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Get out Monsanto from Japan !!!

While His Majesty Salman king of Saudi Arabia would have been in Japan, I wanted not to say any criticism to Abe Cabinet. However, there is information that "the devilish bill so that Monsanto can monopolize every Japanese seed and pesticides" might be adopted forcibly within a few days. So I decided to shout aloud for dissenting opinion now.
GMOE38387E383A2.jpg rat.jpg Bb5bK-KIQAAKPN3.jpg On March 7, 2017, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries submitted a draft of a proposed law to abolish a main farm products seed law to the House of Representatives.This is the devilish bill so that Monsanto can monopolize every Japanese seed and pesticides.
A pesticide of 80 million gallons par a year is sprayed in Argentina. 40 million Argentines eat the meal which is covered with pesticides every day.As a result, many black spots began to appear to skin of citizens of Argentina such as a girl of the picture in the upper left-hand corner .In addition, the mouse becomes malformed by the genetically-modified crops which Monsanto develops like the center photograph.
"Roundup" is the weed killer which Monsanto Co. of the American company developed in 1970, but, as for them, used a large quantity of defoliants which remained at the Vietnam War are included in this weed killer of "Roundup" .
The GMO and pesticide of Monsanto causes cancer, congenital abnormality, miscarriage, allergy, and respiratory illness.
Japan must not abolish Japan's main farm products seed law.
Monsanto is a part of the population reduction plan like "Bill Gates' vaccine and Chem trail".

Prime Minister Abe is a puppet of Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Brzezinski, and Henry Kissinger, and Prime Minister Abe intends to make every Japanese citizen the malformed marmot.
I hear that these four brutal old men are followers of Rockefeller.Just Rockefeller backs up Monsanto. They seize a Middle Eastern oil concession and torment Middle Eastern citizens so much and murder too many Middle Eastern people. Furthermore, Rockefeller provides a development fund of Monsanto to cause artificial famine in all over the world.
Don't they feel sad?
What will their happiness and joy be?They are always wishing evil to others.
The Abe Administration is the hit squad which is going to spray a pesticide on the Japanese citizens. The Abe government which is a hit squad is going to approve preparations punishments such as terrorism. It is the same as the anti-conspiracy laws that the Nazi Administration made and is a bill to make a false charge unfairly, and to arrest many citizens.
Just Prime Minister Abe is a terrorist.
"Stars and Stripes which was the newspaper of the American national military" criticized that Prime Minister Abe was an extreme right politician.But Prime Minister Abe is just a terrorist rather than an extreme right politician.
Because European 28 countries make GMO a state of moratorium,Japan should prevent Monsanto .
Japan must not abolish a main farm products seed law.We must protect Japan's our seed.
Monsanto is a part of the population reduction plan like "Bill Gates' vaccine and Chem trail".
Henry Kissinger and "Michael Green who is under Henry Kissinger's orders" are going to let Japan privatize utilities of Japan , in order to collapse the U. S. dollar.The water rate is increased 10 times if Japan privatizes water service.One of six Japanese children can't have dinner and they suffer from poverty because Japan buys the vast US Treasury bonds that China sells at a fast pace , in order to prevent the dollar collapse plan.Japan must support US dollar in order to prevent Japan- China war. If a water rate doubles 10, many riots will happen. If the civic riots happen in the whole country of Japan, Japan can't but sell a large quantity of US Treasury bonds.
If Japan won't be able to buy US Treasury bonds,and if Japan can't but sell a large quantity of US Treasury bonds , the U. S. dollar collapses because China sells a large quantity of US Treasury bonds .
However, the Abe Administration adopts a water service revision bill at a Cabinet meeting and is going to privatize water service.
They are puppets of Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Brzezinski, and Henry Kissinger and are slaves of Rockefeller.
The privatization of the water service of Japan will collapse not only Japan but also the United States.
Neither Rockefeller nor Rumsfeld nor Dick Cheney nor Henry Kissinger loves the mother country United States.
Naturally they pray for the extinction of Japan-U. S. . It is only money that they love.

All Japanese politicians should remember "thought to love our mother country Japan".Although Yamashiro leader at demonstrators of the Okinawa citizens only cut one barbed wire which is approximately 2000 yen, he has been arrested for 148 days in the Naha house of detention while the government officials and politicians who cut the price of the national land more than 800 million yen are not arrested.
Prime Minister Abe approves many terrible bills like the Nazi Administration and plans civic mass arrests, revival of the torture,and genocide in the Liberal Democratic Party revision of the Constitution draft..A dictator is a terrorist.
Let's make the hypocrisy be the end. Let's make imitation of the Nazism be the end. Rushing into the military regime should be the end. We must prevent the unfair arrest and the torture and the slaughter. Why does Auschwitz concentration camp remain for as historical spot? The human race must connect "the sorrow and the pains of the victims" to the peace . We must build the peaceful society.

Japanese politicians should screech out a slogan.
Monsanto is no.no.no.
Privatization of the water service is no.no.no.
Civic mass arrests, revival of the torture,and genocide is No----------------------
The Abe Administration is terrorists.
Prime Minister Abe is a dictator.
Deputy PM Aso is a treasonist.
We should defend Japan from "terrorists, a dictator and a treasonist".
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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