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TPP related bill is Prime Minister Abe's evil plot for unfair arrests of Japanese citizens.Let's confront adversity with courage !!!

nodanikai.jpg Because Chief Secretary Noda of the Democratic Progressive Party (left-hand side of this picture) had a dinner with Chief Secretary Nikai of the Liberal Democratic Party (right-hand side of this picture) on December 6, some say that they made a secret promise about TPP related bill.
"A question and answer period" of "TPP's ad hoc committee meeting " will be held in the House of Councilors in the forenoon of December 9 tomorrow . And also the TPP related bill is going to be voted. Ratification and TPP related bill of TPP are going to be voted for in House of Councilors plenary session from the afternoon.
Because both the Democratic Progressive Party of the opposition party and the Communist Party cooperate with the manipulation of the Musashi computer of the Liberal Democratic Party in election, the Japanese opposition party can't confront Prime Minister Abe fiercely.I am very sad that culture and history of freedom and peace is dying out.
Because President-elect would intend to let the United States withdraw from TPP, ratification of TPP is not a serious problem. However, the TPP related bill is full of Prime Minister Abe's evil plot for unfair arrests .
In non-antragsdelikt, the nation can punish a criminal as a crime regardless of the intention of the victim. In TPP agreement 18 chapters Article 77-6(g) , infringement of copyright should be non-Antragsdelikt . As an example, the government can arrest the citizen unfairly as infringement of copyright even if a citizen have only quoted the article of the newspapers in blog or SNS service.
Prime Minister Abe tries to ratify TPP forcibly in order to rush into the military regime and intends to approve TPP related bill. Prime Minister Abe is not going to explain the detail of TPP to Japanese citizens if it is inconvenient for his power. The Abe Administration steamrollered Official Secrets Act and the security treaty legislation through the Diet. And the Abe administration rushes into the military regime. . Even if the Abe Cabinet discloses information about the official document of TPP, Abe Cabinet paint the almost contents black .
If TPP related bill will be approved in the House of Councilors on the afternoon of tomorrow, the power of the state can arrest anyone without accusation anytime.
TPP related bill that is more devilish than specific Official Secrets Act is going to be approved tomorrow.
A land mine is laid in TPP.
It is to make "Antragsdelikt" of the copyright be "non-Antragsdelikt".
If TPP related bill will be approved in the House of Councilors on the afternoon of tomorrow, Prime Minister Abe can arrest unfairly with his unreasonable opinion as so many Japanese citizens as Prime Minister Abe would hope .

Besides, Fukushima's radioactive waste accumulated in Chiba is carried in the reclaimed land of Henoko of Okinawa by a transportation route via Fukuoka prefecture.In this situation U. S. soldiers in New base of Henoko are exposed to radiation, too, and U. S. soldiers will die of the cancer like Fukushima citizens.
Because Prime Minister Abe intends to kill soldiers of the pilots at United States Armed Forces secretly in Henoko by taking long time, I think that the U. S. forces should not have to protect Prime Minister Abe.
And the Self-Defense Forces should think about what the Self-Defense Forces existing for peace of Japan should do now.
Will the Self-Defense Forces do nothing though the bill of the devil will be approved tomorrow?
inadachohei.jpg In the standard of the self-defense, the member of Japanese Self-Defense Forces is prohibited of using the weapon bigger than required than the weapons of the enemy. However, the weapons which the militiaman of the anti-government organization of south Sudan has are the rocket launchers. The armored car which Self-Defense Forces has hasn't any bulletproof effects for a rocket launcher and "the members of Self-Defense Forces in the armored car" will be in the situation as if they were baked in the roaster instantly by heat of several hundred degrees by the rocket launchers of enemy. The weapons of the Self-Defense Forces dispatched in South Sudan are too shabby, and it means they virtually go to South Sudan in order to be totally murdered.
Because Prime Minister Abe and the Inada Minister of Defense want to avoid being criticized by Japan's public opinion to dispatch the Self-Defense Forces in the dangerous area such as South Sudan, they prevent the Japanese Self-Defense Forces from going to the battle front with full armed as if south Sudan were safe. So the Japanese Self-Defense Forces must be dispatched with light-armed. It's unbelievable.
Both Prime Minister Abe and the Inada Minister of Defense think about each life of the members of Self-Defense Forces is no better than worm's life.The Inada Minister of Defense has become the model of the poster which objected to conscription once. It is written on her poster as follows."I have a son, too. I hate absolutely that he may be drafted ."

Era Ameno
The Self-Defense Forces must make a right decision now.
Let's burst your own chain.
Let's disclose hypocrisy.
Let's prevent TPP related bill to arrest Japanese citizens unfairly .
Let's keep on protecting the nation from every concentration camp.
Let's keep on protecting the nation from every unfair arrest.
Let's keep on protecting the nation from every torture.
Let's keep on protecting the nation from a reign of terror.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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