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Visit to Japan of President Putin

President Putin had stayed in Japan from December 15 to December 16, and President Putin was late for six hours in total , and President Putin kept Prime Minister Abe and Foreign Minister Kishida and Japanese citizens waiting. Though neither the territorial problem nor the Japan and Russia peace treaty had progress at all, President Putin won financial support to 300 billion yen(US$2,543,700,000) from Japan, and he went back to Russia contentedly.
Almost Japanese citizens were stunned by an unexpected turn of events and said, ' President Putin's act is the Yakuza spirit.'
Japan's media appreciated Prime Minister Abe and reported that the relations among Japan and Russia were improved in future. But they were the biased media coverages.
Don't make little of Japan, President Putin.
President Putin seemed to intend to draw out money of financial support of 40 trillion yen(US$339,160,000,000) from Japan, but the Bank of Japan and Ministry of Finance and the city banks seemed to have refused contributing 40 trillion yen to Russia .
Probably the Obama Administration might have put political pressure on them.This may actually be a blessing in disguise.
The Iranian politician is not late, and the Iranian politicians are the men of high character.Japan and Iran provided each security frame for investment of each 1 trillion yen (US$8,479,000,000).
Because an Iranian politician is faithful and is excellent, Iran is the oil oil-producing country which everybody can invest , and everybody can look for success with confidence with investment to Iran. The world's city banks had better invest Iran positively.

President Putin should throw off his bad habit to be late if President Putin would expect development of the economy of Russia.
Who trusts the human being who is late for total six hours in two days?Japan built a trust frame for investment of 1 trillion yen(US$8,520,000,000) for Iran, but, Russia received only 300 billion yen(US$2,556,000,000) of financial support from Japan in this time because President Putin was often late.Reflect on yourself,please, President Putin. President Putin should learn good manners from the Iranian politician's attitude.
While his visiting Japan,President Putin does not suggest so that both sides conduct each business with the merit.The return of Kuril Islands may be impossible now, but President Putin should have handed over Snowden to Japan.The Japanese citizens are disappointed in President Putin very much.
What the next American President Donald John Trump say isn't necessarily always correct. He may not be able to cancel the economic sanctions of Russia.KGB supported many weapons to American Indians and operated to let them cause many revolts. Therefore both FBI and the Pentagon are perfect anti-Russia.
Snowden is the agent whom CIA prepared for to defeat the Obama Administration and National Security Agency (NSA).If Snowden testifies that it is CIA to found ISIS, and to remote-control ISIS , the people who operated ISIS lose their positions, and ISIS will ruin.And it leads so that the economic sanctions for Russia will be lifted. And then even if President Putin would return Habomai Island and Shikotan island to Japan after handing over Snowden to Japan, President Putin does not let his own approval rating lower, and he will not lose his position if economic sanctions of Russia are lifted, and the employment of Russia expands enough,because the each merit among Japan and Russia is each big.
Because there is not the presidential election of Russia for the time being until 2018, President Putin should make up his mind to hand over at least Snowden to Japan.
Judoputin.jpgAlthough Russia received financial support of 300 billion yen from Japan, if President Putin would not hand over Snowden to Japan, the diplomacy of President Putin is like Yakuza . If President Putin would not hand over Snowden to Japan, Japan can't but judge that the Japan and Russia gas pipeline plan is dangerous . If President Putin would not hand over Snowden to Japan, because the railroad route which links North Korea to Russia was inaugurated in 2013, I cannot but doubt that Russia may provide Japan and Russia gas pipeline of submarine tunnel for the North Korea forces to march on Japan.
President Putin should not think that Yakuza's diplomacy works forever.Because a back of President Putin had the tattoo of a dragon and the tattoo of the peony like Yakuza, couldn't President Putin soak in the hot spring of Yamaguchi prefecture with Prime Minister Abe? Well, why you couldn't do so?
Don't make little of Japan, President Putin.Remember Samurai sprits if you love Judo!!!

And,the United States should notice that Prime Minister Abe is a cold-blooded unjust person far more than President Putin.
henoko20161213.jpg Cl89H_AUoAAH_tE.jpgThe decontamination waste which occurs after decontaminating radioactive material is up to 22 million cubic meters only in Fukushima.This is enormous quantity to become approximately enough to fill the Tokyo Dome 18 times . Ministry of the Environment had the announcement that was shocking on June 7, 2016 about the decontamination waste which occurred in this Fukushima.
The Japanese Government seems to reuse decontamination soil polluted by radioactivity for "the piling soil to arrange a roadwork and a railroad track of the all over Japan","the piling soil for the construction material of disaster prevention forest and the seawall of the shore",and"the soil for the reclaimed land in the sea".
It is the truth that a lot of radioactive waste of the final disposal place of Chiba has disappeared.
The landfill construction that is the most famous in current Japan is a US base of Henoko 1brgn5_e0line.gif
There is an information that Fukushima's radioactive waste accumulated in Chiba is carried in the reclaimed land of Henoko of Okinawa by a transportation route via Fukuoka.
nozakijima.jpg The Obama Administration should protect U.S. soldiers and Okinawa citizens from radioactive contamination.
The landfill construction for US bases of Henoko of Okinawa and the construction of helipad of Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey in Takae city should be canceled until "the Abe Administration will be overthrown and the new government starts".
In this situation,both United States Armed Forces soldier and the Okinawa citizen will die of a cancer and leukemia by radioactive contamination.Prime Minister Abe is crazy because Prime Minister Abe can't understand it's wrong to reuse radioactive waste in soil of the construction.
As for my opinion,in the future,as substitute land of the Futenma base,Japan and the United States should build the new base in Nozakijima island which is the uninhabited island at the offshore of Hirado city of Nagasaki prefecture rather than reclaiming the foreshore from the sea of Henoko of Okinawa with Fukushima's radioactive waste. The Japanese Government should build the long bridge from Hirado-city of Nagasaki prefecture to the Nozakijima Island. There is the dam of abundant water resources in the Nozakijima Island, and many deer propagate.
img256.jpg Whenever V-22 Osprey flies low because V-22 Osprey scatters a roaring sound and hot wind, the trees plants, a lot of small birds such as the black woodpecker die.If an exercise place of V-22 Osprey is built in Takae, the inhabitants can hardly live in Takae.
As place for the U. S. A. and Japan to conduct joint military training,Japan should build the practice field of V-22 Osprey in the uninhabited islands such as Senkaku Islands.
Prime Minister Abe is a terrible dictator.From Okinawa prefecture, Prime Minister Abe has already begun persecution , oppression, and several unfair arrests.I hate Prime Minister Abe.Prime Minister Abe is a puppet of Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Brzezinski, and Henry Kissinger and is a traitor.
Can Prime Minister Abe throw away radioactive waste in the sea of Okinawa?The sea of Okinawa is the most beautiful all over the world.
I fight against Prime Minister Abe as an enemy.
The fate of the minority race may be very weak . However, even if Okinawa citizens might be very sad, they are saved by the beauty of the sea of Okinawa and always stand up. The noble cobalt blue of Okinawa's sea always help every soul of Okinawa's citizens. I fight against Prime Minister Abe for the cobalt blue of Okinawa's sea.

China wants to occupy Senkaku Islands which are a territory of Japan because China desires to conquer the East China Sea which has natural gas resources . If China's military occupies Senkaku Islands, everybody can perceive China will build the military base immediately in Senkaku Islands. Japan and the United States should take the initiative faster than China. If the United States Armed Forces are robbed of a route of the East China Sea by China's army, national prestige of the United States will collapse and the United States would lose the huge business chance of the east Asia. President Obama should make a fortunate decision.
And Uoturijima island of Senkaku Islands has several rivers, and many goat propagate.
The American presidency is a bully pulpit.President Obama would always do the best .Yes you can!

Era Ameno
Yes you can.
President Obama would be the third sitting U. S. president to win the Nobel Peace Prize.
President Obama would have often stressed the importance of democracy and human rights.
Let's burst your own chain,sir.

Aozora Japanese Resistance


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