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Enough is Enough- no more Prime Minister Abe's terrorism!

In Okinawa , Mr. Yamashiro( a 64-year-old antiwar activist) has been held in detention on trivial charges for more than 111 days. Over the past two years of peaceful protests against U. S. military base expansion in northern Okinawa, Hiroji Yamashiro emerged as the face of Okinawan resistance, the man with a megaphone in hand who urged crowds of protesters to speak out. Arrested on Oct. 17 and denied visits by anyone other than his attorneys since then, he has been silenced.
Japan's criminal procedures are extremely harsh. Suspects can be held up to 23 days before the government is required to either file an indictment or release the detainee. Attorneys are not allowed to be present during interrogations. In Yamashiro's case, the police have employed the insidious practice of serial arrests on unrelated charges in order to ensure an extended detention. He remains behind bars.
According to news reports, the first arrest of the property destruction charge was based on suspicion that he cut a wire fence at the U. S. helipad project at Takae. 3 days later, he was arrested on the separate charge of having injured a Defense Ministry worker in August during a scuffle. Mr. Yamashiro was rearrested by "a criminal charge of inflicting injury" and "the interference with a government official of Okinawa Defense Bureau". On Nov. 11, he was indicted on both of these charges.
Mr. Yamashiro was arrested the third times by the crime of the forcible obstruction of business because Mr. Yamashiro had interfered with construction against Henoko new base construction. Mr. Yamashiro is detained for 111 days until today.
The police may detain the person when there is probable cause to suspect that he has committed a crime .
All requests for bail have been denied.
But the considerable reason to detain Mr. Yamashiro for 111 days is unfair, and an arrest of Mr. Yamashiro is unconstitutionality.

"The barbwire which Mr. Yamashiro had cut" was only one and was the amount equivalent to 2000 yen.It is a false charge that what Mr. Yamashiro caught the arms of the staff and shook them became the charge of inflicting bodily injury.When a court admits that there might be "the destruction of evidence" and the escape for the accused, the detention after the prosecution is carried out.The prosecution has already finished the necessary investigation, and there is not the fear for Mr. Yamashiro to make evidence destruction.
Cases of Yamashiro are usually the cases that do not need detention. It is arbitrary and is discriminatory correspondence.

The most important body of international human rights law is found in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The covenant took effect in 1976 and has been ratified by 158 countries. Japan ratified in 1979.
The extended detention of a political activist like Yamashiro violates several provisions of the covenant. Article 9 prohibits arbitrary arrests and lengthy pre-trial detentions. Regarding detention, the language is uncompromising: detainees “shall be entitled to trial within a reasonable time or to release.” Moreover, Article 9 states “It shall not be the general rule that persons awaiting trial shall be detained in custody.” This language applies directly to the Yamashiro case. The covenant requires that Yamashiro be released pending trial.
Because arbitrary detention is a standard tool used by authoritarian governments to silence critics throughout the world, in 1988 the United Nations General Assembly adopted principles that prohibit lengthy detentions like this. Denial of communications and family visits is a special concern. U. N. Principle 15 expressly declares that communications with the outside world, and in particular family members, “shall not be denied for more than a matter of days.”
Moreover, there is the question of the government's motivation. According to a working group of the U. N. Human Rights Council, when “the deprivation of liberty results from the exercise of rights or freedoms” such as freedom of speech and assembly, the police action is arbitrary and therefore violates Article 9. Yamashiro is a prominent leader of the Okinawan opposition to military base expansion. His detention is a direct restriction of the fundamental rights of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, perhaps the most important principles of democratic government.
Above all, extended detention under harsh conditions prior to trial amounts to a rejection of our most important protection against unlimited police power: the presumption of innocence. Again, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights is unambiguous: Article 14(2) reads, “Everyone charged with a criminal offense shall have the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law.” The only purpose served by Yamashiro’s repeated arrests and detention is to punish a man who has never been convicted of any crime.
The extended detention of Hiroji Yamashiro is a shocking display of raw government power. The U.S. Marine Corps wants the big base complex it has been promised in northern Okinawa. In order to accommodate them, it appears that Japan’s government will put aside the most basic human rights protections in order to crush protesters like Yamashiro even as construction crews work offshore of Camp Schwab and in the adjacent Yambaru forest, crushing magnificent coral beds and chopping down trees by the thousand.

Though health condition of Yamashiro who has the malignant lymphoma turns worse, a court seems to have possibilities to extend a detention period until February 20.
Prime Minister Abe detains him to let him die though Mr. Yamashiro is a cancer.
The unfair arrest and restriction of Hiroji Yamashiro and others are just a beginning of reign of terror of Prime Minister Abe.

The reason why Prime Minister Abe rushes into the military regime is because Prime Minister Abe is a puppet of Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Brzezinski, and Henry Kissinger.
Abe20170130.jpg Because Prime Minister Abe approved a terrible particularly secret bill forcibly so that Prime Minister Abe could appoint everything as a state secret as he wished and could arrest for guilt-by-association system, I'm worry that Mr. Yamashiro may be tortured in the prison by being appointed an identification secret. Why can't his family meet him?
Prime Minister Abe tells a lie, "I can't open the Olympic Games if "a crime called conspiracy" is impossible to be approved" and he intends to approve a bill newly to arrest citizens unfairly .

Enough is Enough- no more Prime Minister Abえ 's terrorism!
Immediately release Hiroji Yamashiro unless they prove that the presumption of release pending trial should not apply;
Ensure that, pending his release, Hiroji Yamashiro is provided with adequate medical care and has effective access to his family without delay;
Comply with their international obligations to respect, protect and fulfil the human rights to freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly, as well as the rights of people in detention.

When three antiwar activists were detained by the Tokyo police for 75 days in 2004, the Nobel Prize-winning international rights group, Amnesty International, formally declared them to be “prisoners of conscience,” thus tarring Japan's reputation with a brush that is ordinarily reserved for the world's most oppressive regimes.Amnesty International should formally declare Mr.Yamashiro to be “prisoners of conscience”.
The United Nations Security Council should mention the release of Mr.Yamashiro, too.

Everybody, please contact these two officials by 20 February, 2017:
Prosecutor General
Katsuyuki Nishikawa
The Supreme Public Prosecutors Office
1-1-1, Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Salutation: Dear Prosecutor General

Ambassador Kenichiro Sasae
Embassy of Japan
2520 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20008
T: 202.238.6700 | F: 202.328.2187 | M:jicc@ws.mofa.go.jp
Salutation: Dear Ambassador

Prime Minister Abe
Prime Minister's Office of Japan
1-6-1, Nagatacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
T: 03-3592-5611 | FB:URL | |M:webmail
Salutation: Dear Prime Minister

By the foreign people bestowal of 2015, American Former Defense Secretary Rumsfeld got "a Big Asahi Ribbon Award", but this is an act of Prime Minister Abe of the puppet of Rumsfeld.
Because Prime Minister Abe had ever been frequently to Jinpurin which is facilities of the honeytrap that CIA made, Prime Minister Abe can't defy Rumsfeld.

Enough is Enough- no more Prime Minister Abe's terrorism!
No more military regime.
No more Rumsfeld.
No more Japan-China war.

The Japanese citizens must defeat the Abe Administration.In the first place Okinawa citizens have hated preparing US base into their cities newly for years.
Japan should prepare the US base into Senkaku Islands which are an uninhabited island in order to deploy a nuclear weapon for Shanghai and Japan should make "the Japan-U. S. combination base" and should deploy THAAD in Senkaku Islands there. Similarly Japan should prepare the US base into the Nozaki Island of the uninhabited island in order t deploy a nuclear weapon for Beijing and others and Japan should make "the Japan-U. S. combination base" and should deploy THAAD in the Nozaki island there.
My suggestion of 2 uninhabited islands will restrain China building the station of the nuclear submarine in Spratly Islands.
The Japan-China War is NO, but Japan and the United States must restrain China.It is not a wise policy to expand the US base in Takae city and Henoko city of Okinawa island.In the first place Okinawa citizens have hated preparing US base into their cities newly for years.
And the Japanese citizens must cause "Prime Minister Abe who is the puppet of Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Brzezinski, Henry Kissinger" to lose his position and to bring about his downfall . This is because both "Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Brzezinski, Henry Kissinger" and Prime Minister Abe expect Japan-China War. We must prevent Japan-China War and must restrain China.
The national enterprises whose salary has been unpaid for more than a half year increased in China. The Chinese military authorities official becomes the imprisonment for life by bribery incident. The internal disturbance outbreak of China will happen soon. The Japan-China War is not necessary.
Because control does not work for currency manipulation, China's money evades abroad. 1 dollar is less than 7 yuan, but I think 1 dollar around 20 yuan is a proper line now.The high dollar of the interest rate is Maine. Distrust of yuan is serious, and nobody trusts the Chinese government.If the United States inflicts a customs duty as high as possible on China, the China's economy will collapse.

The human being is born to build peaceful society.
It's essential to do everything in moderation..
Happiness at some moderate level is enough for human being..
Also money at some moderate level is enough for human being , too..
It is the true victory for human being to build peaceful society..
Even if the world becomes ugly so much,
even if the world becomes very chaotic,
still we have courage,
and let's plant a seed of the peace.
The seed sends out buds before long and becomes the bush and becomes the grove.
And the grove becomes the forest soon, and a brook begins to flow.
And small birds begin to sing beside a brook.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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