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Japanese citizens are unable to tolerate Abe Administration which rushes into the military regime any longer.

Prime Minister Abe would intend to place priority on military affairs and implement an autocratic style of government.Abe Administration will try any trick in the book to coax the public to accept the military regime.
Just laws are no restraint upon the freedom of the good.However, Prime Minister Abe intends to approve "the crime called conspiracy that Hitler made" forcibly by imitating of the Nazi Administration.As for this law, the designation of designation and the crime of the terrorist organization is very vague. Even if Japanese citizen only says "Will it be rainy tomorrow?" , the Abe Administration can estimate that it means that the members of the anti-government organization gather in the hiding place if rainy, and the Abe government can arrest the citizen by this law.
Prime Minister Abe would insist as if Japan had been under pressure to enact such legislation at an early date after the country signed the UN Convention against Transnational Organized Crime in 2000.But the truth is, Similar bills were introduced to the Japanese Diet three times in the past, but were killed due to resistance from opposition parties. The former bills raised public concerns that ordinary citizens' groups and labor unions could be punished.
Because there is the law called the preliminary crime, in Japan, Japan can join the UN Convention against Transnational Organized Crime in 2000 even if Japan does not approve "the crime called conspiracy". Prime Minister Abe tells a lie.
The Abe Administration replaces this crime of the conspiracy with a name as "the crime of the terrorism preparations" and is going to approve it for enforcement.

Also Inada Minister of Defense always tells lies,too.
By law, fighting cannot occur between non-state actors, thus any GSDF troops engaging in U. N. peacekeeping activities must be withdrawn from areas where conflict specifically described as fighting takes place. In light of the spirit of the Constitution and the principles of Japan's participation in U. N. peacekeeping activities, the Self-Defense Forces can only participate in U. N. peacekeeping operations in areas where conflicting parties have ceased “fighting.” The issue came to light after the government released the daily activity logs of Japanese troops in South Sudan from last July, when security disintegrated and forced the Japanese to evacuate. The government officially had said “armed clashes” were taking place at the time, but the logs said GSDF members deployed in Juba had to be wary of being drawn into “sudden fighting in the city.” Inada Minister of Defense dismissed the leading opposition party's allegation at the House of Representatives budget committee, saying, “In a legal sense, there was no fighting in South Sudan even if the logs said there was.” Inada Minister of Defense also came under fire after the Defense Ministry admitted on Monday that it had “found” the daily activity logs after earlier claiming the documents had been discarded. The ministry said it discovered digital copies of the logs after expanding its search. Inada Minister of Defense is being accused the ministry of deliberately concealing the logs. Inada Minister of Defense denied this charge as well.

The documents are a firsthand record of the situation in the young and unstable East-Central African country.
Probably I think that the Ministry of Defense will grasp the sorrowful strong imploration of the members of Self-Defense Forces dispatched in the field. Therefore I think that the Ministry of Defense announced that the document which the Inada Minister of Defense should have concealed once had been discovered.In this document,it was written,"There was the act of hostility in Juba."
The Japanese Government should withdraw all the dispatched Self-Defense Forces in south Sudan in PKO missions.
Do Prime Minister Abe and the Inada Minister of Defense wish a military engagement among the Japanese Self-Defense Forces and China's national military which are stationed in south Sudan by "using something confusions"?
They are not the crimes even if the head and the heart of the Minister of Defense are empty even if the Minister of Defense is flat-chested .
However, Prime Minister Abe and Inada Minister of Defense would conflict with the crime of the terrorism preparations that Abe administration prepares if the Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense will plan to cause Japan-China War.

Abe youth1 Abe youth
Prime Minister Abe has already founded Tukamoto kindergarten admiring Abe like Hitler Youth and founds another kindergarten of Moritomo educational institution admiring Abe newly in Osaka by conspiring with ex-Mayor Hashimoto.Originally Hashimoto was a lawyer of the yakuzas, but he retired himself from the politician after the Osaka Metropolis plan was rejected by a referendum. However, he becomes Abe's member as if he were a member of Schutzstaffel of Prime Minister Abe now.
These kindergartens teach the little children about "prewar military affairs education".
Whenever the principal of the kindergarten asks "what kind of person Prime Minister Abe is?", every kindergartener answers the question,"He is a person protecting Japan. But it is a lie. This kind of kindergarten teaches every lie.
In 1890, the Imperial Rescript on Education was issued, pointing out the basics of national morality and State Shinto integrated religion, politics and education. Although education in Japan had been promoted as a measure to enrich and strengthen a country on the basis of Imperial Prescript on Education since the Meiji period, it was aimed at drastic democratization after World War II under the educational reform policies of the General Headquarters (GHQ).The Imperial Rescript on Education was removed from educational sites and the Fundamental Law of Education was set as the fundamental law for education.
Although the Imperial Rescript on Education was removed from educational sites in the current Japan ,these kindergartens such as Tukamoto kindergarten and Moritomo educational institution let the little children advocate the various slogans of "the Imperial Rescript on Education". This is the dangerous thought to let them rush recklessly into militarism.
Moritomo educational institution which is one of the kindergartens of this crazy thought intends to found also the elementary school, too. The public land in Toyonaka-city of Osaka prefecture was transferred to Moritomo educational institution which was the private sector .
Though the valuation was 953 million yen, the amount of sale was decided with 134 million yen. . As the cost of removal and processing of the life garbage, this reduction of the price of 819 million yen was admitted by the reason that this public land had many scraps such as woods buried underground.
The arbitrary rule of a dictator of Prime Minister Abe already begins.

3 Japanese citizens only splitted the price of a rental car in order to inspect Naraha town which was the area close to Fukushima nuclear power generation , but these three Japanese citizens were arrested .
Road Transport Act violation Article 4 forbids "management" of "the general passenger car transport business" in the impermissibility.
However, even if Japanese citizens splitted the price of a rental car to inspect the nuclear power generation, it does not correspond to "business" and is not illegal.
In February, 2016, investigated each house was performed in the four places including the houses of the "this tour's" participants, but on January 18, 2017, these three people were arrested.
People protesting against nuclear power generation are arrested unfairly in Japan. The Abe Administration rushes into the military regime.

Yamaji.jpg Mr. Hiroji Yamashiro which is the leader of demonstrators of the opposition movement against extending US base in Okinawa prefecture is still put in the cell of the Naha detention house in a cold season in February. He is restricted unfairly. Though Prime Minister Abe knows that Mr. Hiroji Yamashiro is a malignant lymphoma, Prime Minister Abe continues restricting Mr. Hiroji Yamashiro unfairly, and Prime Minister Abe intends to let him die in a cell.
Prime Minister Abe will become a cold-blooded unjust dictator doing genocide one day soon if the Japanese citizen will leave Prime Minister Abe's tyranny and cruelty that as is.
Japanese citizens objecting to nuclear power generation or Okinawa citizens objecting to the enlargement of the U. S. forces base are already arrested unjustly.

What a terrible government Abe Administration is!!That is which country's story?Japan?!Really?Oh my God....

Aozora Japanese Resistance
Japanese citizens are unable to tolerate Abe Administration which rushes into the military regime any longer.
The Self-Defense Forces should listen to the voice of Japanese citizens.
The Self-Defense Forces should remember importance of the life.
The Self-Defense Forces should stand up for the true peace now.
Chinese government with Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Brzezinski,and Henry Kissinger plot a terrible plot.
The terrible plot to arrest family of the Emperor and execute them in Beijing exists surely if Japan will be defeated by Japan-China War.
And Prime Minister Abe is a puppet of Rumsfeld and The Abe Administration is puppet government under Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Brzezinski,and Henry Kissinger.
Who protects our mother country?
Who protects His Majesty the Emperor and Her Majesty the Empress?
That is us.


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