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We should stop Japan rushing into the military regime.

The video of Rémi GAILLARD seemed to had made fun of the Olympics which got really lively.. Actually, under cover of the noise of the Olympics, the world is going to rush into globally to the military regime.
The young people were angry for the severe censorship of the performed police by an international festival in France during Olympics , they caused a riot.Because the French Government ignores the high unemployment rate of 10.5%(Japan's unemployment rate is 3.3%), riots always happen immediately in France.As it were, the sight that people build the barricade is like the French Revolution.
The French athlete of this video said "Je n'oublierai jamais, je n'oublierai jamais le record du monde, tout ça je l'ai fait pour la France ! Merci !( I never forget the world record that I have done for France. Thank you)". The employment rate of France such as 10.5% (ex;Japan's employment rate is 3.3%) is the world ranking 24th place now. Even if it is not the world records, the employment rate of France is the almost same as the unemployment rate of Iran whose economic sanctions had been canceled just recently.
I think that employment rate of France such as 10.5% is too bad even if France was not an oil oil-producing country. The current economic growth rate of Iran is 4.4%. I think that Hollande President would lack an effort. France succeed in getting several orders of airbus and submarines on a condition to produce them in each factory of the other countries, but the employment rate of France such as 10.5% is like French movie of a tragic ending. France should do the financial dispatch in order to adopt Japanese investment and Japanese infrastructure technology, and Hollande President should improve the unemployment rate.
On the other hand,while everybody enjoyed the noises of Olympic,in Japan,some evidence of the injustice in the process of the official counting of votes by Musashi computer are found in the election of Japan. However, nobody of the defeated candidates starts the formal objection of this injustice election.
Therefore, about the election results of the Upper House election of July 10, 2016, some citizen groups submitted official formal objection by August 9 of the time limit. This formal objection was submitted to some prefectures and High Court of Tokyo. Although Prime Minister Abe operates election with Musashi computer freely, the many candidates who were defeated of the Upper House election are nonresistances for Prime Minister Abe.
Prime Minister Abe played the part of Super Mario in the closing ceremony of the Rio Olympics.At three minutes 17 seconds of this video, we can watch the promotion video of the Tokyo Olympics that Prime Minister Abe appears.Because Prime Minister Abe might have become like Hitler if Prime Minister Abe attached a mustache, Prime Minister Abe did not attach a mustache of Mario.
The ceremony of the closing ceremony was splendid, but the enforcement and coping of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant is stopping.The plan of "the frozen soil wall" came to a deadlock after all because "the frozen soil wall" did not freeze. The groundwater continues flowing from Fukushima nuclear power plant into the ocean.Though the Japanese scientist suggests collecting how to put out of the debris from reactors of Fukushima nuclear power plant, the Abe Administration leaves debris.
This is the Japanese artificial reduction plan by some part of CIA constructed in elite satanists. They are going to domesticate Japanese people as domestic animals which are the goyim, and Prime Minister Abe does not go against it.
Because the Ukrainian corn was virally-infected, China prohibited the import of corn from Ukraine. On the other hand, Japan is going to import dairy products from Ukraine although the milk cows of Ukraine eat virally-infected corn.
Ukrainian government and Prime Minister Abe obey to CIA, and they intend to use the Japanese for experiment on the human bodies.
Japan continued doing vast support for Ukrainian infrastructure business, but does Ukraine intend to kill a lot of babies of the Japanese citizens?I am surprised that Ukrainians do not feel it sad.
At least Japanese Government should prohibit both the dairy products and the corn promptly from Ukraine.

On earth what is God doing? A human being is often ugly. And the devil laughs at good will of human beings. CIA will laugh at good will of Japanese people .
Although radioactive contamination of Fukushima is not improved , Prime Minister Abe makes the terrible policy that the safe standard value is relaxed . And God should know that almost refugees are forced to come back to Fukushima forcibly. A lot of babies who have six fingers were born in Fukushima, and each operation to cut a finger must be waited for the three months because these babies are so many.
The radioactive contamination of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant is the artificial reduction plan of Japanese people, and God should know that it is the agenda of the elites of satanists who compose CIA.
Abe Administration is progressing steadily to rush into reign of terror and the military regime.And, in Takae village of Okinawa, the riot police broke the ribs of the Okinawa citizen and many old women were hit and went to hospitals.We can see the riot police tried to nearly strangle the woman of the Takae citizen on this video.Why do citizens of Okinawa resist the Abe Administration?When Okinawa's old women were girls, adults were not going to stop Japan's government which rushed into the military regime. Therefore they protest against Abe Administration in order to stop Japan rushing into the military regime .
It is because the Holocaust of Okinawa citizens was performed in confusion in last years of end of the war by the former Japan forces.The former Japan forces brainwashed Okinawa citizens as if the death were better than becoming slaves of American soldiers.As for my relatives of Okinawa, three-fourths died from blasting by each suicide bombing against American tanks. In my relatives of Okinawa,there were some people who killed each mother and younger sister with each sickle because each mother and younger sister hoped to die.The suicide attack and the group self-determination were carried out by the former Japan forces by brainwashing Okinawa citizens.
Because many tanks of U. S. forces were blown up too exactly, MacArthur seemed to have turned pale and thought whether the Japanese military which was stationed in Okinawa island had the superior latest cannons .
However, the former Japan forces had the cruel strategy to leave Okinawa's citizens to die without making any attempt to save Okinawa from a beginning in order to avoid mainland decisive battle, for a delaying action to prepare for the end of the war. Okinawa was destined to be sacrificed for the blood.
The Japanese military which was stationed in Okinawa did not have the superior weapons enough so much.
While there is a big difference for the American overwhelming war potential, "women, children, the old men and the old women who wound each land mine around each stomach while escaping from the war's fire " approached the convoy of the US tanks and jumped into the tanks of U. S. forces.
When any land mines were lost before long, Okinawa citizens could not die by the grenade to commit suicide in a group because more than half of grenades were unexploded shells .Because each mother and each younger sister wanted to die, there are some persons in my relative of Okinawa who killed real mother and younger sister with each sickle . They cremated the corpses so that the corpses were not insulted by the United States Armed Forces, and they buried the ashes in the forest. When they were looking for the best trunk of a tree for themselves to hang themselves to die, they heard a voice of each mother and each younger sister who had been murdered , and the voice said, "Please live", and the souls of each mother and each younger sister seemed to sob.
In the war, the cry of the souls always echo that they want to live . Just building of the peace is the same for us to hold a memorial service for " the souls who were so disappointed and died in the war" by . Preciousness of the peace is preciousness of the life. The thought of preciousness of value of the life and the thought to love peace will be the same to love our own mother country.
Therefore,we should not repeat the war.God knows it very much.
However, the double rainbows seemed to have appeared in the east sky of Saitama prefecture of Japan yesterday after a typhoon.When I watched this photograph, I would believe that God blessed Japan.
The indifference for rushing into the military regime is wrong . The indifference is a crime. Prime Minister Abe intends to approve the emergency method in order to begin a reign of terror, but we must say "No".
Did Prime Minister Abe agree to the terrible agenda to make the Japanese citizens be the domestic animals of elites satanists in order to become a dictator? Notwithstanding , the double rainbow is beautiful . We must say No to Prime Minister Abe so that we believe in God and build peaceful society.
And the United Nations should stand up to uncover the existence of the ballots which were written by the same handwriting in order to stop Japan rushing into the terrorism and the military regime .
We should stop Japan rushing into the military regime.
The Musashi computer installed in the polling places of the whole prefectures can tamper with the number of the votes and the computer which was this model of Musashi computer was used in Bush administration. And the biggest shareholder of the company of this Musashi computer is Prime Minister Abe.
Instead of Prime Minister Abe making the Japanese citizens be their domestic animals for taking part in a plan to let Japan ruin, it is guaranteed by Khazar Mafia that Prime Minister Abe can become a dictator.
However when Japan will be ruined, both the Bush clan and the Rockefeller clan will drop a nuclear weapon right above Prime Minister Abe.
Prime Minister Abe should listen to Japanese civic voices rather than both the Bush clan and the Rockefeller clan which brainwash many Muslims with the narcotic drug in order to build up a massacre group of ISIS.If both the Bush clan and the Rockefeller clan put a variety of restraints upon Prime Minister Abe, and if Prime Minister Abe can't refuse it , Prime Minister Abe should resign before bringing Japan to rush into the military regime.Whose thing is the mother country? The mother country Japan is a thing of Japanese people who hope the peace.. If Prime Minister Abe hopes the war, Prime Minister Abe has no qualification to say something about the mother country.
Japanese citizens' Facebook are full of the topics of the rigged election by the Musashi computer.
The Musashi computer can change ballot paper into different typing if the person puts printed paper through the machine of the Musashi computer. The Musashi computer can be isolated with ink and carbon in an instant by making "a ballot written with a ball-point pen and a pencil" in the situation of the electric static charge.
In addition, the Musashi computer can attach isolated ink and carbon to another blank of the ballot again by changing the different words. It is easier for the Musashi computer to tamper with the data of the bar code.Musashi computer is possible to remote control , too.

While the world citizens were excited at the Olympics,
the Japanese woman who lost Osaka parliamentary election of April 12, 2015 testified that rigged election had been performed by Musashi computer for many years. She demanded the invalidity of the election in the Osaka High Court, but it was dismissed and appeals to the Supreme Court.
The ballots which voted for her went out of counting machine a lot smoothly at first. However, the election administration committee member of Osaka Restoration Association insisted that a machine had broken down, and counting machine were replaced. her votes became not to put out of counting machine as soon as counting machine were replaced, and the votes of Osaka Restoration Association began to appear a lot. As a result, she lost the election, and a member of Osaka Restoration Association was elected at this election.
hashishita.jpgEven if "Toru Hashimoto leading Osaka Restoration Association" looks like a nice politician , I think everybody should be careful for him because there is often something uncanny about his smile.
Osaka Metropolis plan which Toru Hashimoto led was rejected by a referendum on May 17, 2015. However, for an ambition to make "Osaka Metropolis plan" come true, Toru Hashimoto intends to cooperate with Prime Minister Abe for the approval of the Liberal Democratic Party revision of the Constitution draft which imitated of the Weimar Constitution of the Nazis.
Because Toru Hashimoto is detested very much by "Toshihiro NIkai" who is the current chief secretary of the Liberal Democratic Party, Musashi computer did not seem to be used for a referendum of "Osaka Metropolis plan".
Because he made remark that Hashimoto insulted women who were forced to be sex slaves by the former Japan forces, he lost the political trust.In addition, Hashimoto insisted that Itami Airport should be the substitute land of the Henoko base of Okinawa in order to solve the problem of a deficit of the Osaka finance, but he could not make it come true.Because Hashimoto reduced an expense of geriatric medicine and the old man welfare and the education, the affection of the Osaka citizens for him were separated from him.
On July 30, 2016, Hashimoto had the doubtful dinner with "Prime Minister Abe and several aides to him" for more than three hours.Osaka Restoration Association will intend to cooperate with the approval of the emergency method that the Abe Administration can arrest more than 5 000 people per a night whenever Prime Minister Abe declares emergency,. Hashimoto always show the smile of the devil recently.
Almost Japanese people pegged him as a real pest.It is unnatural that Osaka Restoration Association won in election.
Even if Osaka Restoration Association was involved with rigged election at the Upper House election and the prefectural assembly election, nobody will be surprised. 
Look at Hashimoto of the photo above.Hashimoto chuckles grimly because he knows that many citizens will be moved to tears by a reign of terror if the emergency method will be approved. I think he can bring back Osaka Metropolis plan again if he cooperates with Prime Minister Abe .They can overwhelm at every election, thanks to "Musashi-computer", if only they cooperate with the approval of the Liberal Democratic Party revision of the Constitution draft which is imitated of Weimar Constitution of the Nazi Administration if a representative and the leader of political party are liked by Prime Minister Abe.What an ugly man Hashimoto is!!!

The Japanese woman who lost Osaka parliamentary election of April 12, 2015 showed as follows in the documents that she appeals to the Supreme Court.
1. The injustice of election held in Sakai-city of Osaka prefecture seemed to have been repeated systematically for more than ten years.By the contents to let "vulnerable groups in society" suffer , the public servants of Sakai-city of Osaka prefecture get "the injustice of the election" approach with business in a money purpose.They are extremely vicious. 
2.In addition, Musashi computer always open each port of its system without closing each port. And Musashi computer is designed so that election system itself can do the remote-controls . That is why all Musashi computer makes the dangerous situation that everybody can invade the system. 
3.Because Sakai-city becomes the ordinance-designated city in April, 2006, it shows that system in itself is made in an unjust purpose from the basic design phase of 2006.
4.By the election system using the defect product enough to be surprised at this system that can't set a password (key) on, it becomes clear that Sakai-city continues the election for nearly ten years.
5.The rigged election shows that the company "Musashi" which is the supplier of the Musashi computer strongly participates in this matter. Everybody can't but admit the fact that organized rigged election was held led by board of elections.
(This company "MUSASHI CO., LTD." does not only provide the vote apparatus such as the ballot reading sorter. This only one company "Musashi" all monopolizes "the ballots (special paper coated with polypropylene resin)"," the ballot boxes","the stand tables for voting", "the software such as vote systems", "dispatching of the election staffs", "the rental of machine parts", "the delivery of an apparatus and machine parts" , "setting up the meeting place construction"," withdrawaling the meeting place", and "safekeeping and the check of the apparatus".)
6."All qualified voters' information that `the staff of former board of elections of Sakai city' brought out " is vast quantity equal to the 500G bytes.It is all qualified voters' information of Sakai-city of 680,000 people. Around 30 items for one person are written in the certain detailed personal information .
This is quantity equal to all electronic data that the Sakai-city government office keeps and is the serious happening . And it is not allowable to clear it up as mere election violations.
(If Aozora says honestly, this is the cyber problem that is far more serious than the issue of google email of Ms. Hillary Clinton.500G bytes!!!!680,000 people!!!!!That's very hard to believe.)
7.This incident is far more serious than the problem that staff information of the White House begins to flow by the Chinese hackers and industrial spies.No one can see what kind of objective group participates in the back of the organization , including foreign power.
(Are they the plan to domesticate Japanese people as domestic animals which are the goyim by Khazar Mafia constructed by Bush clan and Rockefeller clan ,and the Japanese artificial reduction plan , a Japanese extinction plan and the plan to execute the Emperor's family in Beijing "after defeat of Japan - China war?Oh....Khazar Mafia!!!.No more of your ridicule.I wish Khazar Mafia would eat a wad of money directly, and I wish they should cause food poisoning.)
8.Nothing is yet improved, and the situation that rigged election is held continues in the future, too.
 It is "the act that ignored the fundamental human rights of the nation really" and it is caused by the members of the Diet and a supplier conspire with board of elections in order to operate a vote.

Shozo Nishimura of Member of municipal assembly of Sakai city
Nobuyuki Baba chief secretary of the Initiatives from Osaka
"Shozo Nishimura of Member of municipal assembly of Sakai city" has the official recognition right alone for every member of the Liberal Democratic Party of Sakai-city.Shozo Nishimura of Member of municipal assembly of Sakai city makes the necessary preparations in secret for the police and "the election management committee" approximately , in order to replace a vote by the rate that was 10000 yen per one vote.It is "Shozo Nishimura of member of a city council "and "Nobuyuki Baba chief secretary of the Initiatives from Osaka , member of the House of Representatives" to have built up a mechanism of this rigged election .
”The woman who was defeated in an election” wrote in formal objection that Shozo Nishimura of Member of municipal assembly of Sakai city talked with somebody on the telephone during the official counting of votes at the time of Japanese general election, 2005(postal dissolution election ). It is thought that probably a partner of the telephones is board of elections chairperson. And as soon as "the boxes of 5000 votes" came out from under his desk , the results of an election was reversed here. (September, 2005)
The Initiatives from Osaka changed its name to Japan Restoration Party.
Shozo Nishimura of Member of municipal assembly of Sakai city cooperates with Japanese Yakuza (Mafia) ”Yamaguchi” among other things.
10.Because the actual situation of the rigged election was too severe, she couldn't pretend not to see it . And she investigated rigged election all the time privately .
Because she understood that somebody always operates her votes surely in order to let her lose at the election , she continued to run for election . She wished to elucidate a logic of the rigged election and she wished that the criminals will be arrested.
11.Many people died in connection with this matter, and the persons who took care of her became victims , too. This incident is never permitted. Because she has known the injustice, she encountered the traffic accidents twice, and she receives the harassment still now.
(ohhh.The world should know the existence of this brave woman who accuses rigged election. She is going to stop Japan which is going to rush into the military regime by doing rigged election. In addition, the world should put up each voice for 2 dyed villains of Shozo Nishimura and Nobuyuki Baba to stop annoying her.Of course it is not allowed to assassinate her. If she is murdered, Interpol should move to arrest 2 villains.)
12.Shozo Nishimura of Member of municipal assembly of Sakai city can foretell which candidates fall beforehand and he can just foretell even the number of the votes. And he always spreads a rumor which candidates can pass beforehand. All is premeditated.
13.The Initiatives from Osaka was concentrating on visiting the nursing facilities and the hospitals in this election. There was the rumor that the list of the information related to medical care flowed into the Initiatives from Osaka before election. There was always the rumor that "the person of key management of the ballot box of facilities" leaked the information out to.
And it was revealed that these detailed information was brought out this time by the public service worker of Sakai-city .
14.As for operating of votes of the socially vulnerable without permission, it means the socially vulnerable will not be respected as an individual at all. And they are in the situation that completely loses the freedom to vote . It is particularly the worst in all injustice, and this is completely an act of the human rights disregard.
According to the document for journalists that Sakai-city announced September 13, 2015,each class of person with a disability which is "a person targeted for the absentee vote" by the mail, each notebook number, the personal information of the substitution person , their list as the address of the destination, and "the absentee vote's data of hospitals and facilities" have begun to flow.
This staff had not only Kita-ku but also the authority to access the information of other wards to do the system management of all wards.
The place which had been found out was only Kita-ku, but the information of all wards may be leaked out for.
15.Malfunction was caused in each ward from about 22:00 by several machines in total. They changed the analog data of the votes by changing several machines in total and, it was caused the system failure at about 23:44.
At 0:34, the system of the machines was invaded by remote control , and digital data of the information of all Sakai-city wards were renewed.
Because they changed the votes, they were not able to show the data of the up-to-the-minute returns every 30 minutes of the stage on the way.
That is why Sakai-city stopped update of the HP on the way on purpose and let a server fall.
16.She lost the election although she had been supported by the political parties except the Liberal Democratic Party such as the Democratic Party , the New Komeito and the Communist Party. She can never understand the result of the election. She thinks that there was the substitution from several hundred units to several thousand units.
If they can open the ballots' boxes , if several hundred votes were overturned, although the result of an election might turn into, she couldn't have confirmed the ballots' boxes.
It keeps every vote for four years in order to confirm it later when rigged election is doubted, but she couldn't have confirmed the ballots' boxes.
17.Although The injustice of public service worker of Sakai-city staff becomes clear, the court judged the all by only the testimony that the election management committee wrote one-sidedly while any scientific inspection and the confirmation of votes weren't performed .
And she lost in a trial at the first trial (Osaka District Court) and the appeal court (Osaka High Court).
The judiciary gives the judgment that is advantageous to political power of the revision of the Constitution .
18.The court of the Osaka High Court gave a judgment although there was the fact that no one check strangely whether malfunction really happened to several machines in total. It is still unidentified how many machines in total Sakai-city has.
The above is the digest of her accusation.
I cannot forget the tears of women who were forced to be sex slaves by the former Japan forces. Because the current administrative, current legislative and current judicial powers carry out commonly concealment and manipulation , I think the tragedy of Asian women will be repeated again if Japan rushes into the military regime."A form of government where the administrative, legislative and judicial powers separated, called the separation of the powers" does not function by the pressure of Abe Administration.
The United Nations continued insisting of `the restoration of human rights of women who were forced to be "sex slaves" by the former Japan forces' and the restoration of the honor of these all women. And the United Nations continued insisting it needs apology of Japan's head of state. Japan's military regime will cause the same tragedy in whole Asia if the United Nations do not stop current Japan which tries to rush into the military regime.
Electoral Assistance Division Department of Political Affairs United Nations Secretariat must inspect every ballot of the Upper House election of July 10, 2016 and every ballot of the Osaka parliamentary election of April 12, 2015.
There should be the large quantities of ballots which was written by same handwriting.
Current Japan is the situation strangely that the inspection of the ballots are not possible, and rigged election by using Musashi computer is performed on a large scale in Japan.
It is sad that Prime Minister Abe who has the talent of political sense would obey to CIA. And it is sad that Prime Minister Abe would intend to let Japan rush into the reign of terror for only the profit of industrial militarily among Japan and the United States. I know enough that all of the politics of Prime Minister Abe were not evil,and it is sad to fight against Prime Minister Abe.
But I have Okinawa's blood in me.I can listen to the voice of OKinawa citizens who were forced by the former Japan forces with guns to do a suicide by jumping from Manzamo cliff .In the strong wind of Manzamo cliff,I often listen to the voice surely,"No! We want to live!!!"
Yuta of the psychic of Okinawa says that the soul is constructed in seven Mabui.
When the human being is shocked, human being seems to fall some Mabui on the land.
The fallen Mabui becomes the memory and stays on the land.
Therefore I can listen to the voice.
Regardless of War and Peace, cobalt blue of the seas of Okinawa is always noble colors.
The sea of Okinawa is the most beautiful in the all over the world.
And the sea of Okinawa always speaks to me that human being is born and lives , in order to build peaceful society.
Like the sea of Okinawa which continues being the noble cobalt blue , human being should continue existing in the first place to build peaceful society.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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