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MSCI declines to add domestic Chinese shares to global benchmark

Xi Jinping2013 U. S. index provider MSCI Inc (MSCI. N) said on Tuesday it will not add domestic Chinese equities to its global emerging markets benchmark index, concluding that the country has more progress to make in sufficiently liberalizing its capital markets.

Chinese authorities had hoped the inclusion of domestic stocks in the widely tracked MSCI Emerging Markets Index would usher in as much as $400 billion of funds from asset managers, pension funds and insurers to mainland China's equity markets over the next decade.
Their prospects have sadly vanished.

Of course,the world should not grant "China's market economy" status at the World Trade Organisation (WTO). China has not fulfilled its obligations on joining the WTO yet. Also the European Commission should not accept the WTO switch, which will mean China is treated as a state-controlled market.
It should not make it easier for Chinese exporters.The world's countries should impose 210% of anti-dumping taxation on Chinese steel following the United States.
China builds the several stations of the nuclear submarines to do genocide in the territorial waters of other countries of Spratly Islands.

The decision of MSCI will restrain the tyranny of China. In addition, I think the decision of MSCI will become one of grand Legacy of President Obama. Many American politicians came to receive the Chinese bribery , China was sure to captivate many American politicians. So China rushes into the terrible reign of terror with its ambition, and China has been the very dangerous country.In this situation, President Obama always tries to harmonize but not agree. I respect President Obama very much.Even if the beautiful rose always blooms in the White House which is gorgeous, it was "the thorny path",I think.
One student says the purge is still going on in China and terror is widespread.The tyrannical reign of terror of China will receive the big blame soon.The neighboring countries never submitted to Chinese terrorism.If China withdraws from all the artificial islands of Spratly Islands and hands over those artificial islands to the U. S. forces, China will not receive further economic sanctions,I think.
China's president Xí Jìnpíng should rebuild China's economy than expansion of armaments.In addition, I would like to hope from bottom of my heart that the United States would hold further peace discussion with Iran.We must build the society which we can invest in Iran than China.Many people will come to recognize that it will be normal in future.

I must not forget the Mongolian tragedy , too. Mongolian country was invaded by the former Japan forces, and the inner Mongolia continued being persecuted after the war by China.I forgot to write Mongolia yesterday.Many persons often forget Mongolian Genocide caused by Communist China during the Cultural Revolution in Inner Mongolia.

China should return the oil rights and aquatic resources to Uygur, Tibet, and Inner Mongolia and should let them become independent.We should stop the tacit approval of China's wrongdoing.Mongolian people loving and respecting great Genghis Khan are proud of being nomads. China should stop tormenting other races anymore.In addition, China should release the political offenses and "people of Falun Gong".There is a system providing their organ by the on-demand way in the Chinese prisons. It is too abnormal.

In addition, Japan must recognize that "the barbaric actions of the former Japan forces" has changed China into the terrible existence that was full of the urge to kill so much.Japan should become modest. It turns out miserable one day soon to assume national karma.Japan should do the individual apology for the women who were damaged and payment of the compensation for damages.
Every government that is run by the power of money will ruin one day .We are standing before the China's collapse. Japan must be faithful so that Japan can survive in the rough world we are living in.

China sent the remodeled Navy warships near Senkaku Islands.Maybe China's president Xi Jinping intended to mock Japan .So Aozora got angry seriously. I only got my revenge to China's president Xi Jinping who always threatens Japan.
China's president Xi Jinping.
Your dream of 600,000,000,000 dollars was blown off at this time with losing your prestige.Everyone doesn't put up with the Chinese threat anytime. I am the mysterious woman whom China's president Xi Jinping has never seen or met.I have no status, no honor and no assets.I have neither a nuclear weapon nor military ,of course.The thing that I have is only the courage.
China's president,you have so terrible plan to make Japan extinct and the plan to execute Japan's emperor's family in Beijing . Would you mind stopping the plans?I love Japan's emperor's family from bottom of my heart.I don't want to hate China actually, too. Can't you build peaceful society?
We've come this far, so you may not be able to stop everything now. China's president Xi Jinping never wants to build the peaceful society?You may be difficult to believe it suddenly, but the time of the Satanists ends soon. Would you mind building the peaceful society?
Maybe Chairman Deng Xiaoping who was the genius of various strategies suggested the plan to make Japan ruin. His own knowledge of Chairman Deng Xiaoping had abundant as much as stars in the night sky.But he has not read the Holy Bible directly. The fact from which Aozora emerges in this world had been predicted by the Holy Bible since nearly 2000 years ago.I can't choose my own life freely like general citizen and my destiny is only pain for me. I'm always only fagged as a sacrificed piece of a chess-board.I'm nothing more than a sacrificed piece after all.It makes me sick sometimes.But I can't escape from here no matter what.I can't control my own destiny.
And China's president Xi Jinping,if you run out of control to your terrible ambition, Aozora can't but fight against you.It is sad. Every innocent citizen wants to live with the happiness.You know?

Hey China.
This is just a freedom of speech.
Freedom of speech is now taken as a matter of course.
Many advantages accrue to society from the freedom of speech.
This is an ideological belief in freedom of thought and speech.
Hey China.
Remember it.
Tu es comme ça(You're like this)
Tu es fier et libre(proud and free)
Mais tu n'oublies jamais(But you never forget it)
♪Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh ♪
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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