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The terrorist is just Prime Minister Abe.

Prime Minister Abe started the Diet deliberations of the preparations punishment such as terrorism(anti-conspiracy laws) on April 6.Around the Diet building, the civic opposition movement spreads. Many marchers surrounded the Diet Building.
This is the terrible law imitating of the anti-conspiracy laws that Hitler had made. By this terrible law, if the police authorize a citizen with a terrorist, it is the bill that police can arrest citizens without any restriction. However, isn't just Prime Minister Abe just a terrorist?
A terrorist intends to make preparations punishments such as terrorism in imitation of the anti-conspiracy lawsthat Hitler made and is going to perform many injustice arrests, torture and genocide.Japan can ratify "Convention against Transnational Organized Crime" without doing establishment of new anti-conspiracy laws which Prime Minister Abe is going to make. Prime Minister Abe would tell a lie as if Japan couldn't ratify "Convention against Transnational Organized Crime" without doing establishment of new anti-conspiracy laws.
The lie of Prime Minister Abe conflicts with sedition of the Subversive Activities Prevention Law. And based on a present Constitution without accusation, national police can arrest Prime Minister Abe .
"The preparations punishment such as terrorism(anti-conspiracy laws) which Prime Minister Abe prepares " becomes the crime only by just talking with.
According to Diet statement of Director detective of Ministry of Justice, not only words but also the wink will conflict with the anti-conspiracy laws.
The establishment requirements become the problem of "the interpretation" of the criminal investigation agency limitlessly.
Besides, a crime and prescribed overall thing, crime of 277 apply.
Ah....Prime Minister Abe is really Psychopath.
Some police officers tell a lie in order to raise the policeman's points and some police officers tell the driver as if the driver has never stopped at a corner as if the driver might have done a traffic violation.
Because a police officer want to let each salary raise, if anti-conspiracy laws will be approved, many policemen will be liars.The police officer may want to rise salary , I think policeman will arrest as much citizens as possible unfairly.
Celur_AWwAEmrTJ.jpg Public security has already harmed to the mothers and children of the demonstrators. Several members of public security often affect to strangle the children.
In addition, many demonstrators receive oppression by being left without giving works of their jobs in their companies. As for this, many people think that the Abe Administration lets Public security check the address and details of the demonstrators to pressure each company.
There are a lot of demonstrators who are hit by the extreme right and yakuzas. I think that this is that Prime Minister Abe lets them do it.
Everybody has conviction Prime Minister Abe would be related to injustice of the elementary school of Abejugend clearly, . Prime Minister Abe behaves as an extremely attractive person, but is a charisma with the two-facedness. I am convinced that Prime Minister Abe will certainly do unfair arrests, torture, genocide after approving the preparations punishment such as terrorism(anti-conspiracy laws).
Of course it is not necessary for Japan to make newly "preparations punishments such as terrorism" which imitated of anti-conspiracy laws of Hitler .
The Self-Defense Forces, the police, bureaucrats should snuggle up to citizens.
Do you intend to fall into the hell with Prime Minister Abe as it is?
Who protects Japan?
Who protects citizens' peace and future?
Who protects His Majesty the Emperor and Her Majesty the Empress? Yes,we do!!!
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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