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Crimes against humanity

The extension of the Iran Sanctions Act passed the US Senate 99-0 last week, after easily clearing the House of Representatives in November.
But the Iran Sanctions Act should have expired in the end of December which is the deadline of this Iran Sanctions Act , President Barack Obama is expected to sign the measure into a law, a White House official said.And a White House official added that the administration does not believe the extension violates last year's nuclear deal between major powers and Iran although Obama has suspended sanctions related to Iran's nuclear programme since the agreement went into effect at the start of the year.
In this situation, "the peaceful settlement of the nuclear discussion among USA of Iran" that was maximum Legacy of President Obama will be spoiled.It will destroy the peace talks that was almost settled.
So many politicians of Republican Party which want to begin World War 3 occupy the current American Congress , but, as for President Obama, President Obama should scrap this bill by using "the President's Power of Veto which is a right for an American President to have over Congress".
It is because President Obama would have prevented World War 3 so far.
“Operation Hornet's Nest” "The combination by CIA , MI6 and Mossad " made up ISIS (Islamic nation) . The purpose of three secret services is to draw all world radicals to one place by a strategy called “Operation Hornet's Nest” . The leader of ISIS learned theology and elocution from the Mossad under management CIA for one year in the past and received the battle training more. This fact is written down in the document of the U. S. National Security Agency (NSA). Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel would think that the only measures to protect a Jewish nation are to create enemies near the border. But his almost ideas are always wrong.
The United States should not be at the mercy of Israel and should not disturb peace.
The United States should respect the peace solution of "the nuclear talks between Iran and six major powers ". This peace solution came true by the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China.
Because Israel deploys nuclear warheads more than 300, if Israel would interfere with this peace solution , the world should judge Israel is impudent.
Crimes against humanity are certain acts that are deliberately committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population or an identifiable part of a population. The law of crimes against humanity has primarily developed through the evolution of customary international law. Crimes against humanity are not codified in an international convention, although there is currently an international effort to establish such a treaty, led by the Crimes Against Humanity Initiative.
Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Brzezinski, and Henry Kissinger who established ISIS, and remotely operate ISIS. President Obama should do decision to arrest them. And President Obama should arrest some of the politicians of Republican Party who would be involved for complicity.
ISIS is weakened suddenly if President Obama would arrest these four old men, and the peace solution among the United States and Iran will progress more smoothly.
If President Obama can stop World War 3, Legacy of President Obama has value.
Book of Daniel of the Bible predicts that Jerusalem becomes peaceful in 2018. How should Israel make an effort so that Israel becomes able to continue even if Israel does not cause a dispute? It is to become the loved country. Other races are not goyim. Other races are also human beings, too.
If the American President governs a country along a prediction of Book of Daniel of the Bible, the American President can show a grand achievement in the world.The human race is standing now at a turning point. A person building peaceful society wins finally.
As Lord God told it to prophet Jeremiah until time of the dilapidation of Jerusalem is over, Book of Daniel announces previously it takes time of 70 years.
It means that the dilapidation of Jerusalem is over in 2018 when 70 years pass after the founding of a country of 1948 of Israel . And then Jerusalem is settled peacefully. If the U. S. President would prevent oppression of Prime Minister Netanyahu and his wicked plot about ISIS and makes an effort for Middle Eastern peace, the U. S. President would show grand Legacy to the all over the world .
God may tend to wait for the notice of the human race for a long time.
The human race may be discouraged absurdly, and the human race may fall into diabolatry or "the technology by the atheists". However, the day when the human cannot but accept existence of God soon will come.
President Obama must not mistake to choose the person whom you should believe now.
Secretary of Defense Ash Carter met today with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Tokyo, Japan. This was his second meeting with the prime minister.
Secretary Carter and Prime Minister Abe affirmed the importance of making progress on realignment efforts in Japan and pledged to work closely together to enable the return of close to 10, 000 acres of the Northern Training Area on Dec. 22, constituting the largest U. S. land return in Japan since 1972.
The two leaders committed to further efforts to transform the alliance by implementing the 2015 Guidelines for U. S.-Japan Defense Cooperation. Secretary Carter and Prime Minister Abe reaffirmed that the U. S.-Japan alliance remains unwavering and continues to serve as the cornerstone of peace and security in the Asia-Pacific region.
In substitution for 10, 000 acres of the Northern Training Area, the Abe Administration build forcibly US helipad in Takae of Okinawa in spite of the objection of inhabitants . And the riot police uses violence on many citizens against construction, and they oppress Takae citizens such as to break a rib of Takae citizen.Okinawa protests erupt as U. S. helipad construction resumes.
Wouldn't Secretary Carter know what peace is?
Whenever V-22 Osprey flies low because V-22 Osprey scatters a roaring sound and hot wind, the trees plants, a lot of small birds such as the black woodpecker die.If an exercise place of V-22 Osprey is built in Takae, the inhabitants can hardly live in Takae.
Japan should build the practice field of V-22 Osprey in the uninhabited islands such as Senkaku Islands.
Prime Minister Abe is a terrible dictator.Japan should build the practice field of V-22 Osprey in the uninhabited islands such as Senkaku Islands.
China wants to occupy Senkaku Islands which are a territory of Japan because China desires to conquer the East China Sea which has natural gas resources . If CHina's military occupies Senkaku Islands, everybody can perceive China will build the military base immediately in Senkaku Islands. Japan and the United States should take the initiative faster than China. If the United States Armed Forces are robbed of a route of the East China Sea by China's army, national prestige of the United States will collapse and the United States would lose the huge business chance of the east Asia. President Obama should make a fortunate decision.

Cl89H_AUoAAH_tE.jpg Besides, Fukushima's radioactive waste accumulated in Chiba is carried in the reclaimed land of Henoko of Okinawa by a transportation route via Fukuoka.
Because Secretary of Defense Ash Carter declared that the United States would support the Abe Administration thoroughly, the U. S. Government and Japanese Government should split that fee of compensation for damages fifty-fifty to pay to Okinawa about landfill of the radioactive waste.
I must judge Prime Minister Abe is the evil person who is going to build the reign of terror which is still not different from the Nazis.Oh yes...
President Obama must not mistake to choose the person whom you should believe now.
As substitute land of the Futenma base,Japan and the United States should build the new base in Nozakijima island which is the uninhabited island at the offshore of Hirado city of Nagasaki prefecture rather than reclaiming the foreshore from the sea of Henoko of Okinawa with Fukushima's radioactive waste.
The Japanese Government should build the long bridge from Hirado-city of Nagasaki prefecture to the Nozakijima Island. There is the dam of abundant water resources in the Nozakijima Island, and many deer propagate.
The fact that Abe Administration use Fukushima's radioactive waste for reclaiming the foreshore from the sea of Henoko of Okinawa will be criticized from all over the world.
In this situation U. S. soldiers in New base of Henoko are exposed to radiation, too, and U. S. soldiers will die of the cancer like Fukushima citizens.
Scoop Prime Minister Abe conflicts with Crimes against humanity.

Era Ameno
Yes it is.
President Obama must not mistake to choose the person whom you should believe now.
President Obama would be the third sitting U. S. president to win the Nobel Peace Prize.
President Obama would have often stressed the importance of democracy and human rights.
President Obama should believe a person who loves every life of creatures.
Let's burst your own chain,sir.

Aozora Japanese Resistance


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