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"The long standing feud among the United States , Russia and Syria" and my arbitration

I am a common citizen, and even if I can suggest several opinions, my opinion is not a national opinion of Japan. However, I thought that we must really make "the Syrian civil war" end when I saw the photographs of "Syrian children" who played in a park during a cease-fire innocently .While President Assad declared the end of the cease-fire, actually, the trauma of Syrian children is serious, and the children's suicides increase by the fear of bombing.
90 soldiers of the Syrian government troop died by the aerial bombardments of United States by mistaking the information among the United States and Russia each other . And the convoy of the support supplies support group of the United Nations was bombed , and 20 people died, too. 20 people may be few for President Assad comparing it with the death of 90 soldiers .
Because the members of the Syrian anti-government organization may be slaughtered by President Assad if Syrian civil war will be over, , I think that they try to disturb the cooperative strategies of U. S.-Russia .
Pilots of the cooperative strategies of U. S.-Russia may be able to avoid mistaken bombing if they guarantee every life of members of the anti-government organization after Syrian civil war end definitely.
The members of the Syrian anti-government organization may operate information by the fear of the massacre in order to prevent the end of Syrian civil war.
However, the members of the Syrian anti-government organization can emigrate there if the world can establish a Kurd nation in "a part of Syria, a part of Iraq, and a part of Turkey".
The world can destroy ISIS if the world establish a Kurd nation.
Of course Japan should build the wonderful houses for the members of the Syrian anti-government organization in a Kurd nation. After the civil war end, "on condition that Japan's Sekisui House , Ltd. should accept the order of the housing construction of Damascus, Aleppo,Latakia,Ar-Raqqah,Hama,Al-Hasakah,Deir ez Zor,Homs,Al Qamishli,and Tartus of Syria", and "on condition that Hitachi, Ltd. should accept the order of infrastructure of the long pipelines of a Kurd nation as a relay exchange point to connect from "Saudi Arabia and Iran" to "Spain, Italy, Germany, and France" through the Mediterranean Sea, I suggest that Japan should offer each yen loan of 300 billion yen to the Syrian government, the Iraqi government, and the Turkey's Government.They should receive these two conditions.
If a fight of ISIS is prolonged, both CIA and the devil will roll with laughter. We must let ISIS ruin.If the Middle East becomes peaceful, Japan is profitable. It is very happy for me.
Even if the United States would support a Kurd nation, even if Russia would support Syria, because the oil concession of Golan Heights was offered President Putin by Prime Minister Netanyahu, the United States and Russia are equal in the condition of the oil's rights and interests.
If the Middle East becomes peaceful, if the Middle Eastern employment will be escalated by the very large infrastructure business, the European muslim emigrants will return to the Islam zone,I think.The Middle Eastern peace is the most necessary for the current earth.
There may be something confusion recently, but I want to do activity to protect peaceful society without giving it up till the last.
Please remember a folk song called "Down By Sally Gardens".
I love "Down By Sally Gardens" very very much.
Let's build peaceful society as the leaves grow on the tree.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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