strong anti-Japan sentiment may not invest it by this name.And this name isn't so pretty....How is "Ninja Kunoichi investment bond fund"?This name may not be the juicy image profitable a lot as the investment bond fund.
ummmmmm...It's too difficult....Please help me.....
Well ..I think that Iran's citizens can think of more appropriate charming pretty name than me.

Singer Susan Boyle
Lyrics   Michio Yamagami
Composition Kunihiko Murai
Because the Rowḥānī President would always make the great effort so that economy of Iran develops , Iranian people should support President Rowḥānī and cooperate with him more and more.
The country never develops if each military man think about only extending each ego and authority.
Iran is like a swan making wings flap towards a blue sky now.
The economy of Iran should make rapid progress,I hope.
I would like to hope that Supreme Leader of Iran Khamenei would feel that I love Iran purely.
Even Russia never does the discharge experiment of the ballistic missile .
Therefore I would like to hope that Iran would do the discharge experiment of only the hygiene missile for the new peace talks about remaining sanctions cancellation of Iran .
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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