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American first should be to arrest Rumsfeld at first.

I think there is the good method to go out with the strong President who has strong personality. There will be many people to say flattery to Trump President, President Putin, or Duterte President, and to be subordinate to them.Certainly, each president has the certain charm .
However, what Japan should do is not to say flattery to them. It is the right way which Japan should live for to arbitrate faithfully.
I read an article that President Donald Trump declared Iran was “the No. 1 terrorist state”. But the Kremlin on Monday disagreed with President Donald Trump’s description of Iran as “the No. 1 terrorist state.”
Iran would accept the refugees of the Rohingya people and I know the Iranian people have each tender mind.Because Iran sheltered many Armenians from persecution of former Ottoman Empire, many Catholic believers live in Iran peacefully now.
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I think that the white people who live in Europe and the United States might have fought against the Persia forces in each previous life. They are perfect anti-Iran.Because Russian white people love Iran very much , I think that they have not any traumas at all for Iran. Perhaps I think Russian white people have never fought against the Persia forces in each previous life.
It is necessary for the human race to get over the trauma that each soul has , in order to prevent World War 3.
"Certain Japanese person who had the ability to communicate with spirits and the dead" insisted that the human race had destroyed the  highly advanced civilizations at three times by each nuclear war finally and the current world was the fourth civilization and human race began from the fourth primitive era.
However, there were already the glacial epochs four times so far. As for me, I think that current civilization is the fifth civilization. The glacial epoch is a man-made disaster, and I think that it is each nuclear winter.
Trump President must not believe saying of Netanyahu. If Trump President would believe Netanyahu and would follow Netanyahu, the human race will ruin.
Trump President should be the great wise President because Trump President would bear the responsibility for the human race's future.Trump President has the big potential to become the great wise President .I would like to hope to respect and love Trump President.So I would like to hope that Trump President would understand that the priority is to arrest Rumsfeld at first.Yes..American first should be to arrest Rumsfeld at first.
Because Trump President would be going to destroy ISIS, the world should give a chance to Trump president.
Everything begins from an arrest of Rumsfeld.
And Trump President..Please show courage in order to get world's trust.If it's you, you can definitely do it.
The human being is born to build peaceful society.
Even if the world becomes ugly so much,
even if the world becomes very chaotic,
still we have courage,
and let's plant a seed of the peace.
The seed sends out buds before long and becomes the bush and becomes the grove.
And the grove becomes the forest soon, and a brook begins to flow.
And small birds begin to sing beside a brook.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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