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Brexit causes this very rapid global development.

brexit-web.jpg I often heard that Brexit might cause the economic crisis of the Lehman shock grade, but the sudden fall of the global stock prices has already improved early this week.The referendum of Brexit competed very much . The British and American hedge funds performed selling short of stocks of China, France and Germany by the sudden fall of the temporary stock prices of last week, and I think that they got a vast profit.
Because Prime Minister Cameron did not make financial efforts for the job growth at all without any fiscal stimulus , Prime Minister Cameron was defeated by a referendum.Because there will be election next year, France and Germany should not repeat failure of Prime Minister Cameron.Because the unemployment rate of France is higher than 10% , France should do financial dispatch among other things to expand the employment for citizens.While they do talks of Brexit, EU may collapse. And Germany, France, and the U. K. should make much of expanding the employment.
Because EU may collapse soon, I think that all finance business does not withdraw from London market.
I think that the EU collapse does not bring a crisis of the world economy directly, but it is true that the EU collapse lets a sick China's economy weaken more and more.Japanese Prime Minister Abe warned in G7 of Ise-Shima summit that an economic crisis of the Lehman shock grade happened soon , but, Le Monde of the French major company newspaper sneered the warning of Prime Minister Abe as if Prime Minister Abe had said a lie in order to postpone a consumption tax increase. I think Le Monde will turn pale completely now.
The Japanese Government established Kitaosaka Kyuko Railway and Osaka monorail , and the Japanese Government connected business area of Osaka and the commuter belt and sightseeing spots and Itami Airport and Kansai International Airport. This project activates an area of Osaka. This is one success example.The countries of EU had better introduce a technique of the city construction of Japan to expand the employment.

The damage of Xi Jinping which lost Prime Minister Cameron who were his sworn friend is too serious. Because EU's ability for purchasing goods will decrease, China can't but decrease the export to EU. Chinese officers of military lose their influential last word by military reformation of Xi Jinping, but, I think the military's coup will get up in China in the near future because Xi Jinping often fails in an economic policy in sequence.An economic crisis more than Lehman shock will happen then.Because Xi Jinping dismissed 300, 000 soldiers from the People's Liberation Army, the demonstration by the veterans is already taking place.
Even if an emergency in China occurs , it is necessary for Japan to enlarge import of the food from the United States, Australia, Russia, and India so that food shortage does not happen. Probably "the day that the import from China may be stopped suddenly completely by China's coup" will come soon.If the import from China may be stopped suddenly completely by China's coup, 1-month food difficulty happens in Japan.Japan should reserve the foods for 2-month food difficulty at least.
Of course , Japan should prepare the goods stockpiled for preparing the time of emergency such as calamity and distress, a food for urgent assistance for displaced persons or to a disaster area caused by abroad unstable political situation, a food for a rescue party, or the like, having a low water content and high calorie, even if Japan will refuse the acceptance of Chinese refugees.
hatoyamaAIIB-1.jpg Because China has had a plot to force many Chinese citizens to emigrate in the enemy country in order to make them lead the China's national military from ancient times , Japan must never accept China refugees.And Former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama will sit on an international advisory committee of the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, it was learned Saturday.Both the Japanese Government and the U. S. Government must keep a sharp watch a flow of slush funds from the Chinese government to Former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama. He will become a Chinese spy surely.At least I warn China that Hatoyama is very fool and he will speak every secret of China which he can know .
Because possibility that the religious groups such as World mate ,Soka Gakkai or the United Church of Christ become the hotbeds of the slush funds from China is enough, FBI should watch them.Of course as for Ichiro Ozawa.The Chinese government will implement a tight policy of anti-Japan as a top priority issue of 2016, in order to pacify the People's Liberation Army.
Although AIIB is treated lower than a junk bond, more than 30 countries seemed to have participated newly in AIIB such as Titanic which was about to sink .Because China may ruin soon, they may be able to escape from paying each debt to AIIB.
That is a human comedy about the story of the friendship.

Brexit causes this very rapid global development.The NWO plan which assumes British royal family a top,the NWO plan which assumes Israel a top,and the NWO plan which assumes China a top,they seemed to be mixed in illuminati.However, "the Turkish Erdoğan President" is going to be reconciled with Russia , as soon as he judges that EU seems to collapse soon . The Khazars Mafia tried to cause war of Russia and EU and was going to cause World War 3.But the plan seemed to come to a deadlock. Globalism or the NWO plan seem to collapse.
Because Khazars Mafia tries to advance a plan to let many members of ISIS return to EU, and to cause terrorism and the internal disturbances in whole EU, if the EU member states at least should withdraw from Schengen Area and if the EU member states would do the fiscal stimulus in order to enlarge the employment, the EU member states can completely prevent a wicked plan of Khazars Mafia.

Extinction of China is described in 12 chapters and 13 chapters and 20 chapters of the Apocalypse.
The red dragon is the Chinese Communist Party.The Beast out of the Sea is the People's Liberation Army building the artificial island in the territorial waters of other countries of Spratly Islands.Anti-Christ is Xi Jinping.The Beast out of the Earth is Khazars Mafia which has the NWO plan which assumes China a top.

Artiste: Zazie ,Chanson: Je Suis Un Homme 
Khazars Mafia intended to bury microchip in the citizen's hand to control a citizen.They intended to change their own assets into yuan, and the dollar intended to collapse both Amero of the new currency and petoro dollar again, too.They intended to cause artificial famine by Monsanto's seedlings which has during only one lifetime, and intended to dominate the area.
The microchip and the terrorism are foretold in 13 chapters of the Apocalypse.
However, a prediction is warning given from God. If the human race makes an effort, the human race can stop war and a reign of terror.
Because Joseph Francis Dunford United States Marine Corps general would purge Khazars Mafia, many members of Khazars Mafia seem to escape to New Zealand and Argentina.
President Obama , Vice President Biden and Joseph Francis Dunford United States Marine Corps general would unite to build peaceful society by all means.
I think that it is very regrettable, but, from 14 chapters to 19 chapters of the Apocalypse seem to foretell extinction of the U. K. .I think that the U. K. has a chance to change the future from the prediction if U. K. would improve the issue of human right.13 chapter of the Apocalypse says,“If anyone is to go into captivity, into captivity they will go.If anyone is to be killed with the sword, with the sword they will be killed.This calls for patient endurance and faithfulness on the part of God’s people.”
Prime Minister Cameron was Pro-China and was anti-Americanism.The U.K. should keep distance from China, and the U.K. should approach the United States more.The U. K. should make an effort to part from diabolatry .
The child cannot choose a parent. Therefore the human race should pray to God so that Satanists would ask the help to God and would be helped by the God.We can hardly settle the fetters of fate by theory alone.We should build the society in where "therapy to cure Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) and "therapy to cure the personality disorder which related Sadist" are developed.
14 chapters of the Apocalypse says ," the beast I saw resembled a leopard, but had feet like those of a bear and a mouth like that of a lion".
Iran(a leopard),Russia(a bear), and the U.K.(a lion) should keep distance from China.These are animals of the image symbol of those countries.China performs the terrible crueler murders and torture to Tibet and then Uygur persons than ISIS .Neither Iran nor Russia nor the U. K. must be deceived for hypocrisy of China.We must always remember the existence of people who are persecuted by China.The country of the beast is China.
Because Xi JInping organized militarily newly, the appearance of the People's Liberation Army which has seven heads(Shenyang Military Region,Beijing Military Region,Lanzhou Military Region,Jinan Military Region, Nanjing Military Region,Guangzhou Military Region,Chengdu Military Region) of the Beast out of the Sea and aspect of 10 corners(10 Major Air Force Units) in the Apocalypse might have changed . However, in the military authorities, I think the military officers will cause a military internal disturbance by the discontent for military's reform because officers of the military lost each influential powerful voice.
13 chapters of the Apocalypse says ," One of the heads of the beast seemed to have had a fatal wound, but the fatal wound had been healed. The whole world was filled with wonder and followed the beast. People worshiped the dragon because he had given authority to the beast, and they also worshiped the beast and asked, “Who is like the beast? Who can wage war against it?"
I think one of the heads of the beast means Shenyang Military Region.Shenyang Military Region often restrains the Beijing government by making North Korea conduct an experiment on the discharge of the ballistic missile, and I think that Shenyang Military Region revived from the purge by Xi Jinping.
When I knew the news that Biden Vice President warned to Xi Jinping that Japan could make the nuclear weapon during one night,I felt Biden Vice President would the be reliable person.However actually, the Beijing government is threatened by Shenyang Military Region.
I think that Japan and the United States should deploy several nuclear weapons in the Kadena base in Okinawa islands. Even if the nuclear weapons will be deployed in the Kadena base, it means Japan will not hold a nuclear weapon because Kadena base is a territory of the United States.And Japan should deploy Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) in the Nozaki Island.
Japan and the United States should make a base of "monitoring system for monitoring geographic position of monitoring object with an artificial satellite" to watch the Nanjing Military Region in Senkaku Islands in order to restrain the China's artificial islands of Spratly Islands .
This plan will spoil Xi Jinping's stratagem which is going to gain control of the armed forces by anti-Japan sentiment.As for it, it will become a perfect opportunity so that Japan and the United States can indicate the prestige.
Because the day when a military internal disturbance of the People's Liberation Army will happen approaches day by day , Japan and the United States must cope with this situation quickly.

The world is going to leave for the peaceful direction. I pray so that a dispute of ISIS and a dispute of Yemen are over as soon as possible.
20160629Abe.jpg Prime Minister Abe should discard terrible Liberal Democratic Party revision of the Constitution draft.
The world has already changed.
Do you want to become a dictator so much?
In this world, there is nothing for the human being to own anything.
The human being is not born to rule over the world.
The human being is born to build peaceful society.
Prime Minister Abe,do you want to become a monster of Khazars Mafia so much?
Sekou , Asou, and Inada who is flat-chested are goblins of Khazars Mafia.
These goblins appeal to Japanese citizens to bleed for the national ideology.
What do these goblins who like a reign of terror and blood whisper to Prime Minister Abe everyday?
Can goblins buy everything which they want if they can get too strong political power?
And is the thing which Inada wants the silicon?
For such a worthless thing, must Japanese citizens bleed?
I heard the song of the small birds which told the daybreak a few minutes ago.
Can't you listen to the voice of small birds in the early-morning ?
The small birds herald the coming of the new peaceful society.
They say the world has already changed.
Can't you listen to the voices of small birds?
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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