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Please get rid of my worry.

シリアアレッポ A holocaust is carried out in east Aleppo, and I feel sorrowful. Because "OFAB 250-270 bomb" made in Russia and several piece of "the S-5 aircraft rocket" were found from the bombing spots of east Aleppo, the aircrafts bombing the holocaust in east Aleppo seem to be the Russian aircrafts.
President Putin and President Assad are in "position of the supreme power" that they can operate speech in the media of each own country. They can give false testimony and they never receive any blame even if they spread the false information. But if as for the American side ,the persons of the high rank does the intentionally false testimony or spread the false information , they would be denounced in the Assembly.
It isn't fair.
If President Putin and President Assad would not have any intention to meet halfway to USA , a nuclear weapon or many Bunker Busters may fall into the oil field of Golan Heights which President Putin got with much effort. I worry about the full‐scale war.
The world must already end Syrian civil war. If Syrian civil war would be prolonged, CIA and the war industry and the devils roar with laughter.
As for the war, there is the fault in both. It is not settled peacefully even if USA and Russia criticize each other.Without any television camera, only the United States and Russia had better do talks . I wish not only Secretary of State Kelly but also the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Francis Dunford, Jr. would join in the peace talks among the United States and Russia.I think that unexpectedly the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Francis Dunford, Jr. has ability to arbitrate this critical situation.He would understand enough the importance of "the combined efforts among the United States and Russia" in order to stop the World War III .He is the great military man.
And I think President Putin would have power to soothe President Assad.
For a peaceful settlement, I would like to hope that the United States and Russia begin a peaceful talk. I would like to hope that medicine and a team of doctors and food would reach to the people of east Aleppo.
As for me, the history of the Okinawa war overlaps. Every hospital was destroyed by the Okinawa war, and at the last there were neither the foods nor medicine, too . And Shuri Castle burnt out, too.
I think that the people of east Aleppo despair now. I pray to God so that light of the hope to live pours into east Aleppo.At least we can buy the soap of Aleppo. The soap of Aleppo is famous as the complete additive-free soap which inherits the history and the tradition of several thousand years.I really pray for peace of Aleppo.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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