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The dope test of the narcotic drugs to soldiers of US bases

Okinawa kaiheitai
okinawa kaiheitai 1
The U.S. Navy imposed a total ban on alcohol consumption in Japan on Monday and ordered all 18,000 American sailors confined to their bases for non-essential activities to thwart a string of crimes that has provoked outrage among Japanese.
I understand that officials of U. S. forces make the effort now so that the issue was dealt with sincerely for Okinawa.
However,I think the incident recurs again with the passage of time by even this urgent attention with which US Navy did ."Almost people who cause the several incidents" are the soldiers of United States Marine Corps (USMC), and are not US naval soldiers.
Because soldiers of USMC are made to stand on the front line, severe training are assigned to them every day. and among the military unit dispatched , their lives will be always put in jeopardy the most on the front line of the dispute area .War dehumanizes soldiers. Soldiers of USMC are groups of rowdy hooligans. Most of hooligans who are narcotic drugs habitual offenders of the local area of USA enter USMC. And bullying at USMC is one of the greatest problems worrying officers in American USMC today.
If the dope test of the narcotic drugs to soldiers of USMC will be carried out now, I think more than 70% of soldiers can't pass inspection.
1.I would like to hope that the dope test of the narcotic drugs to soldiers of USMC will be started after three months from now.
2.I would like to hope that the dope test of the narcotic drugs to whole soldiers except USMC will be started from now.
3.The narcotic drugs are the aphrodisiac which cause the sexual crime. I think that it is the sincerity for citizens of Okinawa that the United States Armed Forces would restrain narcotic drugs of soldiers of US bases in Okinawa.
The Japanese Government increases 100 vehicles of the police car to patrol in Okinawa and pushes forward the setting of the surveillance cameras. However, there are big supply in "the place where many people need the narcotic drugs".
4.The Japanese Government should concentrate all energy on the control of the narcotic drugs of the Okinawa yakuza.

a Malaysian yacht
On May 17, "the eleventh Regional Coast Guard Headquarters" and "Okinawa District customs" confiscated stimulant approximately 600 kilos of Ketamine from a Malaysian yacht which was anchoring in the Naha Port Naha Wharf of Tondochou, Naha-city-registered. It is equivalent to retail price of approximately 42 billion yen.This Malaysian yacht tried to have been going to smuggle it from Taiwan.
Two men of the civilian employee who worked for the restaurant in the United States Armed Forces Kadena base in U. S. nationality had been going to import 28 grams of stimulants (retail price approximately 1, 960, 000 yen) on May 31 and, on May 31, were arrested.These person intended to use it by themselves.
5.Japan's government should set up a task force to help Okinawa's Yakuza to be able to establish each healthy company so that "Okinawa yakuza can stop the illicit sale of the narcotic drug . Every Okinawa's Yakuza should quit a life of shame and lead an honest life".
The spread of the narcotic drug of U.S. forces is serious. However, there are big supply in "the place where many people need the narcotic drugs".Both of the Japanese Government and the U. S. forces should make effort to prevent the spread of the narcotic drug in Okinawa's island.

After the war, the US bases were installed in 33 places of all over Japan. Because the many prefectures hated the crime that the United States Armed Forces soldiers caused, protest movement against US bases occurred frequently in the whole Japan. And the Japanese Government made "almost US bases except five US bases such as Misawa Air Base, Yokota Air Base, Yokosuka Naval Base, Nabal Air Facility Atsugi, and Sasebo Naval Base" move to Okinawa .
The condition where US bases disperse in 33 places of Japan is the most promising strategically if I say about Japan's national security.It is cruel that "both of Japan and the United States" force Okinawa to make "the place of transference of the Futenma base" be in Henoko of Okinawa .
Of course, there are the good persons among the soldiers of USMC. I think that "the veterans who did the activity for an opposition movement against the Henoko transference" had included the veterans of soldiers of USMC.War dehumanizes soldiers.
As for them, both of mind and body are damaged by the Vietnam War , the Iraqi War, and Afghanistan War , but they know the pain of the person well.I cannot forget their courage and gentleness. However, I do not want to bow before authority under an unjust society for my loved Okinawa . It is important to build the society where a crime does not happen.

During war, 100000 Okinawa citizens were killed by the United States Armed Forces, and 100000 Okinawa citizens were slaughtered more by the former Japan forces.The former Japan forces thought that they were better than the reality that Okinawa citizen might have been the slaves of U. S. forces.To avoid mainland decisive battle, Okinawa's blood was sacrificed.
Furthermore, 28 US bases which include USMC which repeated sexual crimes were forced to move from the all over Japan to Okinawa.
It is cruel and heartless to continue forcing what make a US base on the sea of Henoko to Okinawa prefecture even if a woman of Okinawa is murdered even if the terrible incident happens in Okinawa.
After the incident that a woman of Okinawa was murdered, commentators such as Tuneyasu Takeda and Zakoba who want to be loved by Prime Minister Abe insist on transference to Henoko furthermore.They are the offscourings of humanity.
They are always ugly . As for them, both the looks and the heart are uniformly ugly.Especially,Tuneyasu Takeda always boasts as if he were a great-great-grandchild of the Emperor Meiji, but that is highly improbable such that the descendant of the imperial family is like an antelope which has a vulgar face such as Tuneyasu Takeda.Probably it must be a whopping lie.First of all, Tuneyasu Takeda does not resemble the Emperor Meiji at all. He resembles only an antelope and is a vulgar man.
Because Tuneyasu Takeda lost the contract of the work of the lecturer of Keio University two years ago, he must keep the job as the commentator of the TV program. As for him, he must appear on television to sell his nonsensical books which are full of his inferior political policy because there is not literary talent.
Although Zakoba is a traditional comic storytelling,Zakoba is poor at making the Haiku (a Japanese poem in seventeen syllables having a 5-7-5 syllabic form and traditionally containing a reference to the seasons). Zakoba must appear on television as a commentator so that he can keep his own main professional jobs of a traditional comic storytelling . Zakoba is only the stupid comedian who already became Alzheimer.
Because "another Okinawa's women who damaged by the sexual crime which was caused by American soldier" was tired to be paid attention to her too much , she had withdrawn her accusation. So Tuneyasu Takeda and Zakoba insisted that the citizens of Okinawa should not use the incident of the sexual crime of the U. S. soldier for Okinawa's political policy .
An island of Okinawa is an island of the Japanese minority race Ryukyu people. The Japanese Government made 28 US bases of Japan's mainland move to Okinawa in order to protect Japanese citizens of the mainland from the sexual crimes of the United States Armed Forces soldiers. It is unfair. For 70 years, in Japan, each Prime Minister continued making Okinawa prefecture endure to receive the unjust destiny generation after generation after the war. It's not the case that only Prime Minister Abe is special bad. However, the people of Okinawa must fight against absurdity of the world.
A minority race is extremely weak at destiny. The ego of the large country always causes lot of trouble on a minority race . If a dispute happens, the minority races are slaughtered in large quantities. If war happens, the minority race is forced to be sacrificed by shedding the blood for being just killing time for the end of the war of the mainland.
However, everybody does not want to die by being murdered . All the people want to live.It is wrong that the value of the life of the minority race is inferior to value of the human life of the mainland . Every value of the human life is each holy equally.
Even if the incident that the body of Okinawa woman was abandoned happens, Tuneyasu Takeda and Zakoba insist that the citizens of Okinawa should obey Japan's political policy that a new address of the Futenma transference is Henoko of Okinawa.They are the offscourings of humanity.

About 0:50 a.m. June 9 , China dispatched a warship in contiguous zone of Senkaku Islands, but this is a Chinese strategy. While China attracts attention in Senkaku Islands, one day, China intends to attack in the areas which are inadequately guarded without US bases such as South Kyushu and Osaka, and Ishikawa.
In the vision of the national security of Japan, it gives a chance to attack unguarded area to China by because a US base is concentrated in the island of Okinawa too much.
A transference place of Futenma base should be a place except Henoko of Okinawa at least .
If thinking about a problem of the security, as for the proposed site , it should be "Nozaki island of the uninhabited island that China sometimes aims at" , or "South Kyushu of the weak defense of the Self-Defense Forces", or Itami Airport of Osaka that was discovered a lot of hidden warehouses of arsenals of the staying Korean people in Japan by Great Hanshin Earthquake.
Because China builds the stations of the nuclear submarines in Spratly Islands of the territorial waters of other countries, Japan must propose a new strategy for national defense.
newThe Chinese media insists now that "US bases in Okinawa" will be obstacle for the cooperation between Japan and the United States. But the threat of the Chinese army strengthens the cooperation between Japan and the United States more. The Chinese media is stupid every time.If the product except steel is multiplied by 210% of anti-dumping taxation, China will perish. China should behave itself for a while.

And it is important to build the society where a crime does not happen.
The narcotic drugs are the aphrodisiac which causes the sexual crimes. I think that it is the sincerity for citizens of Okinawa that the United States Armed Forces would restrain narcotic drugs of soldiers of US bases in Okinawa.
The Japanese Government should concentrate all energy on the control of the narcotic drugs of the Okinawa yakuza.

Please not repeat the sad history.

However, the azure blue of the sea of Okinawa always gives pure courage to live to Okinawa citizens.
Though the great Mother Nature is so beautiful, a human being is sometimes too ugly.
But the sea of Okinawa is always the most beautiful in the world.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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