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MSCI should soon announce that it will never include China A-shares in its widely tracked indexes.

maxresdefault.jpg MSCI will soon announce whether it will begin including China A-shares in its widely tracked indexes.However, the collapse of the current China's economy is very serious, and China does not complete important two points of the demand of MSCI.
QFII is an organization independent from CSRC, and QFII does not abolish the limit of the fund that the foreign investors raise the price every month. That is why China couldn't complete the demand of MSCI in the stock market to make it be the free market .
China's Premier Li Keqiang declared in National People's Congress as if "Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect which is a cross-boundary investment channel that connects the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange" could start in this year. But it is not started even if it becomes today on June 14.
China's Premier Li Keqiang turned out to be a mere big-mouthed person.
China has a craving for fame, was vain and often boastful, and is therefore often kept at arm's length or regarded as a charlatan.
The financing total of China is 1250 trillion yen, if "write-off (bad debt) of 300 trillion yen" , " shadow bankings of 328 trillion yen " and "normal bank loan" in China were all included. The ratio against GDP is 2.5 times.
It is said that the Chinese local governments pushing forward public works spending and a real estate project by financing of the shadow banking will do several defaults next year.
Besides, China builds the several stations of the nuclear submarines to do genocide in the territorial waters of other countries of Spratly Islands.
"From 500 to 800 civic riots per day" have been already caused since the latter half of 2013.
China will become the more dangerous existence than ISIS.

MSCI should soon announce that it will never include China A-shares in its widely tracked indexes even if the authorities concerned has already received a vast bribe from China.I daresay China is going to come to ruin sooner or later no matter what.China had better pay the money of the bribe by yen-based if someone else of MSCI would receive the money of the bribe from China.Yuan becomes the paper money which has no value soon.
Of course,the world should not grant "China's market economy" status at the World Trade Organisation (WTO). China has not fulfilled its obligations on joining the WTO yet. Also the European Commission should not accept the WTO switch, which will mean China is treated as a state-controlled market. It should not make it easier for Chinese exporters.
The world must not work on for China to become advantageous in the market economy.
China builds the stations of the nuclear submarine in the territorial waters of other countries of Spratly Islands to do genocide.
China should remember "the genocide of the Uygur" and "the genocide of the Tibetan" and, "the genocide of the humanity activists(; It was exhibited at an international exhibition sponsored or recognized by the Chinese Government.)".The cruelty of the current Chinese government exceeds Nanjing Massacre.China should know the value of the lives of the victims.
Mao Zedong is the dictator who killed farther more Chinese people than the former Japan forces . Even if it will be estimated to the maximum, the total that Hitler killed will be 11 million from 6 million people.However, it is said that Mao Zedong slaughtered 60 million people if the starvers by the artificial famine will be included in it.
Although Xí Jìnpíng has already slaughtered a lot of Uygur citizens and Tibetan citizens and Chinese citizens who protest against China's government, XíJìnpíng intends to go back into the times of Mao Zedong.

The world's countries should impose 210% of anti-dumping taxation on Chinese steel following the United States.
The China stock market has moved lower in consecutive trading days, plummeting more than 100 points or 3.3 percent along the way. The Shanghai Composite Index now rests just above the 2,830-point plateau, and the market is looking at another soft open on Tuesday.
Besides, everything of Mr. Solos's short sale of China's stocks is moving along quite smoothly.

We should stop the tacit approval of China's wrongdoing.

Hey China.
This is just a freedom of speech.
Freedom of speech is now taken as a matter of course.
Many advantages accrue to society from the freedom of speech.
This is an ideological belief in freedom of thought and speech.
Hey China.
Remember it.
Tu es comme ça(You're like this)
Tu es fier et libre(proud and free)
Mais tu n'oublies jamais(But you never forget it)
♪Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh ♪
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