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Gasoline into a mouth of a boy??

4bk970bd5e23e7es4p_800C450.jpgThe persecution of Palestine becomes more terrible these days.
I read the information in parstoday of the homepage of the Iranian government that "the Israeli persons put gasoline into the mouth of the Palestinian boy and let him have burnt to death" .
Iran's homepage seems to say about the incident of Mohammed Abu Khdeir of 2014.It was the terrible incident. There was surely a terrible incident two years ago.Criminals seem to be imprisonment for life, but it is strange that criminals weren't executed.
Israel insists that the conflict continues because Palestine does not approve Israel as a nation. Israel should say their something opinion after freeing at least children who Israel arrested unfairly. Who will help the Palestinian children?
There are a lot of articles that Israeli prison of Palestinian children who were arrested is under the worst environment.
I insist since quite a while ago that the Israeli government should release Palestinian children , but Netanyahu acts deaf.
Sigmar Gabriel German vice chancellor insisted that Israel should be recognized as a nation. However, we should recognize it that Palestinian children who are behind bars in Israel are the children of human beings waiting for world's help.Current Prime Minister Netanyahu can't continue without being supported by President Putin. The power of Prime Minister Netanyahu weakens largely . The world citizens should cry out so that all Palestinian children are released from the prison.
Let's cry out against injustice.
In the Middle East, Palestinian people, Syrian people, Iraqi people, Yemeni people, and Kurdish people are murdered every day. However, they are human beings same as us.
The world citizens should unite to let the Middle East return to the peace.
And many human beings wish that President Putin would release Palestinian children from the Israeli prisons.
Who can do it ?
Because President Putin got the oil concession of Golan Heights from Netanyahu, President Putin should free all Palestinian children arrested unfairly.
Gasoline into a mouth of a boy?
I'm going to faint. What crime does this child have? Please help all Palestinian children in the terrible prison. God , God , can you hear me?God would be lazy? Why aren't you going to save the children without judging Netanyahu?
Oh...President Putin..If you read this ,please please help all children in terrible prison in Israel. Netanyahu is scary like an ogre.
We must let the Middle East return to the peace in order to prevent World War 3.
And I would like to hope that "the United States and Russia and Syria, and Syrian anti-government organization" would talk about my suggestion about the eastern part of Aleppo each other even if U. S.-Russia cease-fire deal was cancelled.
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