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Aiko, Princess Toshi would be precious to me.

Aiko, Princess Toshi would have suddenly lost weight.Aiko, Princess Toshi would stand in great danger.Aiko, Princess Toshi suffers from anorexia nervosa to be all skin and bone.
The Japanese Government should regulate writing something comment about the Imperial Family in the internet temporarily.That is not good as is.
In this mobile communication terminal, when an HTTP status codes of 400's (client side error) or 500's (server side error) indicating that a process to the acquisition request (HTTP request) requiring an RSS feed as the summary information of web contents has not normally done is received as an acquisition response (HTTP response) from the server, periodical acquisition of the RSS feed is temporarily stopped.
The Imperial Family should establish a cyber team in order to carry out HTTP status codes to prevent reading a page of the comment insulting the Imperial Family.
If left to herself, she will die of herself.
Japan should move to rescue her life.Japan's every politicians should handle an exception of Aiko, Princess Toshi. Japan's government should deal with this illness of Aiko, Princess Toshi.
Aiko, Princess Toshi would be precious to me.Aiko, Princess Toshi would be precious to every Japan's people.

Prime Minister Abe is impeached very much in the Diet by another matter.
The state-owned, 8, 770-square-meter plot of land in Toyonaka, Osaka Prefecture, was sold to Moritomo Gakuen, operator of the Shinto-based elementary school, in June 2016 for 134 million yen (US$1,195,414). The Democratic Party noted that not only was the price about 10 percent of the market value for the area, but the government also covered 831.76 million yen(US$7,420,130.96) in costs to remove waste from the ground.
Moritomo Gakuen is blamed of endorsing an educational approach that harks back to pre-war militarism .Because Moritomo Gakuen got the subsidy of 132.176 million yen(US$1,175,430.96) as the garbage removal expense.The profit of the country is only 2 million yen.By the opposition party Prime Minister is impeached that Prime Minister Abe might have participated in the disposal of the low price of the state land now because the Morimura school collected donations by using the name of Prime Minister Abe , without permission for using the name of Shinzo Abe school.

The Diet heats up, but, Aiko Princess Toshi would be forgotten although Aiko Princess Toshi would stand in great danger .
Japan should give priority to rescue "the precious life of Princess Aiko" rather than defeating the Abe Administration.

About Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, it is said that the reporter and the director of the news program who reported about thyroid cancer around Fukushima were assassinated. As for them, they committed suicide by the briquette in privately-owned car. Unless we can defeat the Abe Administration, nobody can't deal with the crisis of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant .
I know the crisis of Fukushima very much.But if left to herself, Aiko, Princess Toshi will die of herself.Priority occurs there.

About the conspiracy of something that is done in preparation to committing a crime of terrorism Prime Minister Abe is going to vote the new law strongly and the new law is dangerous. Although Chairperson Yamashiro who has a malignant tumor objecting to US base extension works of Okinawa is restricted unfairly for four months, Prime Minister Abe seems to wish Chairperson Yamashiro dies in prison. If the law of the conspiracy is approved forcibly, Prime Minister Abe recognizes all Okinawa citizens objecting to US base extension works of Okinawa as a terrorist and may arrest Okinawa citizens in large quantities.
I know the crisis of the law of the conspiracy very much.But if left to herself, Aiko, Princess Toshi will die of herself.Priority occurs there.Oh my God...please protect Japan..please protect Aiko, Princess Toshi.Please protect Chairperson Yamashiro .
Princess Aiko is the lovely girl still only 15 years old. Who will write in several sentences to slander Princess Aiko at the Internet?

Prime Minister Abe should pray for disease recovery of Princess Aiko and should give Chairperson Yamashiro an amnesty.
There is the proverb in Japan ," tears in the eyes of the ogre".
It means that even the hard-hearted can be moved to tears.
As for the person as the head of state, the generosity is sometimes important, too.
We should pray that the souls of the late persons in World War II may rest in peace .
We should consider the wounds of the hearts of the persons suffering from the memory of war crimes.
As for us in the postwar period, it is our duty for us now to have the positive thinking for the happiness of the living persons.
It is the right way for the human race to build peaceful society.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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