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War crimes of the former Japan forces

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Monday the government “is not at all considering” issuing apology letters to Korean women forced to work in wartime brothels for the Japanese military, citing the deal cut between Tokyo and Seoul late last year aimed at irrevocably settling the issue.
“Both countries are required to sincerely fulfill the contents of the agreement, and (apology letters) are not included in those contents,” Prime Minister Abe told the Lower House Budget Committee.
Because the removal of the girl's bronze statue was not included in the contents of the Japan-Korea agreement, the Korean government did not carry out the removal of the girl's bronze statue.So I think that Prime Minister Abe took drastic action against it.
Any victims would not be persuaded only by paying the fund to heal the pain in their hearts. It should be the compensation for damages as nation that Japan should pay to all victims.Therefore the Korean government can't remove the girl's bronze statue. I think that the Japan-Korea agreement came to a deadlock.
Even if it is tactics of the politics, I think that the pain in the hearts of the victims just have gotten worse by this remark of Prime Minister Abe .
I think every victim despairs now. I apologize to all victims from the bottom of my heart on my knees. I am really sorry that victims' hearts were heartbroken from that remark.
I was struck speechless at the gracious heartless words of Prime Minister Abe.During this one week, I was puzzled about what to say.At first I want to apologize as one Japanese people to old women who shed tears by the despair.
I think Prime Minister Abe is a terrible person.I can't follow his logic.
The Liberal Democratic Party revision of the Constitution draft is the terrible law which imitates the structure of the reign of terror of the Nazis, and Prime Minister Abe is not going to explain the details in the Diet.
We must defeat the Abe Administration.I think that the woman should become the next Prime Minister in order to solve this problem of Korean victims.
Correspondence of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant stops.This is an agenda of the population reduction. We must defeat the Abe Administration which is under Rockefeller and Bush and is the puppets' group of Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Brzezinski, and Henry Kissinger.
Electoral Assistance Division Department of Political Affairs United Nations Secretariat must inspect every ballot of the Upper House election of July 10, 2016 and every ballot of the Osaka parliamentary election of April 12, 2015.
Musashi computer is a machine tampering with many ballots. Musashi computer is not abolished unless the United Nations identifies the ballots written with the same handwriting.

If UN's inspection will come true,the Abe Administration will be defeated and the new woman's Prime Minister would solve this problem of Korean victims.And Fukushima accident will improve.
UN should move now.
That will take a little bit more time.
However, the solution of this problem is necessary for the history of the human race.
어머니....Don't despair,please.The help is on the way!
The times of Satanists will be over soon.
I would pray that solar light pours into the hearts of the victims.
I would pray that love of God would heal every heart of every victim.
I always hug you and I will stay beside you.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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