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When an osprey loses to the locusts.....

It was reported that one new transport aircraft of V22 Osprey had made an emergency landing out at sea 30km from Okinawa island on Dec 13. However, actually, V22 Osprey seemed to have crashed.
The U. S. Forces in Japan carried out air refueling of V22 Osprey in the training sea zone of offshore 30 kilos of the Okinawa Island east. When the hose of the tanker was cut, it was rolled up into the propeller, and V22 Osprey crashed.
If V22 Osprey crashes only by a hose having been rolled up in its propeller, I think V22 Osprey will crash whenever a gull , a sparrow , a crow or swarms of locusts are rolled up in a propeller of V22 Osprey.
The calculation of the emphasis, the point of action and the fulcrum is wrong for the weight of the body of V22 Osprey. If a folding propeller is installed in the central part of V22 Osprey, the balance of V22 Osprey will become more stable.
People of all over the world know enough now that V22 Osprey is a defect product .
Probably Chinese President Xí Jìnpíng would roll with laughter in front of TV and will say in this way,"All V22 Osprey will fall if Chinese army throw a large swarm of locusts into the air above Senkaku Islands.Hahahahahaha".
Boeing Corporation had announced a few years ago so that Boeing Corporation would accept to improve it if there was a design fault. But U. S. forces announced forcibly that there was not any design fault and made the Japanese media be silence.
Because it is not a state secret anymore that V22 Osprey is a defect product, the U. S. forces should admit the design fault of V22 Osprey and should improve it.
Much of this confusion undoubtedly stems from deliberate obfuscation, rhetorical skullduggery, and chop logic which V22 Osprey's partisans of all views use to advance their opinions over issues in which a great deal more than the immediate claims are involved.But all United States Forces Japan does is string together a bunch of farfetched ideas. I can't understand a word of it.
Inada faceBecause the Inada Minister of Defense is a fool, she can't say it to the U.S. forces.
The Inada Minister of Defense always wants recently that only her face is photographed . Why isn't her upper body photographed ? . . She wants to hide not only the insider trade about the purchase of the militarily related stocks of 100 million yen, but also being flat-chested.
A more excellent person should become the Minister of Defense of Japan. Sigh.....
Japan purchased 12 of V22 osprey by the price of 10 billion yen per one V22 osprey from the United States.
Hi Xí Jìnpíng Chinese President!!!Please purchase 12 of V22 osprey by the price of 2 billion yen per one V22 osprey from Japan. It's 80% discount!!! Waoooo. That is the wonderful bargain.
Awwwww....A helicopter which even China wouldn't buy is considerably dangerous. . .

Era Ameno
Let's burst your own chain.
Let's disclose hypocrisy.
The U. S. forces should admit the design fault of V22 Osprey and should improve it.
Neither the soldiers of United States nor Okinawa citizens should die in any accidents.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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