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Darkness of Osaka and its rigged election

The politicians who lost the election don't want someone else would be excited for the rigged election. Because almost politicians will take money to quite a few Yakuza when they won a past, the politicians who lost the election are with complicity with the several Yakuza members.
Yakuza brings up a politician as an accomplice, and it is usual practice of the Yakuza members in this way to prevent politicians from protesting of Yakuza.Shozo Nishimura municipal assemblyman of Sakai city who can always guess the number of votes of the election participates in the narcotics business.
Shozo Nishimura municipal assemblyman of Sakai city is affiliated with Yakuza mafia. Shozo Nishimura municipal assemblyman of Sakai city is a municipal assemblyman whom Yakuza mafia sent.
And the reason why Sakai city is aimed at by the gang is because there is a port in Sakai city.
There is each port in "Yokohama-city and Chiba-city where several counting machines in total were broken by the Lower House election of 2014 all at once".
Because there is each port, these towns are important bases of the narcotics routes.They import the imported lumber by letting the narcotics drug hide behind the imported lumber in "the wood housing complex" of Mihara Ward, Sakai city.
In the wood housing complex of Mihara Ward, Sakai city, the narcotics drug has been found in the warehouse of the supporter of the Osaka Restoration Association.
The narcotics drug route seems to be as follows, the port of Sakai city → Senboku ( Minami-ku, Sakai-city )→ Mihara-ku of Sakai city→ Matsubara city → Osaka-city.
Service stations seem to be used as the transit points.
If some of the members of the Diet or assemblymen who do something wrong in election were elected, they participate in the narcotics drug right.
baba.jpgThe assemblymen of Nishi Ward and their relatives of the assemblymen were dead in connection with election in sequence in Sakai city.
A port is in Nishi Ward. Nishi Ward is an electoral district of Nobuyuki Baba chief secretary of the Initiatives from Osaka.
The electoral district of Shozo Nishimura municipal assemblyman of Sakai city is Sakai Ward, but a port is in Sakai Ward, too.
In other words it is necessary for Sakai Ward and Nishi Ward that Shozo Nishimura municipal assemblyman of Sakai city and Nobuyuki Baba chief secretary of the Initiatives from Osaka should win in rigged election surely to suppress each port.
Of course Shozo Nishimura municipal assemblyman of Sakai city was the Liberal Democratic Party, but he was connected to the Nobuyuki Baba chief secretary of the Initiatives from Osaka behind the scenes, and they made "the assemblymen and members of the Diet who were the hindrance for them" during these ten years lose in sequence.

Yohei Sasagawa Chairperson of the Sasakawa peace foundation
matui chiji
Ichiro Matui current governor of Osaka prefecture
The Sasakawa peace foundation having participated in the narcotics business from predecessors in the family line will be connected with this problem .
Former Prime Minister Nobusuke Kishi of the grandfather of Prime Minister Abe seemed to have had the narcotics drug right in Manchurian prewar Japanese puppet state.
With Governor Matsui, the Sasakawa peace foundation participates in casino rights , the narcotics drug right and south port right, now.
Chairperson of the Sasakawa peace foundation is the brave person who organized association of Myanmar minority races at the risk of his life, and this led some to believe that Yohei Sasagawa Chairperson is so talented that even I give him due respect. Japan contributes the huge money of support for the association of Myanmar minority race, and this prevents the persecution of the minority race of Myanmar.
But when the Ichiro Matui current governor of Osaka prefecture was 16 years old, there was the rumor that he let one woman have committed suicide by a sexual crime. There are various theories regarding the history and believability. But Yohei Sasagawa Chairperson of the Sasakawa peace foundation should part from Governor Matsui.
It is not bad that marijuana is used for the treatment of cancer under the right instruction of the herb doctor. However, if a human being becomes addicted to marijuana, the brain shrinks, and the mind becomes unstable. Japan should not legitimate marijuana to the general citizens widely. Japan should legalize marijuana only to the patients with their herb doctors after having disposed the herb doctors in each metropolis and districts.
The revision of the Constitution draft of the Liberal Democratic Party will cause Japan-China War , the military regime and the reign of terror. The revision of the Constitution draft of the Liberal Democratic Party will delight the power group of Khazar mafia of CIA to have a plan to execute the Emperor's family in Beijing.
The 731 corps was established by Lieutenant General Shiro Ishii under the order of Tatukichiro Horikawa (left side of the picture above) who was the former back Emperor .The back Emperor organizes the agents called "Yatagarasu(the mythical crow)" protecting His Majesty the Emperor since ancient timesand, the existence of the back Emperor seems to substitute for another at work the ceremony of His Majesty the Emperor , and is a mystery existence since ancient times.
Yohei Sasagawa Chairperson is the smart wise person. Yohei Sasagawa Chairperson should establish distance from Abe Administration and "Initiatives from Osaka" to protect His Majesty the Emperor and the Emperor's family.
His Majesty the Emperor is the person of Northern Dynasty. The back Emperor is a person of Southern Dynasty and is the mixed blood of the Rothchilds clan. Blood of Satanist should not be in the imperial family. If the human being of the imperial family becomes like Nimrod, Japan will be ruined. "Yatagarasu(the mythical crow)" which should be agent's group to protect the Emperor's family does not protect His Majesty the Emperor and seems to protect the back Emperor. I doubt that the back Emperor takes part in a plan to execute the Emperor's family in Beijing. The reason why the Shinto shrines and the temples which are related to the imperial family participate in Japan Conference Nipon Kaigi is because there are some betrayers in the Imperial Household inside. Does the back Emperor want to become the new emperor?
In the first place, the propaganda of Japan Conference (Nipon Kaigi) was established under CIA for being conscious of Japan-China War. And they are going to brainwash Japan so that Japan rushes obviously into the military regime.
From the viewpoint of separation of politics and religion, "Shinto shrines and the Buddhist temples which have the deep relations to the Imperial Family" should withdraw from the Japan Conference (Nipon Kaigi) that is going to cause Japan-China War .
The Imperial Household must keep separation of politics and religion strictly.
If the back Emperor let "the Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples which have deep relations to the imperial household " have participated in Japan Conference (Nipon Kaigi ), it means the back Emperor will desecrate His Majesty the Emperor.
After Japan's defeat of the Japan-China War, there is a plan to execute the family of the Emperor in Beijing. The Imperial Family must let "the Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples which relates to the Imperial Family " withdraw from from Japan Conference (Nipon Kaigi) in order to protect His Majesty the Emperor and Her Majesty the Empress.
Pema Gyalpo who was a politician from Tibet took refuge in Japan and he testified that the final aim of the Japan-China War was the execution of the Emperor's family in the strategy that the Chinese Communist Party had.
Golden pheasant1 Because "Yatagarasu(the mythical crow)" is exempted from the time of birth, "Yatagarasu(the mythical crow)" will not be contained in a family register and is not existing legally . It means "Yatagarasu(the mythical crow)" isn't even Japanese citizen . "Yatagarasu(the mythical crow)" devotes the own life to the national polity and protection of the Shinto ceremony. No one pays attention to the death even if "Yatagarasu(the mythical crow)" dies. The number of people of "Yatagarasu(the mythical crow)" seems to be many people. The group leaders are called "12 crows" and these 12 people take the center of the organization of "Yatagarasu(the mythical crow)", and there is 3 persons called "the large crow" more on the top. Three large crow are called "Golden pheasant" and seem to carry a role as "the back Emperor".
But something terrible is going to happen.Current "Yatagarasu(the mythical crow)" seem to protect of "Golden pheasant", and they seem not to protect His Majesty the Emperor.
Japanese citizens never hope the overturn of Northern Dynasty.His Majesty the Emperor would have "Sankimon of line patterns on his palm indicating the 3 lines which mean the person who holds wealth and who is noble "in both hands . And His Majesty the Emperor would have a hooked nose. His Majesty the Emperor obviously would be the direct descendant man of the Lewi group.
His Majesty the Emperor visited the Hansen's disease facilities from youth, and His Majesty the Emperor and Her Majesty the Empress would become the rainbow bridge "among the mainland and Okinawa island" at the risk of life. We must not forget the noble figure.
1.Yohei Sasagawa Chairperson of the Sasakawa peace foundation should think only the best way to protect His Majesty the Emperor and Her Majesty the Empress and Emperor's family.
2.Yohei Sasagawa Chairperson of the Sasakawa peace foundation should notice this structure of this terrible plot and Yohei Sasagawa Chairperson of the Sasakawa peace foundation should let Matsui Governor of Osaka Prefecture resign in order to stop the revision of the Constitution draft of the Liberal Democratic Party.
3.Yohei Sasagawa Chairperson of the Sasakawa peace foundation should stand up to stop Japan China war.
Aozora Japanese Resistance
選挙に負けた政治家は、他の誰かが不正選挙のために興奮することを望みません。彼らが過去に勝ったときほとんど政治家がお金を相当な数のYakuzaへ持っていくので、選挙に負けた政治家は数人のやくざと共謀しています。 ヤクザは政治家を共犯者として育てます、そして、政治家がやくざに楯突くのを防ぐためにこのようなことをするのがヤクザの常套手段です。
堺市の西村尚三市会議員は、やくざマフィアに属します。堺市の西村尚三市会議員は、やくざマフィアが送った市会議員です。 そして、堺市がギャングによって狙われる理由は港が堺市にあるからです。
各々の港が、「いくつかの計数機が一度に2014の下院当選によって全体で壊れていた横浜市と千葉市」にあります。 各々の港があるので、これらの町は麻薬ルートの重要な拠点なのです。
麻薬を堺市の美原区の木材団地で輸入された材木の後ろで隠れさせることによって、彼らは輸入された材木を輸入します。 堺市の美原区の木材団地で、麻薬は、大阪維新の支持者の倉庫で見つかりました。 麻薬ルートは、以下の通りの模様です(堺市→松原市→大阪-都市の堺市→仙北(南区、堺-都市)→美原区の港)。 ガソリンスタンドは、通過点として使われるようです。
選挙で悪いことを何かする議員・国会議員の何人かが選挙で選ばれたならば、彼らは麻薬権利に参加するのです。 西区の議員と議員の彼らの親類は、堺市でつぎつぎと選挙に関連して死んでいました。港は、西区にあります。西区は、大阪維新の幹事長馬場信幸の選挙区です。
堺市の西村尚三市会議員の選挙区は堺区です、しかし、また、堺区にも港はあります。言い換えれば、大阪維新の馬場信幸幹事長の堺市の西村尚三市会議員が各々の港を抑えるために不正選挙で必ず勝つことは、堺区と西区のために必要なのです。 もちろん、堺市の西村尚三市会議員は自由民主党ですが、彼は舞台裏で大阪維新の馬場信幸幹事長につながっていました、そして、彼らはここ10年の間、「彼らにとって障害となる議員や国会議員」を次々と負けさせました。
先代から正に麻薬ビジネスに参加していた笹川平和財団は、この問題と関係があります。 安倍首相の祖父の前岸信介首相は、戦前の日本の傀儡であった満州で正に麻薬利権を持っていたようでした。 松井知事と、現在、笹川平和財団は、カジノの権利、麻薬権利と南の港の権利に参加しています。 しかし笹川平和財団会長は彼の人生の危険をおかしてミャンマー少数民族の協会を組織した勇敢な人です、そして、これは何人かに私さえ笹川陽平会長に一目おいています。ミャンマー少数民族連合に対して、日本は莫大な支援金を寄贈します、そして、これはミャンマーの少数民族の迫害を妨げています。
しかし、大阪府知事松井一郎が16才であったとき、彼が1人の女性に性犯罪によって自殺させたという噂がありました。 経緯や信用性に関し諸説あります。しかし、笹川平和財団の笹川陽平会長は、松井知事と決別すべきです。
マリファナが漢方医の正しい指示に従って癌治療のために使われることは、悪くありません。 しかし、人間がマリファナ中毒になれば、脳は縮み、心は不安定になります。日本は、広く一般的な市民にマリファナを合法化してはいけません。各々の中心都市と地区で漢方医を配置した後に、日本は漢方医と彼らの患者だけにマリファナを合法化しなければなりません。
日中戦争の日本の敗北の後、北京で天皇のご一家を処刑する計画が、あります。 皇室は、「皇室に関するものである神社と仏教寺院」を天皇陛下と皇后陛下をお守りするために日本会議からか脱会させなければなりません。 元裏天皇であった堀川辰吉郎の命令下で、731の部隊は、石井四郎中将によって設立されました。裏天皇は古代から天皇陛下を保護している「八咫鳥(神話のカラス)」と呼ばれているエージェントを組織します。裏天皇の存在は天皇陛下の儀式の代理もするようで、古代から謎の存在です。
しかし、恐ろしい何か、起こりそうです。 現在の「八咫鳥(神話のカラス)」は「金鶏」を保護するようですが、彼らは天皇陛下をお守りしないようです。 日本国民は、北朝の転覆を決して望みません。天皇陛下は、両手に「富貴の人を意味する3本の線を示している三奇紋」の手相を持ちます。 そして、天皇陛下は鷲鼻です。天皇陛下は、明らかに、レビ族の直孫男子の子孫です。 天皇陛下はお若いころからハンセン病施設を訪問しました。そして、天皇陛下と皇后陛下は「本土と沖縄島の間で」生命の危険をおかして虹の橋になられました。我々は、高貴なお姿を忘れてはいけません。


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