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Kim Tehyon!!!No more of your ridicule !Her avarice is insatiable.

shoujozo20161125.jpegI feel like my heart is going to break every time I look at the girl's bronze statue.The Japanese armed forces were the terrible corps which were composed cruel devils.The Japanese armed forces was still not different from ISIS.
I think that terrible sadism fascinated by abuse, human rights violations, and slaughter hides behind the minds of all human beings.I think that the human must build peaceful society after having recognized it.
Victims suffer by their own memory that they can never accept throughout their lives.The Japanese people should understand the cry of the victims that they don't want to let the sad history be forgotten.
Several Japanese commentators often insist Korea keeps bringing up the same problem over and over again although "the problem that women were forced to have become sex slaves of the former Japan forces" were already solved in Japan-ROK Basic Relations Treaty of 1965 .
If the pain of the poignant regret that an assailant feels assumes it 10, the pains that the victim received are ten thousand. The victim must live with suffering from terrible memory while an assailant wants to forget each own crime.
The Japan-Korea agreement of 2015 does not help the minds of all victims, and I think that Japan and South Korea should review the Japan-Korea agreement of 2015.
the Korean government established "the foundation for the settlement and healing" based on a Japan-Korea agreement of December , 2015 about the issue of the victims' women who were forced to have become the sex slaves by the former Japanese armed forces.

Kim Tehyon of the chief director of the foundation
This foundation announced in a hurry on November 16 that 23 people had been paid cash among 46 former victims who were alive (40 people live now) at the time of " agreement of Japan and South Korea" .
The survivors were paid approximately 100 million won (approximately 9, 300, 000 yen(US$82,491) per person. The payment is in progress in form of the payment in installments according to the hope of victims.
In addition, approximately 20 million won(approximately1,860,000 yen(US$16,498) per person will be paid to each agent of the bereaved of 199 victims who have already died in those days at the agreement of Japan and South Korea.
A total of 370, 140, 000 yen(US$3,283,141.8) is going to be paid to 199 deceased persons.
A total of 372 million yen(US$3,299,640) is going to be paid to 40 survivors.
It is 742, 140, 000 yen(US$6,582,782) in total.
Does a foundation embezzle 257, 860, 000 yen(US$2,287,218)?
How many staffs are there in this foundation? Is their total salary of one year necessary for a total of 257, 860, 000 yen?
A little less than 60 million yen(US$532,200) are enough for the total sum of their salary even if there are 20 staffs.
Another 200 million yen(US$1,774,000) should be distributed between all victims.
Kim Tehyon!!!No more of your ridicule!Her avarice is insatiable.You are the same type as "Japan's Minister of Defense Inada" holding the militarily related stocks certificate of 100 million yen with a plan to cause Japan-China War.Oh yeah.That is..."Birds of a feather".
Because it is not paid as compensation for damages by the nation of Japan, such an embezzlement occurs. As for the pain of the victims, they bear a deep-rooted sadness. The amount of money which will be paid is too low for the sacrifice that they received.Japan and Korea should review a Japan-Korea agreement.
Prime Minister Abe have begun to say that he would not write any apologies for the victims. The girl's bronze statue is never removed by the Japan-Korea agreement of 2015.
ohh.....When I think about your sadness of these old women, I feel unbearably sad.We must never forget about the sacrifice of the war.We must not repeat the war again.
As for me, I will call the victims ”어머니(mothers)”.
Did you display the Christmas tree, mom?
I always squeeze each your hand of mothers in my heart.
I love Christmas carols.
Let's sing Christmas carols with me, Mom.
I wish that God would protect mothers.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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