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A Happy New Year to you all.

hakone.jpg A Happy New Year to you all.
I wonder what will become of 2017.
The Apocalypse of John predicts that War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness happens, and the Bible predicts that the Sons of Light will win.
And Book of Daniel predicts that Jerusalem is settled peacefully in 2018.
What will become of 2017?
I wish all Middle Eastern disputes will be settled, and I wish the Middle East wish become peaceful.
I wish "a law to prohibit every concentration camp, every torture, and every unfair arrest" will approve in Syria. If this law will come true, I am convinced that both the Syrian government and the anti-government organization should be able to be reconciled with each other.
Because the Kurd corps fights against ISIS bravely, I pray so that a Kurd nation becomes independent.
Iran and Iraq cooperate each other although they fought in war once . Now Iran and Iraq help each other as if they were the true brothers in order to fight against ISIS .So I am convinced that Iran and Saudi Arabia should be able to be reconciled each other one day, too.One bomb to drop in Yemen seems to cost 100 million yen(US$ 855,300). It's criminal to charge such high prices to Saudi Arabia .Saudi Arabia should end war of Yemen in order to succeed in economic reform of Saudi Arabia.Saudi Arabia should talk with Iran.
Japan bought 12 helicopters of V-22 Osprey by the price which is 10 billion yen(US$85,530,000) per one helicopter although V-22 Osprey is a defect product.I think utterly that Japanese Ministers of Defense are stupid .
As for the Inada Minister of Defense, both her head and her heart are empty, and she is flat-chested like "Laie Point of Hawaii" .What was the purpose of her visit to Hawaii at the end of the year of 2016? Probably she seemed to have ridden in a government jet of Prime Minister Abe because she might have wanted to do bungee jumping or Cliff Diving at Laie Point of Hawaii .Nobody can understand her purpose of her visit Hawaii yet.Because both her head and her heart are empty and she is flat-chested, I think she can never insist that V-22 Osprey is a defect product.
Oh my God...Saudi Arabia should be smarter than Japan.Anyway, I pray that war of Yemen will be over.
I wish that Palestine will be released and becomes independent formally. The world should not invest in Israeli Rose company which is a finance section of Eisenberg corporation of the munitions industry so that Israel no longer plunders Palestine.
I think it will be far more profitable for the world investors and city banks to invest Iran of the oil-producing country than Rose company.
Myanmar's Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi always smiled elegantly when she visited Japan and she got financial support of 800 billion yen (US$6,842,400,000)from Japan in 2016. Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi was never late for any meetings, but I think she is a villain far more than Russian President Putin.
Although President Putin was late during a visit to Japan for total six hours in two days, President Putin grumbled very much while Japan and Russia summit meeting. And President Putin got economic cooperation of 300 billion yen(US$2,565,900,000) from Japan.President Putin went back to Russia contentedly by Government Plane.
President Putin is surely impudent, but he does not let a minority race starve at least.
Because Myanmar Rohingya people who are forced to be confined in ghetto by the government are likely to starve to death, they seem to go to the neighboring villages for begging."Ms.Aung San Suu Kyi" should be able to provide enough food and houses from money of financial support that she got from Japan for Rohingya people.
And the Myanmar government should plan an event to invite DalaI Lama to Myanmar so that Dalai Lama can give a lecture not to persecute Rohingya people to government troop and the citizens.Because they respect a learned and virtuous priest, I think the Myanmar's people will hear sermon of the Dalai Lama seriously.Myanmar needs consciousness reform.
In this situation the UN Security council unanimously may adopt a resolution condemning Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi and Myanmar, because Just before Christmas the United Nations Security Council adopted Resolution 2334, condemning for its intrusiveness in the West Bank.
Because she robbed Japan's money's 800 billion yen from the public purse only by her smiling elegantly, everybody are convinced that she should be able to solve a problem of Rohingya people enough.
Ms.Aung San Suu Kyi is the world's mightiest monster who always smile elegantly.She is clearly stronger than Gamera.The monsters of all over the world may squeeze Japan dry , but Godzilla may appear soon from the Fukushima offing.At least Godzilla finally overcomes Gamera anytime in the Japan's movies.
I pray so that Prime Minister Abe will stand up to take debris out of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. Prime Minister Abe is a monster, too. Prime Minister Abe is a monster telling a lie every day.The Abe Administration does not ruin by many lies of Prime Minister Abe although I don't know the reason.
Prime Minister Abe tells a lie, and he lets the Japanese citizens expose to radiation. Besides,he uses the radioactive waste for the landfill of the sea of Okinawa. Fukushima's radioactive waste accumulated in Chiba is carried via Fukuoka prefecture into the reclaimed land of Henoko of Okinawa island for making US base . In this situation,both United States Armed Forces soldiers and the Okinawa citizens will die of a cancer and leukemia by radioactive contamination.Prime Minister Abe is crazy because Prime Minister Abe can't understand it's wrong to reuse radioactive waste in soil of the construction.
Ohhhh...Is it true that the Sons of Light overcomes the Sons of Darkness?
ummmmm...Let's think everything positive because today is New Year's Day .
Oh yeah...yes...yes...
Today is New Year's Day .
Let's think everything positive .
Thank you for reading till the last!!!
゚・✿ヾ╲(。◕‿ ◕。)╱✿・゚:✲:Thank you ~♬♫♬
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