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Misunderstandings lead to more misunderstandings.

Supreme coury of Canada A Canadian court has awarded $13 million in non-diplomatic assets seized from Iran to the families of Americans who died in several attacks globally. A Canadian court judged several attacks had allegedly been sponsored by Tehran between 1983 to 2002.

More than 450 Palestinian children were arrested unfairly to be abandoned in the worst environment of the Israeli prison for the reason of having thrown a stone at Israel soldier, and Iran is going to help these children. I think it is not a right thing to treat Iran like a bad person.
The stone-throwing is wrong, but is not a crime enough for Israel to restrict a child.The stone-throwing of the child should be regulated by another method except the capture.That should be treated from volunteer activity such as the cleaning of the park to being suspended from school disposal.
The too unfair treatment causes the antipathy of Palestinian children even more, and the stone-throwing does not decrease.The Western countries should move for the rescue of living Palestinian children now than the dead persons.
Israel should establish the society which can take in preciousness of human rights and the life.I know some Israeli people really suffer about persecution of Palestine.Israel should do an effort to coexist far more than erasure of Palestinian race . Israel must become the country loved from the world.I think that the actions that Israel did are quite better than the cruel former Japan forces. However, Israel should shift or change its policy and I am worry because even several American Jewish politicians come to resist Israel in these days.
On condition to the liberation of Palestinian children and revival of Gaza, I have suggested that Japan and Israel should escalate trade.Israel really escalated trade with Japan in substitution for EU. Israel is going to increase 50% of annual exports to Japan until 2020 year.The real GDP growth rate in Israel is really 3.3% of outlook for 2016 and it is more than 2.6% of 2015 year.
1.If Israel does not free Palestinian children and does not revive in Gaza city, Japan should do economic sanctions in Israel.
2.On condition that Iran do not fire the ballistic missile, Iran should talk with the United States about the cancellation of remaining economic sanctions.
3.The United States and Canada should not demand compensation for damages from Iran, too, and Israel should agree to the liberation of Palestinian children and revival of Gaza, too.
The gentlest method is connected directly with a peaceful settlement. I expect the gentlest method. Because Iran is strong in antipathy for the United States and is not going to offer any profits of oil business and the natural gas business to the United States at all, Iran incurs odium even more. Iran should push forward the several business with the United States positively. It will bring Iran's situation to avoid an unfair trial.Iran should be flexible about everything.
Whenever President Obama would have fallen into the several predicaments, I continued making a remark to protect President Obama till the last. The blood of Okinawa includes the strong motherly love. It is motherly love to continue protecting till the last no matter what.The reason why I continue protecting Iran is because I love Iran purely.
Also the United States should be flexible with Iran and the United States should promote cultural exchange with Iran, too.

Because Japan was not going to dispatch a natural gas tanker to Iran and negotiated so that Iran should dispatch a tanker to Japan from Iran, Iran seemed to say that Iran would not export natural gas to Japan. I do not understand the details well, but I think that Japan might have wanted to suggest the idea that Japan would make Iranian tankers of natural gas by low interest.
4.Because there seem to be some misunderstanding, I desire earnestly so that Iran would accept the talks with Japan about trade of natural gas once again.
5.Misunderstandings lead to more misunderstandings.We should make efforts to make a misunderstanding clear.
Slam Dunk is an undying masterpiece.
It is a story of the animated cartoon of the basketball of Japan.
It is the story of brave boys who use various ideas of the basketball and challenge against strong prestigious team without succumbing to difficult human relations.
The United States , Canada , Iran and Israel should make Slam Dunk for the world peace.
A peaceful settlement needs energy most.
For world's peace,we should not be discouraged by one little failure.
We should make efforts to make a misunderstanding clear.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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