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Japan should cancel the plan that the Philippine President visits to Japan in a schedule from October 25 to 27.

ct-rodrigo-duterte-20161020.jpg The Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte announced that his country is separating from the U. S. in a speech before a Beijing economic forum on Thursday, after handing China a major diplomatic victory, agreeing to resume dialogue on their South China Sea territorial dispute following months of acrimony.
I know well how difficult it is to destroy the relation of the narcotic drug . Because many soldiers of the Marine Corps of the US base who stay in Okinawa island want the narcotic drug, "many ships smuggling narcotic drug " flock at the ports of Okinawa from Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Sri Lanka. And the yakuza of Okinawa sells the narcotic drug secretly.It deteriorates the peace and order of Okinawa very much.
Probably I think the same situation will be taking place in Philippines. Because CIA is going to secure the narcotic drug's route, I think that the narcotic drug will spread over the Philippines.
I think that a kind of reign of terror has to get up in order to destroy the narcotic drug.The narcotic drug is a deep-rooted problem.
-MEXICO-DRUG-VIOLENCE-POLIC.jpg What would happen to Ms.Erika Gandara of the Mexican policewoman afterwards?On December 28, 2010,the 28-year-old started as a police dispatcher in Mexico's drug-plagued north. In November, barely a year later, she found herself running the show in Guadalupe, population 9, 000, near the drug-war ground zero of Ciudad Juarez. She was the only law officer remaining in the border municipality after the 12 other cops she worked with were either killed or quit in the face of rising drug violence. But, she hasn't been seen in almost a week, after a dozen gunmen burned her house down and torched two cars outside, according to reports.
Whenever I see the left photograph in which Ms. Erika Gandara stared at the picture of the Virgin Mary, I shed tears. I often think where she is . She is alive?
I think that she will sympathize with how the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte feels if Ms. Erika Gandara would be alive.
But the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte did two times of remarks to slander mother of President Obama.Japan should cancel the plan that the Philippine President visits to Japan.The mother of President Obama was the great anthropologist who was specialized in the farm village development, and she is a woman who is respected by a large number of people even now.
If a tabloid writes the false information as if the mother of the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte were a Bitsch and if a tabloid writes the false information as if everybody did not know whose child the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is, would the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte regret that he slandered mother of President Obama and him for the first time?
His policy that is going to destroy the system of the narcotic drug is brave, but his remark to insult a person by the forgery's information is mean.
Japan must vindicate the honour of the mother of President Obama and President Obama. Therefore Japan should cancel the plan that the Philippine President would visit to Japan in a schedule from October 25 to 27.
Okinawa had the sad history that citizens must have paid 3 kinds's tax to China, Ryukyu dynasty and Satuma Domain(Japan's Kyushu area) for a long time , and many islanders of Okinawa island starved to death by Chinese tyranny. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte should not forget the persecution of the Uygur and Tibet .China's brutality of persecution and the oppression which are carried out in Uygur and Tibet are still not different from ISIS in the Middle East.
China does oppression and the persecution that are much crueler than the United States. Because the Chinese government supported a lot of weapons to the radicals of Cambodia and Luanda, the slaughter got up. Several Chinese communists instructed for Khmer Rouge of the Pol Pot Administration to slaughter the Cambodians cruelly as far as it was possible . Therefore Khmer Rouge served living Cambodian citizens to many crocodiles.
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte should not forget it.I think the Chinese Communist Party will be going to brainwash Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte with a magical power of the huge money and opium and several beautiful women. I pray to God so that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte would not become like Pol Pot. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte should not forget a fact that the Chicoms are metamorphic sadists.
And "Communist Youth League of China to which Hu Jintao belongs" seems to back up "the demonstration of Chinese veterans that was caused in front of the Chinese Department of Defense".
And because " General Guo Boxiong of the People's Liberation Army of China" became the imprisonment for life for bribery at the trial , the military authorities wanted to annoy "Xi Jinping" and the People's Liberation Army of China has not prepared for the gangway of a red carpet to the government aircraft of the President of other country.
Because "Communist Youth League of China "and People's Liberation Army are offended by Xi Jinping, the military coup d'etat of China will happen in the near future.
And because Japan buys up US Treasury bonds that China released , Yuan collapses earlier than the U. S. dollar . On the other hand, the U. S. dollar holds out.Yuan of China is just before collapse.
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte should not believe China blindly.

In the African foreign countries, drainage does not function well by the Chinese infrastructure which China built, and African people often electrocute in wet season every year . Indonesia contracted the Chinese Shinkansen, too, but the construction is delayed without succeeding in being financed from China's government.
The XI Jinping President promised with President Rodrigo Duterte so that China and Philippines will lead them to shelve the issue of the artificial islands of Spratly Islands.But I'm convinced China would break this promise soon.The pink area is a planned area building the Chinese colonies.
China builds the artificial islands which will become the stations of the nuclear submarine in Spratly Islands simply just because China has the plan to make neighbor countries be many colonies .Please click the underline and look at this map. The Philippines is pink.

When President Rodrigo Duterte would taste serious misfortune by financial support of China, I think President Rodrigo Duterte would decide Philippines should part from China.
If the time comes, Aozora would like to hope to write many sentences of the arbitration among United States and Philippines.

Many meteors will be seen tonight in Orion meteor shower.
As for me, while staring at the shooting stars,
I pray to God that the heart and the fate of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte would be protected by God .
I pray so that "the peaceful society without the narcotic drug" comes out in the Philippines.
I pray so that the Middle East will become peaceful.
I pray so that Ukraine will become peaceful.
I pray so that Japan-China War will not happen.
I pray so that World War 3 will not happen.
Aozora Japanese Resistance

Ave Maria païen

Ave Maria
Si devant toi
Je ne tiens debout

Ave Maria
Moi qui ne sais pas me mettre à genoux

Ave Maria
De la misère, du mal et des fous
Qui règnent sur la terre

Ave Maria
Des étrangers il en vient de partout

Ave Maria
Fais tomber les barrières entre nous
Qui sommes tous des frères

Ave Maria
Veille sur mes jours et sur mes nuits

Ave Maria
Veille sur mon amour et ma vie

Ave Maria
  Ave Maria (pagan)

Ave Maria
Pardon me
If in front of you
I can’t stand on my feet

Ave Maria
I, who cannot kneel

Ave Maria
Protect me
of the misery, the evil and the madmen
who reign over the world

Ave Maria
Strangers, they’re coming from everywhere

Ave Maria
Listen to me
Tear down those barriers between us
Who are all brothers

Ave Maria
Watch over my days and my nights

Ave Maria
Protect me
Watch over my love and my life

Ave Maria








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