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83rd birthday of His Majesty the Emperor

The biggest crowds of nearly three-decade reign of His Majesty the Emperor thronged the Imperial Palace on Friday to celebrate his 83rd birthday such appearances , since His Majesty the Emperor expressed his will to abdicate. It was the Emperor's first birthday since he announced in August that his advancing age and declining health mean he may no longer be able to carry out his duties.
The Imperial Palace said some 33, 300 people — the biggest crowd since the Emperor ascended the throne in 1989 — attended his birthday address, waving small Hinomaru flags as crowds shouted banzai.
Tens of thousands of people have visited the Imperial Palace in Tokyo to celebrate the 83rd birthday of His Majesty the Emperor.
About 4, 700 people were waiting at the main gate before it opened shortly after 9:30 AM on Friday.
His Majesty the Emperor, Her Majesty the Empress, and other members of the Imperial family appeared on the palace balcony 3 times during the morning and waved at well-wishers.

His Majesty the Emperor would have made a speech to pray for civic peace and would have remarked the gentle warm words for the people who encountered the earthquake disaster and the fire of Niigata.
A human being needs wishes to live positively, and it is very important that the person of the high rank would talk to people with the hopeful words and pray for peace.
The existence of all people of the imperial family are very important for my life.I made up my mind again today , too that I would protect the Emperor's family from the various terrible plots by all means .Why do I start crying now?It is because I know what is the love.
The military industries' people thinking about only money-making may move the world without distressing themselves even if they watch the video in which Syrian people , Iraqi people, Kurdish people, Yemeni people, Palestinian people,the Turkish soldiers who were burned at the stake of ISIS, Polynesian people who are persecuted by the Indonesian military,and "Rohingya people of the Myanmar" suffer and shed tears.
The atheists may be going to monopolize wealth by gaining power to rule over the world by artificial intelligence.
But a thing superior to artificial intelligence and money exists in the world.
It is love.
I would protect the Emperor's family from the various terrible plots by all means .
I wish "people suffering from war" and "persecuted people" can carve out the future with the happy smile .
God, please give power to be able to suggest various policy to save them.
The world is going to rush into the military regime globally .However, I wish to stop every war.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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