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The outcome of the election is doubtful.

Minister of State for Okinawa and
Northern Territories Affairs
Aiko Shimajiri

Minister of Justice Mituhide Iwaki
The "ruling parties which are the Liberal Democratic Party and the New Komeito" , and "the Osaka Restoration Association" which cooperated with the revision of the Constitution of the ruling parties" got two-thirds of the seats by the Upper House election of July 10.
It is night about 2:00 before dawn the following day that it became clear as a result of this election.If board of elections had used Musashi computer in this election, it would be announced a result at 22:30 p.m.. However, I suspect that it may be fake result.Didn't they delay "time to announce the result" at AM 2:00 of the next day as if they had counted the votes by manual labor without using the Musashi computer?
In addition, "Minister of State for Okinawa and Northern Territories Affairs Aiko Shimajiri and Minister of Justice Mituhide Iwaki" which are the cabinet minister of the ruling party lost at this election, but I think that this is fake result that the ruling party had prepared.
Even if these two people had lost at the election, Prime Minister Abe intends to let them continue each minister.
It is the result which is too convenient for Prime Minister Abe.They lost election by the popular will.It is unnatural.However I doubt whether Prime Minister Abe behaves to have not done any injustice things of the election by making two cabinet ministers lose.
Prime Minister Abe behaves as if he had not used the Musashi computer at this election, but Prime Minister Abe is always very good at a lie.
Though more than 60% of Japanese citizens object to revision of the Constitution, it is not possible that the political group of a revision of the Constitution expands amount of seats.
Please watch the left photograph. The facial expression of Prime Minister Abe is a look telling a lie.Almost Japanese citizens know sufficiently the fact that Prime Minister Abe would copy a method of the Nazis in order to become a dictator .
Because the ruling parties and "the Osaka Restoration Association" could get two-thirds of the seats in the House of Councilors yesterday ,I would like to hope that Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the every United Nations staff would stand up so that the many United Nations staffs recount the votes of the Upper House election of Japan.
Reichsmarschall Hermann Wilhelm Göring said on one occasion," The Nazi Administration should only criticize the pacifists as if they had no patriotism . We should only say as if the pacifists jeopardized a nation! Every citizens becomes obeying under the will of leaders by this method. This method can be still widely used in any countries of any places! It is the stock phrase of the Abe Administration, and Prime Minister Abe uses the same technique definitely of the Nazis.Hitler abolished freedom by exercising the national Notstandrecht, and Hitler choked the life out of the opposition parties.
Meanwhile, North Korea declared that the firing of the missiles was a part of its military training and that it would continue its missile tests.Actually, Prime Minister Abe is going to rush into a military government by using "the sky invasion of a Chinese fighters" and "North Korean missile tests".
If Prime Minister Abe would alter votes of election dishonestly even if almost Japanese citizens would like to say "NO" to Abe political power at the election, even if almost Japanese citizens have knowledge of the progress of the Nazis political power, there are no means almost Japanese citizens accomplish the justice.
Because the ruling parties and "the Osaka Restoration Association" could get two-thirds of the seats in the House of Councilors yesterday ,Prime Minister Abe becomes able to approve the evil law which worsened the emergency law.
Hitler declared emergency after having made the agent of the Nazis set fire on the House of Parliament one day. And Hitler arrested more than 5, 000 people for one night and began a reign of terror.
Certainly Prime Minister Abe would try to do the same with Hitler.
Prime Minister Abe should not burn up any votes until inspection of the United Nations enters if Prime Minister Abe would want to assert his own innocence.

And there was another sad one yesterday.
Ms.Yu Hinam (88) who was one of the women who were forced to be sex slaves by the Japanese military died yesterday. The women who were forced to be sex slaves became 40 survivors (38 victims in Korea country, 2 victims in foreign country) among the 238 women registered by the government.
The tragedy happened suddenly.
There is not any progress after a Japan-Korea agreement, and any money is not yet paid to any victims because the Korean government does not remove "the bronze statue of a girl who were forced to be a sex slave by the Japanese military" in front of Japanese Embassy.
Compensation for damages should be paid to each victim individually, and Prime Minister Abe should send each letter of the apology.
The death of Ms.Yu Hinam is very sad for me.I feel as if I could see the figure of her soul.I feel that she is taking the air with an infinite sadness of mien, like some disconsolate prisoner.I will kneel down in prayer toward the Korean direction so that she will be able to live happily without her encountering any accidents, any incidents, and any misfortunes in her next future life..
Power of the United Nations and Obama Administration are necessary to improve the situation that the Japan-Korea agreement is deadlocked.
Many troops of the Korean military made many Vietnamese women become their sex slaves at the time of Vietnam War and they did the barbaric crimes to burn many old women to death although they were living . And the Korean President of Park Geun-hye must make up her mind to apologize deeply and pay compensation for damages individually for many Vietnamese women.
If the Korean President of Park Geun-hye can do so,Japan's Prime Minister Abe would do the same action for the Korean victims who were forced to be sex slaves by the Japanese military. And also "the bronze statue of a girl" would be moved.Both actions are necessary historically.
I would like to hope that the United Nations and Obama Administration would request the Korean President of Park Geun-hye so that the Korean President of Park Geun-hye would make a courageous decision.
The world should improve the situation of the Japan-Korea agreement which is deadlocked

Japan must not repeat tragedy.We should not forget to mourn the death of Ms.Yu Hinam.

And the world should notice that the Abe Administration is going to rush into the military regime and Japan is going to reverse into the terrible military regime .
new Khazar Mafia operates CIA, and CIA operates a part of the U.S. forces. CIA's Power and Khazar Mafia seem to weaken by the legalization of the marijuana, but, Prime Minister Abe is controlled yet by Michael Green of Khazar Mafia .Michael Green is an agent of Mossad belonging to American CIA.Though this fellow is a human scum, his name is same name with archangel Michael. I think his parents of this human scum will be very shameless, too.It is said Michael Green had abducted Former Prime Minister Takeshita to Alaska in order to make him die by Lynch murder. Because Former Prime Minister Takeshita was going to sell US Treasury bonds in large quantity, it is said that Former Prime Minister Takeshita was murdered. In addition, Michael Green had hung "Former Prime Minister Obuchi who refused postal service privatization" from a helicopter and has tortured Former Prime Minister Obuchi. And Former Prime Minister Obuchi died of cerebral hemorrhage. It is said that Michael Green let Former Prime Minister Obuchi cause cerebral hemorrhage by the sting which was painted with ricin .
The former Prime Minister Obuchi is the grand existence that rebuilt Shuri Castle for the first time after a war.It is not possible forever for me to say "thank you very much" to great Obuchi directly anymore .
Prime Minister Abe was not going to arrest Michael Green at all. It is the same thing as Prime Minister Abe having insulted Former Prime Minister Takeshita and Former Prime Minister Obuchi. At the first, Japan is an independent country not a colony of Khazar Mafia.
The prime minister and the very important person concerned with the Japanese Treasury should be guarded by several bodyguards equipped with gun.It is natural. If the guards are without weapons, their brains are lack of commonsense seriously.However, Prime Minister Abe let Michael Green run loose.
And on the other hand,Khazar Mafia controls North Korea,too.The North Korean nuclear weapons are products of Israeli Eisenberg company. The manager of Eisenberg company is Dick Cheney who is a big game of Khazar Mafia.
If the Abe government rushes recklessly into the military regime because there is the mysterious connection of the cannabis such that the Abe Administration is close to North Korea behind the scenes , North Korea and the Japan forces may carry out a pincer movement against Korea, and it is possible enough that several North Korean nuclear weapons attack Beijing of China.
If American President-elect is a person of Khazar Mafia, Japan makes rapid progress into the terrible military regime, and the surrounding nations will become devastating.

Chanson;Tout commence aujourd'hui
chanteur;Hélène Ségara
Why Did Mr.Masaki Iwaji of the director of News station have to die?
Why Did the former main news anchorman Ichiro Furudate have to leave from News station?
Why did the former main news anchorman Ichiro Furudate have to report at the risk of life on the last day that the emergency law of the Liberal Democratic Party revision of the Constitution draft was the same as the Nazi Administration ?

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