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Grant an amnesty rather than justice,please.

A meeting of the International Syria Support Group in New York
A meeting of the International Syria Support Group in New York broke down.Many citizens of the world worry about the future the United States and Russia may begin World War 3.
The biggest factor complicating U.S.-Russia relations is Snowden.It is wrong to see Snowden as a hero.Even if people of EU shed tears by terrorism of ISIS even if Middle Eastern people suffer hell on earth by ISIS, Snowden never reveals ISIS's sponsors and the flow of the fund of ISIS at all although Snowden always does the testimony tormenting President Obama along.
Snowden never does any testimonies at all to reveal the crime of "the Rockefeller clans and Bush clans who are going to cause a reign of terror and the artificial famine and World War 3" , "Dick Cheney who made ISIS and Al-Nusra Front", and "Rumsfeld, Brzezinski, and Henry Kissinger" who plan to deprive the Middle Eastern oil concession by ISIS.Snowden does not do internal conditions revelation of ISIS in which the world is interested the most at all.
President Obama never have made ISIS. President Obama might have been tricked by CIA for an early stage without knowing what ISIS has been .On earth how many times would they have caused the attempted assassinations of President Obama ? They are enemies of the human race. However, CIA spreads disinformation as if President Obama had made ISIS. Russia should hand over Snowden in order to destroy ISIS because the United States and Russia should be reconciled with each other.

After FBI captured Snowden, I think that people of the Russia and former Soviet Union zone stop seeing Snowden as a hero if the world can really purge ISIS and Al-Nusra Front.
Russia dispatched a carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" to Syria as precautions because the cease-fire may collapse. Russia should hand over Snowden to FBI to maintain this cease-fire. "Rumsfeld, Brzezinski, and Henry Kissinger" also try to cause even Japan-China War.
I supplicate Russia to help human race so that Russia would hand over Snowden to FBI.
I desire to stop either reign of terror or the artificial famine or Japan-China War or World War 3.
And I scream that the world can destroy ISIS if the world establish a Kurd nation.
The members of the Syrian anti-government organization can emigrate there if the world can establish a Kurd nation in "a part of Syria, a part of Iraq, and a part of Turkey".Of course Japan should build the wonderful houses for the members of the Syrian anti-government organization in a Kurd nation. After the civil war end, "on condition that Japan's Sekisui House , Ltd. should accept the order of the housing construction of Damascus, Aleppo,Latakia,Ar-Raqqah,Hama,Al-Hasakah,Deir ez Zor,Homs,Al Qamishli,and Tartus of Syria", and "on condition that Hitachi, Ltd. should accept the order of infrastructure of the long pipelines of a Kurd nation as a relay exchange point to connect from "Saudi Arabia and Iran" to "Spain, Italy, Germany, and France" through the Mediterranean Sea, I suggest that Japan should offer each yen loan of 300 billion yen to the Syrian government, the Iraqi government, and the Turkey's Government.They should receive these two conditions.Even if the United States would support a Kurd nation, even if Russia would support Syria, because the oil concession of Golan Heights was offered President Putin by Prime Minister Netanyahu, the United States and Russia are equal in the condition of the oil's right and interests. If the Middle East becomes peaceful, if the Middle Eastern employment will be escalated by the very large infrastructure business, the European muslim emigrants will return to the Islam zone,I think.

There may be several persons who feel it that my suggestion is lack of the visions of "the people of the Middle East and Syrian citizens" who are living in the war.
It may be strange to let "more than 2000 organizations of terrorists which are supported as their training as the tools for several powers of CIA, the U. K., Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey " be able to live without blaming. It may be strange to let "the people who were sent into Syria from the foreign countries in order to seize the oil concessions in the Middle East" be able to live without blaming.
ISIS and Al-Nusra Front must be surely perished completely. However, my suggestion means that the world should give the amnesty for ”the people of the Syrian anti-government organization except ISIS and Al-Nusra Front” if they abandon their guns . Even if they did the actions to sell the souls to the devil behind the scenes , Japan should prepare their nice houses and the jobs. It is the wisdom to end war. The world should stop World War 3 by "the amnesty rather than justice" .

Because the Kurd is discriminated in the Middle East, there may be some people who can't be satisfied that a Kurd nation becomes independent by the construction of the oil pipeline .
The Kurd is persecuted among other things in current Turkey.On the other hand,because the cat is deified in Turkey, the cities are full of so many cats , and the cats are loved very much in Turkey.However, there are "too many children who are forced to do performance by their parent" and "too many children who are made to beg for money by the parent" in many Turkish sightseeing spots.These children are the Kurd? I think these cats of Turkey are far more happy than these children.
The mind to value every life of all living things is healthy. However, they may be brainwashed as if the human life of the enemy is not important and as if the enemy never has any human dignity. However, the Kurd is a human being same as us.
I scream again that the world can destroy ISIS if the world establish a Kurd nation.It is the wisdom to end war.
I am convinced that the Middle Eastern people would wait very much that the Middle East becomes peaceful. Let's realize Middle Eastern harmony. Everybody wants to live in the peace.The crickets has begun to sing at night in my neighborhood. When it becomes morning, I can hear the song of the skylark in the distance. Because a town is quiet, I can hear them. Can they hear the voice of the crickets and the skylark in Syria and Yemen, and the south Sudan? The peace of their towns is lost by so many gunshots, and I think that the citizens are exhausted.
I desire earnestly that the United States and Russia would accept my suggestion .
When the United States and Russia may seem to rush into the World War 3, it is not necessary for Russia to shelter Snowden.

There is a method to avoid the World War III.
I desire earnestly that the United States and Russia would accept my suggestion .
Please remember a folk song called "Down By Sally Gardens".
I love "Down By Sally Gardens" very very much.
Let's build peaceful society as the leaves grow on the tree.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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