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The winning spurt

President Obama and michelle obama For eight years of the Obama presidential term, it was full of unstable stormy events. I think eight years that the First Couple assisted each other is great . And it is beautiful.Huge power to try to cause World War 3 in 2014 existed, but the Obama government certainly prevented World War 3.
The nation's finances are often bankrupt because of the war.. The war industry may be profitable if their country participate in war, but as a result,the economy of the country becomes impoverished.
In France, finance had already failed very much when the French Revolution happened. The budget that Bourbon dynasty can be used is only 6% of French national budget and "the funds which Marie Antoinette had used" was far more fewer than it. It is war to have wrecked then finance of France. The war which had continued from the times of Louis XIV and the vast support for American War of Independence disrupted finance of France.The economic recovery by the war is only a transient thing.
President Obama would have saved American economy from the extremity of despair and have prevented World War 3.I think the peace of the United States and Iran would be maximum Legacy of President Obama.
Iran would toe the line of the decision of the nuclear agreement among heartily . About the sanctions by the discharge experiment of the Iranian ballistic missiles, the United States and Iran should make an effort to talk peace discussion. If remaining economic sanctions of Iran are lifted, the economic growth rate in Iran exceeds 8%, and the United States and the Western countries will get big wealth by investment in Iran .
I think that the Obama Administration had better show one of the success of the Obama Administration by the data clearly.I am convinced that the numerical value of the success by the investment in Iran's economy should become new Legacy of President Obama.
I would like to hope that Obama administration would make a winning spurt at the last lap of the regatta.
I always love and respect President Obama and the first lady beautiful Michelle Obama.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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