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The citizens of the eastern part district of Aleppo City face slaughter.How can we save the lives of 250, 000 citizens?

Because the eastern part district of Aleppo city which a dissident holds is surrounded by the Syrian government troop, even if the citizens want to escape from this district, they may be murdered if they are caught.When eastern part district of Aleppo City will fall, 250, 000 citizens may be slaughtered .
How can we save the lives of 250, 000 citizens?
In the first place the area of the salmon pink is the area which is controlled by ISIS.When I watch this left map, if 2 Kurd area and the Syrian government invade "the north area which ISIS rules over" at the same time from both sides, I thought that the north area from Lake Assad could be easily fallen in this Allied Forces.
1.I suggest that they should divide "the southern part of the territory which will be taken away from ISIS" into the Syrian government and they should divide "the northern part of the territory which will be taken away from ISIS" into the Kurd area .
2.Please cancel the blockade of highways from Aleppo to Idlib under conditions of No1 mentioned above, and I suggest that Syrian government would let inhabitants escape from the eastern part district of Aleppo City.
3.About the inhabitants who stayed in the eastern part district of Aleppo City without escaping, I suggest that the Syria government does not kill them on a condition that they would fight in cooperation with the Syria government and the Kurd area at the battle front of ISIS .
Because there is the area that the Syrian government rules behind the area of "Other relief" along the sea, I think that "Other relief" does not attack the Syrian government troop of Aleppo which is going to march to the area of ISIS , from the rear.
4.Just in case, I suggest that U. S. forces would wait in the Kurd area by a boundary line of "Other relief", and I suggest that the Russian military would wait in the area of Aleppo side by a boundary line with "Other relief".
Because "Erdoğan President" had continued selling "the oil which ISIS stole" to get the vast wealth, Turkey may cooperate with ISIS in the future.
"U. S. forces" and the Russian military should be stationed at the long borderline area one half each among Turkey and Syria temporary, in order to prevent the relation among Turkey and ISIS .
I wish that Iran would participate for the defense of the borderline among Turkey and Syria if possible.
5.Of course my suggestions from 1 to 4 should come true after Russia would hand over Snowden to FBI. The United States and Russia must build a relationship of mutual trust.
Instead of offering the data of the experiment on a human body to the United States, the military doctors unit of the former Japan forces and the military doctors unit of Nazi were able to survive.If Snowden will be caught by FBI by any chance, because he must beg for his life , he had escaped to Russia with holding the huge file of the scandal information of CIA, I think.If FBI obtains the information, Dick Cheney and Rumsfeld and Brzezinski and Henry Alfred Kissinger will be purged, and ISIS will be surely weakened.

These my suggestions mean a strategy for "Syrian government's troop and Kurd corps" to march to the south of ISIS's territory while Syrian government troop and Kurd corps attack the territory of ISIS from the east and west each.
I would like to hope that the United States,Russia ,Syria and Kurd would talk with about my these suggestion.
I would like to hope that President Assad would stop a massacre of Aleppo because my suggestion is useful for the Syrian government,too.
There is the information that women and the children of the Yazidi believers were sold as the slaves in not only the area of ISIS but also in Turkey and Saudi Arabia. God does not permit human traffic. All Middle Eastern countries should do an action to abolish every slave market.
The person should have the natural mind not to persecute Kurd than making an excellent speech in the United Nations General Assembly or rather than making large profits on the oil which ISIS stole.
Do you hear the people sing?
Singing a song of angry men?
It is the music of a people
Who will not be slaves again!
When the beating of your heart
Echoes the beating of the drums
There is a life about to start
When tomorrow comes!
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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