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CIA's reckless driving and Military regime of Prime Minister Abe

ISIS route
Nazi appealed to the German citizens for the menace of the military of other countries, and Hitler took the technique that let the country enter into a military regime and a reign of terror. Prime Minister Abe does the same thing now, too.
ISIS caused European terrorism, but CIA made ISIS. I think that Europe is entering into a reign of terror.There is Michael Green of CIA in the background of the reckless driving to the military regime of Prime Minister Abe.

Kishi ex-Prime Minister who was a grandfather of Prime Minister Abe participated in the narcotic drug shipment organization in the whole Asia of the former Japan forces before the end of the World War II. After the World War II,the narcotic drug shipment organization of the former Japan forces changed a form into the religious corporation called the United Church of Christ and smuggled North Korean cannabis in Japan. "U. S. forces in Japan" affiliated with CIA carried "the cannabis which the United Church of Christ obtained in the North Korea" to Japan by US warship.
There is Seiwaseisaku kenkyukai which is the biggest political faction in the Liberal Democratic Party.Prime Minister Abe would belong to Seiwaseisaku kenkyukai.And Seiwaseisaku kenkyukai of the Liberal Democratic Party which Prime Minister Abe led now halved the vast profit with CIA. Therefore North Korea cooperates with Prime Minister Abe.
I'm convinced that this fund of North Korean cannabis becomes the source of funds of ISIS.
Because Joseph F. Because Dunford Jr., chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff would keep "US Ministry of Finance" under his control and hold the supreme power of U. S. forces, CIA is weakened in the United States, but CIA is striving hard to assume the helm of EU and Japan.
Whenever Prime Minister Abe would fall into a predicament on politics, North Korea would always make nuclear testing. It always happens .
The Japanese branch office of CSIS consisted of the members of CIA, and the leader of Japanese branch office seemed to be Mr.Henry Kissinger. However, CIA lost power by the legalization of the narcotic drug generally in the United States, and Mr.Henry Kissinger made peace with Russian President Putin.
Mr. Henry Kissinger tried to lead "the Japan's extinction plan by causing the Japan-China War" once before but Current Mr.Henry Kissinger would not expect Japan-China War.Just Mr. Henry Kissinger revealed the North Korean cannabis route mentioned above.
And the following photograph shows that "Masanori Abe of the world strategic director of the Research Institute who is a believer of the Unification Church" and Commander U.S. Forces in Japan participated in the suspect meeting in Yokota, Tokyo base." On the other hand , "Michael J. Green who is Senior Vice President for Asia and Japan Chair of CSIS" advances the Japan's extinction plan after the Japan-China War defiantly.Michael Green tries to cause Japan-China War and pushes forward a plan to let Japan ruin.
It seems Prime Minister Abe has to obey Michael Green because Michael Green has something on Prime Minister Abe.Prime Minister Abe strengthens his dictatorial color more and more.

yamayurien.jpg A knife-wielding man broke into a facility for the disabled in a small town near Tokyo early on Tuesday and killed 19 patients as they slept, authorities said, Japan's worst mass killing since World War II.And 26 people were injured, some slightly and others seriously.
At least 25 other residents were wounded in the attack at the Tsukui Yamayuri-En facility for mentally and physically disabled in Sagamihara town, about 25 miles (40 km) southwest of Tokyo.
"This is a very heart-wrenching and shocking incident in which many innocent people became victims," Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told a regular news conference in Tokyo.

But there are several suspicious points in this incident.
Many citizens doubt the Abe Administration so that this incident may be false flag terrorism in order to make an emergency law.
The Kanagawa Prefectural Police clarified a policy not to announce each name of the victims of this incident on July 26. It is custom to announce the victims' names who were killed by the murder, but about this incident, the prefectural police insisted, "the people which held various obstacles entered facilities, and the families of the victims hoped not to announce each name".It seems to be unknown who was murdered. Many citizens think the Abe Administration can conceal a fact as much as the Abe Administration hopes.
It is 2006 year that the Tsukui Yamayuri En (Tsukui Lily Garden) facility was incorporated into Sagamihara-city under control of the United States Armed Forces . Because "the Tsukui Yamayuri En (Tsukui Lily Garden) facility " is jurisdiction of the United States Armed Forces , many citizens suspect that CIA may participate in this incident.
Are the persons who can kill by aiming the human vital part of 19 persons not several professional assassins? I don't think he was working alone.
Uematu of the criminal murdered 19 people alone, and injured 26 people some slightly and others seriously. And he took a photograph of his own face and he tweeted several minutes after the crime. And Uematsu appeared in the police by himself immediately and did not escape. Uematu testified he stopped a crime because he thought that it was reported . There were points in his testimony that didn't add up.
If Uematu really had killed 19 people, did the miracle happen such that he reported to the police, after contributing a comment such as "I wish the world would become peace!" to Twitter? Criminals will usually escape.
In other words they will be the police, prosecution and media to shelter other criminals participating in this incident magnificently . And it is the true identity of this social structure which Abe Administration makes.

In addition,4 days before this incident happened, "Prime Minister Abe who was in the villa of Narusawa-village, Yamanashi prefecture for summer vacation" had a dinner with "the chairperson of the association of mental hospitals , Manabu Yamazaki" in Chinese restaurant "Isai chugokusaikan kokyu" in Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Yamanashi prefecture from 7:29 on the afternoon of July 22, 2016 to 9:41.
Prime Minister Abe smile
Prime Minister Abe
the chairperson
Manabu Yamazaki
 Chinese restaurant Kokyu in the forest near Mt.Fuji
They met accidentally?

On the morrow, Prime Minister Abe left "the villa of Narusawa-village Yamanashi prefecture" early in the morning at 6:56 and, at 7:21, golfed with "the chairperson of the association of mental hospitals , Manabu Yamazaki" at golf course "Fuji golf course" of Yamanakako-mura, Yamanashi prefecture. Something is doubtful.

I can say clearly that the emergency law must not be passed.

Fukushima Fema The Nazi Administration worsened the emergency law once.Hitler forced the member of the Nazis to let the Diet building burn and Hitler insisted that the criminals were persons of the Communist Party and Jew people.And Hitler did declaration of a state of emergency and arrested more than 5000 people in a night and began a reign of terror.And Prime Minister Abe intends to worse Emergency law for the malicious arrests.The Liberal Democratic Party's revision of the Constitution draft is a law of the devils.The Liberal Democratic Party revision of the Constitution draft is copied from Weimar Constitution which was worsened by the Nazi Administration.
One day either "Okada of the leader of the Democratic Party" or "Kazuo Shii of the leader of Communist Party" will be arrested if Prime Minister Abe will declare a state of emergency and they will be put in the FEMA camp of Fukushima.
More than 5,000 citizens of innocence will be arrested,too.Fukushima FEMA camp changed its name into " Fukushima guardian city ". And the ruling parties push forward preparations to establish it now.This is a concentration camp to murder many inmates by radioactive contamination.

Michael Green of CIA and Yuriko Koike Governor of Tokyo.
The election for Tokyo governor was a farce. Dentsu affiliated with CIA made the media report as if Yuriko Koike were the tragic heroine who was going to be dropped by the Liberal Democratic Party . And Dentsu made "a past lover scandal of Shuntaro Torigoe of the rival" report and made Yuriko Koike overwhelm Shuntaro Torigoe . As for Hiroya Masuda of the Liberal Democratic Party official recognition, the Liberal Democratic Party only made him run to break the votes of Shuntaro Torigoe from a beginning. Many citizens think the Liberal Democratic Party intended to let Yuriko Koike win from a beginning.
When Prime Minister Abe met Yuriko Koike of the new Governor of Tokyo, Prime Minister Abe said "You've got Liberal Democratic Party there.". Yuriko Koike of the new Governor of Tokyo answered that she wanted to liven up the Olympic Games in cooperation with the Abe Administration.
What a poor acting by a ham actor and a ham actress it is !!!!

There is Michael Green of CIA in the background of the reckless driving to the military regime of Prime Minister Abe.And Michael Green and Yuriko Koike took photos to remember it by before an election for governor of Tokyo.
CIA made a think tank of Nippon Kaigi (Japan Conference) which is full of the identity of the military regime thought in order to make Japan rush into Japan-China War. Yuriko Koike is a member of this Nippon Kaigi (Japan Conference) and is an extreme right-winger.
"The Nazi Administration" would have made "large number of foreign audiences and newsmen" have confused as if Germany had a peaceful and tolerant images by using the Olympics.
Probably the Abe Administration will direct using the Olympics as if Japan were peaceful and tolerant.

However, the Abe Administration is going to really enter into militarism.And Nippon Kaigi (Japan Conference) propels a constitutional amendment.
Most of the cabinet ministers of the Abe Administration belong to Nippon Kaigi(Japan Conference). I feel that Japan's future is terrible. Please imagine that most cabinet ministers of the governments are the al Qaeda members whom CIA made , the Taliban members whom CIA made, and the ISIS members whom CIA made.
"Nippon Kaigi ( Japan Conference) that CIA made"tries to make Japan ruin, by Japan-China War in order to execute the Emperor's family in Beijing.
I feel very anxious about the my own future because I write such a blog. However, " the times that I pray that I do not want to live long" will come one day if I escape for self-protection for protecting my life though Japan may become the miserable military regime.
Who will protect His Majesty the Emperor and Her Majesty the Empress?
I must not forget the each noble figure that His Majesty the Emperor and Her Majesty the Empress encouraged patients warmly in the facilities of the Hansen's disease patient of Okinawa island. His Majesty the Emperor and Her Majesty the Empress are "the Emperor and the empresses" who are the noblest in the Japanese history of 2000 year.The both "Hansen's disease patients" and every staff of facilities shed tears for the noble figures , too.I must never forget it.
And we must keep watch over the new governor of Tokyo so that Yuriko Koike does not pay one part of the tax of the Metropolitan citizens to Michael Green.
In addition, Chongryon seems to give the word of command so that North Koreans residing in Japan insult the noble women of the Imperial Family . Not only the Internet but also Japanese media comes to insult noble women of the Imperial Family, and I suspect that "Dentsu which is affiliated with CIA" may participate with this plot. CIA often supports an anti-government organization and causes confusion in a country. I doubt that CIA uses Chongryon for Japan extinction plan.
Yuriko Koike governor of Tokyo intends to make "the school fees of North Korean schools doing discussion of Japan extinction plan which exist in Japan after school" free.

Abe Administration obeys to "North Korean schools doing discussion of Japan extinction plan which exist in Japan after school", "Chongryon which has Japan extinction plan", "CIA which has Japan extinction plan", "Dentu which has Japan extinction plan", "Nippon Kaigi (Japan Conference) which has Japan extinction plan",and "China which has Japan extinction plan".But I can't obey to Prime Minister Abe.I love my mother country and I love and respect His Majesty the Emperor and Her Majesty the Empress."Pure love that His Majesty the Emperor and Her Majesty the Empress would give us " sometimes let "Japanese citizens " awakes to truth.

Inada boueisho And Prime Minister Abe appointed Tomomi Inada who is so ardently devoted to the terrible identity of "Nippon Kaigi (Japan Conference) which has Japan extinction plan which will be caused by Japan- China war" that it resembles an addiction as the Minister of Defense.
Because Prime Minister Abe will be convinced that the North Korean nuclear weapons make Beijing be reduced to ashes, I think "Prime Minister Abe" would appoint her as the Minister of Defense. Because mother of Marshal Kim Jong Un was a Japanese woman, Prime Minister Abe may think that Marshal Kim Jong Un never let his mother shed tears.
Tomomi Inada repeated the various militaristic remarks so far.She said,"Be bleeding for a country. Nanjing Massacre is a forgery. Japan does not have to apologize. Yasukuni shrine should be a place to swear sincerity to follow later if the mother country is in case of emergency ."
ohhh...Tomomi Inada might have been done "a surgical operation on the frontal lobe of the brain called lobotomy" by Michael Green. ( ;ಠ_ಠ)ummmmm....
If Michael Green were a kinder human being, he should have done the breast-enlargement surgery to Tomomi Inada incidentally.(Ծ_Ծ;)Oh...That's for sure....
Oh......Everything about Tomomi Inada is crazy ..... Of course Prime Minister Abe who has trust in "woman cyborg who has flat-chested" is crazy, too..

Shigeru Uchida
Tokyo Metropolitan Assemblyman
Shozo Nishimura
municipal assemblyman
Shigeru Uchida Tokyo Metropolitan assemblyman and Shozo Nishimura municipal assemblyman seem to cooperate with Yamaguchi-gumi of the Yakuza Mafia.
A member of Liberal Democratic Party seemed to leak an information out to the media about the fact that Shigeru Uchida Tokyo Metropolitan assemblyman and Shozo Nishimura municipal assemblyman tampered with large quantity of votes of the election of House of Councilors of July 10 for one vote of 10, 000 yen.
Nobuteru Ishihara economic revitalization minister in charge of Federation of Tokyo Metropolitan Liberal Democratic Party chairperson attended at the meeting of the capitals official on August 4 and took the responsibility for the fact that Hiroya Masuda whom the Liberal Democratic Party recommended to by an election for governor of Tokyo was defeated and expressed it that Mr. Nobuteru Ishihara resigned Chairperson capital ream.
‘The other five executives including "Shigeru Uchida who was a chief secretary of Federation of Tokyo Metropolitan Liberal Democratic Party called "the Don of the metropolitan assembly"' expressed resignation at the meeting of this day.
How much would Shigeru Uchida Tokyo Metropolitan Assemblyman have received the vast margin in order to mediate election manipulation to Yamaguchi-gumi?How much??
At The Upper House election ,"total amount votes of the Liberal Democratic Party , the New Komeito and Osaka Restoration Association and the Party for Japanese Kokoro are 33, 575, 356 votes.
If more than half of total votes were tampered , would bribery of 167, 876, 780, 000 yen(1,654,257,790US$) be paid for manipulation of the election ?
Is this paid out from secret funds allocated to the Cabinet Secretariat?

Musashi One of the observers refused to push the check mark by the official counting of votes work of the MiyagI electoral district in Tomiya-machi, Miyagi because of a large quantity of ballots papers which were written by the same handwritings . However this was a very rare situation and "Chairperson at town Electoral Management Committee" of the official counting of votes manager admitted to confirm the votes in order to push the check mark. A large quantity of ballots papers which were written by the same handwritings are acts of the Musashi computer obviously. The Musashi computer can make "the words of each ballot paper" change into difference words printed .
The source of this article was written by the Yomiuri news paper .
The Musashi computer can change ballot paper into different typing if the person puts printed paper through the machine of the Musashi computer. The Musashi computer can be isolated with ink and carbon in an instant by making "a ballot written with a ball-point pen and a pencil" in the situation of the electro static charge.
In addition, the Musashi computer can attach isolated ink and carbon to another blank of the ballot again by changing the different words. It is easier for the Musashi computer to tamper with the data of the bar code. If it is recognized that the Musashi computer was used at this the Upper House election, the election's results itself should be invalidated.

"The Japan's opposition parties" should unite to enter a demurrer against the upper election of July 10 results , and must stop Japan rushing into terrorism and the military regime.
We can still make it on time now.
It is written in Public Officers Election Act Article 204 about the result of the election. It is "30 days" about a time limit for entering a demurrer against the upper election.
"The committee which manages the office work about the Upper House election" of "the combination electoral district electoral management committee "of the metropolis and districts". 参議院(比例代表選出)議員の選挙にあつては中央選挙管理会;
"House of Councilors (the proportional representation election) of Central Election Management Council". They assume these the defendant, and, within 30 days from a day of the election concerned, the High Court can submit suit.
And the United Nations should cooperate with "The Japan's opposition parties" to uncover the existence of the ballots which were written by the same handwriting in order to stop Japan rushing into the terrorism and the military regime .

title:Viva la Vida
When CIA's members listen to a song of Viva la Vida reflecting the image of Napoleon Bonaparte, what will CIA's members think of?
Napoleon realized in his closing years that there was nothing to belong to him in the world.
Even his wife didn't belong to him forever.
The day when even an aide whom he trusted left him by his death came.
The human being will be reminded one day after all that the human being was born to build peaceful society .
The person can't rule over the person forever.The person can't own a person forever.
God would never wish to cause terrorism , war and contagious disease for population reduction.
We should promote "a policy to limit the number of wives" and "one-child policy" in the countries which is over-population. It is not a difficult thing.
Because the human being has the ability to build peaceful society, Lucifer was jealous of Adam and Eve.
The love does not exist to own something.Love is to build peaceful society beyond a judgment of the right and wrong.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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