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President-elect Donald Trump is an impatient listener and often jumps to the wrong conclusion.

Trump next president U. S. president-elect Donald Trump threatened both General Motors and Toyota this week with taxes on vehicles produced in Mexico and imported into the United States.
But President-elect Donald Trump is an impatient listener and often jumps to the wrong conclusion.
Toyota currently builds about 100,000 pickup trucks and truck beds annually in Baja California in northwestern Mexico, and plans to raise that output to about 160,000 by 2018.
Trump has the location of the new plant wrong. The company revealed in April 2015 that it would spend $1 billion on an assembly plant in Guanajuato, which is in central Mexico, and move production of its popular Corolla sedan there from another plant in Cambridge, Ont.
Toyota moving Corolla production to Mexico from Ontario When it comes online in 2019, the Guanajuato factory will have the capacity to crank out 200,000 cars a year, bringing an end to the production of the Corolla in Canada. It is one of the bestselling cars in Canada and had been built here since the plant opened in the 1980s. The company said back in 2015 that the plant would "switch from producing Corollas to mid-sized, higher-value vehicles."
Toyota moves the factory to Mexico from Canada Ontario Cambridge.
Toyota does not reduce the employment of the American factory.
Toyota insists that Toyota will let the factory production of United States Mississippi continue.
Toyota Motor Corporation has 10 factories and 136, 000 employees in the United States.
Toyota Motor Corporation is, so to speak, good regular customer to provide the huge American employment.

President-elect Donald Trump,for a job growth, you should do suggestion attracting investment from the world. President-elect Donald Trump should draw water into the desert zone that is the township of the American Indian by the Israeli Water desalination and should develop the township of the American Indian.
The FEMA camp is built a lot around the desert zone of the township of the American Indian, and each railroad was built, too. President-elect Donald Trump should make every FEMA camping close and should stop threatening every American citizens for fear.
Because a railroad arrives at it, the closed FEMA camping is most suitable for NEW Town construction.
If these new towns are built, huge employment of the United States increases surely, and these new towns will become the area which will be proposed for factory construction that is more attractive than Mexico.
Head of state of one country must not say so much in a miserly manner like an ignorant housewife .
President-elect Donald Trump,for a job growth, you should do suggestion attracting investment from the world.

Book of Daniel predicts that Jerusalem is settled peacefully in 2018, but what kind of concrete plan do you have for it? President-elect Donald Trump....If you do only to delight Netanyahu, you are a second-rate businessman. You should let the world break off investment of Rose company of the finance section of Eisen Berg company persecuting Palestine, and the merit is big if the world changes it to investment of Iran. You should become the best businessman.Please prove in the world so that you are not the prodigal son of the capitalist .

Independence of Palestine, the independence of the Kurd nation, the revival of the citizenship of Rohingya people must advance at the same time.
It becomes the useful investment business for the United States to build oil pipeline through a Kurd nation and the Mediterranean Sea from Iran,Iraq and Saudi Arabia to Germany France U. K. .Kurd's nation should be established along the border of Turkey, Syria, and Iraq toward the sea.I imagine there are two kinds' routes of pipelines . One of them is the Kurd nation and Iran, Iraq . The other is the Kurd nation , Iraq, and Saudi Arabia.
Of course the Kurd nation can become independent economically by getting the profit margin of the oil pipeline.

If you are a businessman with the talent, you should understand that my suggestion is superior to Netanyahu. Netanyahu is an eccentric who often hits American Jewish big-name politicians hard and inflicts a trauma upon them. Netanyahu makes a fool of an American. President-elect Donald Trump should not be implicated in the scheme to defraud US government by Netanyahu . The United States should not be exploited by Netanyahu. Israel should develop for healthy business and should become the country loved from the world. The Israeli Water desalination is the world's most excellent. It is business opportunity of Israel. Israel should stop a plot to already cause persecution and war. Israel should become the country loved from the world.

Era Ameno
Let's burst your own chain.
Let's disclose hypocrisy.
The world is going to rush into the military regime globally .
However, I wish to stop every war.
The human being is born to build peaceful society.
The world citizens should unite for peace.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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