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China's economy is meaningless now.

Mr. George Soros
Mr.Jim Rogers
  The serious risk of the worldwide market jitters and stock price drops exists.
As for all economic indicators, the world economy goes to the recession.
Mr.Jim Rogers would think "American economy which may collapse" approaches near at hand more than collapse concern of EU which will be caused by Brexit .He insists that it will be possible that American economy will collapse really soon in 2020 or from 2018 to 2019.  
Although we thought that Mr. George Soros who went away from a trade has begun to move at last , he would withdraw unobtrusively from the stock market and he would focus on his trading to move a fund to "spot transaction of the gold" and "the gold ore stocks" .To put it shortly,Mr. George Soros would withdraw of capital from the stock market and would focus on trading of "spot transaction of the gold" and buying "the gold ore stocks".Mr. George Soros would try to match a timing with the issue of EU secession of the U. K., and Soros begins to back away from the stock market.

brexit.jpg Brexit which is the issue of EU secession is taking place by the unemployment rate rising by so many emigrants.Then Prime Minister Cameron should appeal to the whole British citizens to vote for staying in EU, by saying Prime Minister Cameron does financial dispatch in order to contribute the huge employments .British government can offer the huge-scale of the employments to British citizens surely if the British government would introduce Japan's technology of subway industry into the major cities.The U. K. should print Great Britain Pound in large quantities, and the British central bank should buy the government bonds in large quantities from the companies which purchased the government bonds which the U. K. published.By this method, the U. K. can prepare this infrastructure expenses as the source of funds .
Prime Minister Cameron should not be thrown into confusion by thinking that EU economy may collapse by Brexit. Prime Minister Cameron should guarantee the lives of the British citizens will improve surely by providing the huge employments by financial dispatch even if the U. K. remains in EU.
The Japanese subway infrastructure is like a totally luxurious Temple of Apollo under the ground.Also the U. K. should be full of the bright dream.

maxresdefault.jpg Because many economists worry that American economy may collapse several years later, both of Mr. Jim Rogers and Goldman Sachs should sell short of almost Chinese stocks like George Soros and also they should focus on trading to move a fund to "spot transaction of the gold" and "the gold ore stocks", too.
There are "the concern that American economic collapse is caused by a big sum debt of USA" and "the concern that China's economy collapse is caused by a big sum debt of China", and the world is utterly unable to devise any appropriate measures to cope with the situation.
Because Japan is buying the US Treasury Bonds up, the economy of America holds out for a while. The world super-wealth causes an economic collapse of China intentionally and should minimize a world economic shock by the weapon's export by the military affairs internal disturbance in China.
In this way, from the bottom of my heart , I would like to hope that Uygur, Tibet, and Inner Mongolia become independent from China which persecute them .

Because ‘Chinese yuan' slumps very much, "the idea to let US dollar , Amero and the Peter dollar collapse for the super-wealth to change their own whole assets to ‘Chinese Yuan' , in order to rule the world" is nonsense.Besides although Japanese Yen is safest in the world as international key currencies, if Japan will ruin by Japan-China War, Japanese Yen will disappear .By this idea, the assets of Mr. George Soros, the assets of Mr. Jim Rogers, and the assets of Goldman Sachs may be heaps of worthless paper for ‘Chinese yuan' one day.
Originally the China's economy is like a sand castle. China is the country where fierce pollution is caused by bribery. In the Chinese government, internal division and struggle for power reach fierce escalate . Though even the Roman Empire and Ottoman Empire and the Soviet Union collapsed , there's no reason China where the military authorities have hostility toward Xi Jinping never collapse in the future .
China's economy is meaningless now.
Are there any rivers which bubbles apparently in the United States? Does the river which was a downright color of red flow through the United States? The river which was a deep blue color such as the sulfuric acid flows through the United States?
China ruins soon. The United States will hold out.
We have only one alternative in order to avoid collapse of the world economy.
It should be to cause military affairs internal disturbance in China.We are in the boundary between life and death.
The demonstration and riot from 500 to 800 per a day has occured in China from late 2013. The citizens' internal disturbance in China has already begun since the latter half of 2013.
The world only decides "military affairs internal disturbance in China" afterward.
Have we not been ignoring the tears of Uygur and Tibet and Inner Mongolia very for a long time?
Napoleon was the terrible dictator who exploited the European whole land once.
Was Napoleon right?
The answer is NO.
We should let Uygur and Tibet and Inner Mongolia become independent from China.
The time comes and we'll find a way out.
Things may be hard now, but keep trying and you'll find a way out.
And the world discovered that Chinese castles stand upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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