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The sour grapes become the very delicious wine.

German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel 1
German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel and Iran's economy minister Ali Tayebnia arrive for a conference in Tehran, Iran, October 3, 2016
Iran's foreign minister and parliament speaker reportedly canceled meetings with Sigmar Gabriel German vice chancellor after he said Tehran must recognize Israel to secure normal relations with Berlin.
Sigmar Gabriel who also serves as Germany's economy minister, arrived in Tehran on Sunday as part of Berlin's efforts to renew business ties with Iran following last year's nuclear deal between Tehran and the six world powers.
But unfortunately he told the German magazine ,“A normal, friendly relations with Germany will only be possible if Iran accepts the existence of Israel.”
Germany's economy minister Gabriel clearly said that they [the media] had distorted his comments.And he said that he has come to Iran now without any precondition and that they respect Iran's views.”
However, the economic growth rate of Iran became 4.5% soon, and IMF announced that Iran's oil business has returned to the standard before economic sanctions. In addition, IMF stated that also several sections except the oil such as agriculture, the auto industry, trade, and the transit service made rapid progress smoothly .
Why would Germany say something ambiguous now although everyone can make the huge profit surely if everyone invests into Iran ?
In the first place Germany is a country which would support Palestine very much, and, as for the Germany, there are many people who hate Netanyahu who always destroy solar power generation system that Germany built in Palestine. Ummmm ....Something funny.
I know that Deutsche Bank has the aggregate amount of indebtedness of 260 trillion yen(US$252.928billion), and it is 4 times of the Lehman shock!!!Deutsche Bank seemed to fail by use of the derivatives. Deutsche Bank seems to be a private megabank not the central bank.If Deutsche Bank fails, it seems to cause a financial crisis or a global panic which are more than of Lehman shock .Because Germany must relieve Deutsche Bank, German economy may not afford to cooperate with Iran so much.If the failed situation of Deutsche Bank will be settled, I think that Germany would want to do economic cooperation with Iran more and more.
But the trouble ended in this compromise.
The fifth joint committee among Iran and Germany was held in Teheran on Monday on October 3, and "Iranian economic Finance Minister" and "Minister economy energy of Germany" signed five cooperation statements of mutual agreement in this committee.The cooperation in "fields such as finance, investment, the education on the finance side", "the offer of the technical service", "commerce and the energy industry such as oil, gas, and Cogas industry" are included in these statements of mutual agreement.
The economy ministry said several firms from the Mittelstand, the small-to-medium-sized companies that form the backbone of the economy, had also signed deals with Iranian partners. These included SMS group, a builder of steelmaking plants, and INTRA industrial solutions.
In addition, Mitsubishi Germany has signed a contract to modernize a gas-fired plant, while plant constructor Keller HCW wants to build a brickyard in Iran, it said. Both countries' central banks have also agreed to technical co-operation.

After a lot of argument they at last came to an agreement.
Making a virtue of necessity, Sigmar gloried in honourable poverty of current German economy.Criticisms that Iran's market is closed are just sour grapes.
But the sour grapes become the very delicious wine.Because not only Germany but also France and the U. K. push forward economic cooperation with Iran, I think these business contributes to the development of Iran's economy very much. The economic growth rate of Iran may be higher than 5% within this year, I think.
Aozora proposes a toast, "Cheers to your future!!"
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