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The world should prohibit using the machine like musashi computer at the election.

Dear sir,
U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
The period when an objection about the effect of the voting is possible is within 14 days.It is until July 24.
I wish that UN would cope with the falsification of the the Upper House election quickly somehow. I would like to hope that the United Nations's staffs would be accompanied by the X-rays engineers who have the necessary machine of X-rays to visit Japan in order to check all ballots papers of the Upper House election of July 10 .
I would like to hope that U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon would listen to my voice. U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.Please notice my message.We don't have very much time.
The technologist can confirm all ballots by putting through with X-rays whether it was tampered or not.
Naturally, all the votes of the same handwriting are invalid.
If the technologist sees the ballot paper through X-rays, a trace of the friction appears the sign that was deleted with an eraser. However, if the technologist sees "the ballot paper from which let ink and carbon be floated by steam and static electricity by machine" through X-rays, the technologist can see a single surface's trace which is not the trace that was deleted with an eraser.
国連事務総長Ban Ki-moon
The world should prohibit using the machine like musashi computer at the election.

One of the observers refused to push the check mark by the official counting of votes work of the MiyagI electoral district in Tomiya-machi, Miyagi.However this was a very rare situation that "Chairperson at town Electoral Management Committee" of the official counting of votes manager admitted to confirm the votes in order to push the check mark.
A large quantity of ballots papers which were written by the same handwritings are acts of the Musashi computer obviously.The source of this article is written by the Yomiuri news paper .
The Musashi computer can make "the words of each ballot paper" change into difference words printed .

Also Hatatatedai of the tropical fish of Okinawa thinks that the Upper House election had been unjust.

Chanson;Tout commence aujourd'hui
chanteur;Hélène Ségara
Why Did Mr.Masaki Iwaji of the director of News station have to die?
Why Did the former main news anchor Ichiro Furudate have to leave from News station?
Why did the former main news anchorman Ichiro Furudate have to report at the risk of life on the last day that the emergency law of the Liberal Democratic Party revision of the Constitution draft was the same as the Nazi Administration ?
Ms.Yu Hinam (88) who was one of the women who were forced to be sex slaves by the Japanese military died on 10 July.
She shouted many times during the lifetime,"We must never repeat those terrible times." It is a cry of her life.War dehumanizes soldiers.
The Japanese army has strong power like a demon among other things when the Japanese race becomes a crowd.
Japan must never return to the military regime.

Best Regard,
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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