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Go to the hell,Michael Green

Japan must never privatize water, gas, agriculture, medical care, education, and the armed forces. Quality falls if I privatize them, utilities, treatment costs will rise , and culture level, and defense's ability becomes being spoiled.
The United States is these failure example. In US armed forces, chains of command are not unified in one, and US armed forces can't yet destroy ISIS because the self-interest of war industry and neo-conservative and others prevent the orders of US president and US armed forces often take each troop's selfish action. The medical operation's price for American appendix is so expensive such as 7 million yen(US$61,964), but the operation price for Japanese appendix is not more than 60, 000 yen(US$531.12). Vice Prime Minister Aso declares that Japan should privatize every business including the water service in his interview but Vice Prime Minister Aso is a perfect traitor.
If Vice Prime Minister Aso is going to sell a Japanese citizen's lifespring to foreign capital industry, he conflicts with a crime of treason (the renegade crimes of foreign-based war).
Because 70% of Japan's domain are mountainous districts, Japan has abundant water. If the foreign water service company comes to manage the Japan's Waterworks Bureau, it makes a water rate ten times as large, and soaring water service price will become extravagant for the Japanese citizen to even take a bath.
Deputy Prime Minister Aso sat together with "Michael Green who was the murderer who killed the plural Prime Ministers" at this conference and declared to sell off Japan's Waterworks Bureau, Deputy Prime Minister Aso should be accused with an offense of a crime of treason. 1brgn5_e0line.gif
Michael Green
Michael Green
Takeshita ex Prime Minister
Obuchi ex Prime Minister
It is Michael Green to sit on the observers' right-side end toward the front.Michael Green is a person detested very much in Japan, and demonstrators gather anytime in front of a meeting place whenever Michael Green does a lecture, and, many Japan citizens shout a slogan in chorus , "Michael Green is the murder".Because Michael Green is an agent of both of CIA and the Mossad and participated in the several assassinations of the many Japanese Prime Ministers, many Japanese citizens hate Michael Green from the bottom of each heart.
It is said Michael Green had abducted ex Prime Minister Takeshita to Alaska in order to make him die by Lynch murder. Michael Green undressed ex Prime Minister Takeshita in a snowy field of Alaska . Michael Green and his subordinates kicked his testicles and broke it and ex Prime Minister Takeshita died of a loss of blood with a deep cut.
Because ex Prime Minister Takeshita was going to sell US Treasury bonds in large quantity, it is said that ex Prime Minister Takeshita was murdered.
In addition, Michael Green had hung " ex Prime Minister Obuchi who refused postal service privatization" from a helicopter and has tortured ex Prime Minister Obuchi. And ex Prime Minister Obuchi died of cerebral hemorrhage. It is said that Michael Green let ex Prime Minister Obuchi cause cerebral hemorrhage by the sting which was painted with ricin .
The ex Prime Minister Obuchi is the great existence that rebuilt
Shuri Castle of Okinawa prefecture at the first time after a war.The Shuri Castle except "the gate Shureimon " of Okinawa prefecture burned down by Okinawa war in World War II . Because the former Japan forces founded the headquarters in the basement of Shuri Castle, the U. S. forces launched an all-out attack on Shuri Castle. By rebuilding of Shuri Castle I can't explain the all about how immeasurable hope and courage ex Prime Minister Obuchi gave a minority race of Okinawa . I can never say directly anymore "thank you very much" to great Obuchi because great Obuchi would stay in heaven now.
But Prime Minister Abe was not going to arrest Michael Green at all. This action is the same thing that Prime Minister Abe has insulted ex Prime Minister Takeshita and ex Prime Minister Obuchi. And Michael Green continues to threaten Japanese politicians by the terrible video of Lynch murder.
Michael Green!!!You are Beijing dog not Peking duck!Ruff-ruff-ruff-ruff! This Beijing dog has green blood like a green caterpillar in him.The cabbage made in China includes a pesticide of the fatal dose.See Beijing rather than Naples and then die,Michael Green.
Michael Green tries to cause Japan-China War and pushes forward a plan to let Japan ruin under Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Brzezinski,and Henry Kissinger.These 4 old men receive the vast bribery from the Chinese government, and these 4 old men plotted to let "the U. S. dollars" collapse after changing their assets into yuan and they planned to cause the artificial famine and intended to dominate the United States. These four old men intended to sell the United States to China. Michael Green is a follower of Henry Kissinger and is a Chinese dog, too.
If Japanese citizens know that Michael Green backs up Abe Administration to privatize water, gas, agriculture, medical care, education, and the armed forces, I think that the huge revolt happens in the whole country.
By too low-wage, the workers of the part-time service are worked and one of six Japanese children suffer poverty .Japan purchases vast quantity of American government bonds , but the Abe Administration abandons Japanese children suffering from poverty , in order to prevent US dollar's collapse.
The price of the foods rose in Japan, but each salary of part-time workers does not rise. Because Prime Minister Abe forced a policy to reduce regular staffs of companies, part-time workers increased under the Abe Administration. The unemployment rate fell down, but the people who worked by low-wage increased.
It is important that Japan prevents dollar collapse in order to stop Japan-China War.But Michael Green really stretched Japanese citizens' patience to the limit.
If Japanese citizens know that Michael Green backs up Abe Administration to privatize water, gas, agriculture, medical care, education, and the armed forces, I am convinced that the huge revolt happens in the whole country.
The price of the cheap import foods rose by weak yen. Taking advantage of the inflationary prices of the import foods , the price of the whole foods rise, too. However, the salary of the workers of the part timer does not rise. The Japanese big companies let their internal reserves increase for the collapse of the China's economy and they can't raise the wage of the workers of the part timer for considering to the crisis of the economy. Because the expenses for lighting and fuel and water service charges become 10 times if they were privatized , it is natural for the citizens to become angry.
The restaurants offering dinner for children are founded in the whole country of Japan by the volunteers. I can't believe the fact soon that the children who can't have the dinner in Japan which is the major economic power third place increase.
Japan must no longer push forward a policy to exploit citizens.
Japan must not let lighting , fuel and water service privatize.

If the civic riots happen in the whole country of Japan, Japan can't but sell a large quantity of US Treasury bonds.
Henry Kissinger and "Michael Green who is under Henry Kissinger's orders" are going to let Japan privatize utilities of Japan , in order to collapse the U. S. dollar.
If Japan won't be able to buy US Treasury bonds,and if Japan can't but sell a large quantity of US Treasury bonds , the U. S. dollar collapses because China sells a large quantity of US Treasury bonds .
Why isn't Michael Green executed? That's our true intention of Japanese citizens.If great President Trump would execute Michael Green, many Japanese citizens will be excited and "the Japan-U. S. alliance" will grow closer .
China announces that China has 2, 998 billion dollars of the foreign currency reserves , but, actually, there are camouflage, and the forgery. If the decrease's pace of the foreign currency reserves accelerates, the foreign currency reserves of China fall below 2 trillion dollars in 2019 and are reduced to half from the peak , and there is even possibility for the foreign currency reserves of China to become less than Japan again in 2021.
The American water service industry should suggest the privatization of the water rate to China which decreases the foreign currency reserves at a fast pace. Please suggest it to China not Japan because China pushes forward the policy that China liberalizes water service, oil, gas, electricity, and the utilities of means of transportation basically by 2017.

Artiste: Zazie
Chanson: Je Suis Un Homme 
Michael Green spoils every peace of Japan.
Michael Green is far more wicked existence than CNN and FOX tormenting President Trump.
Whenever Michael Green appears in the media, the Japanese citizens feel pain.
At least please let Michael Green lose his every position.
President Trump would have the state power to let Michael Green lose his every position.
The human being is born to build peaceful society.
Even if the world becomes ugly so much,
even if the world becomes very chaotic,
still we have courage,
and let's plant a seed of the peace.
The seed sends out buds before long and becomes the bush and becomes the grove.
And the grove becomes the forest soon, and a brook begins to flow.
And small birds begin to sing beside a brook.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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