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May 18 is the X day

Because there is already 66 kinds of conspiracy laws in Japan, Japan can join enough into "Convention against Transnational Organized Crime" at present.‘277 kinds of anti-conspiracy that "Prime Minister Abe" would try to establish newly' does not become the counterterrorism at all and are not useful for the counterterrorism.Prime Minister Abe insists as if Prime Minister Abe's new 277 kinds of anti-conspiracy laws were established for the counterterrorism of the Olympics of 2020 , but it is a blazing lie.
277 Prime Minister Abe's new anti-conspiracy laws cause the unfair arrest of citizens of the innocence in large quantities for several vague reasons and it causes torture and slaughter .
277 Prime Minister Abe's new anti-conspiracy laws is copied from the anti-conspiracy laws that the Nazi Administration of Hitler made.Prime Minister Abe would intend to approve this terrible anti-conspiracy in the House of Representatives on May 18.
By this terrible anti-conspiracy laws,the police can judge "the person picking up mushrooms and the person gathering the ores" as if they seemed to collect funds of terrorism and the police can arrest a citizen even if the citizen only stares at the police officer.
Prime Minister Abe would deceive the nation while saying that Abe administration would aim at the revision of the Constitution . And his draft is imitated "bad laws of the Nazi Administration".
And it is not reported now even if more than 50, 000 citizens cause the demonstration against the approval of 277 kinds of Prime Minister Abe's new anti-conspiracy laws.
Unfortunately, the ruling party secures two-thirds seats in the Diet.
Because CSIS and CIA intended to make a dictatorial regime in Japan, CSIS, and CIA made the Liberal Democratic Party lose power once.
Because CSIS and CIA prevented the Liberal Democratic Party from spending campaign cash of the Liberal Democratic Party, the Liberal Democratic Party was defeated by the Democratic Party, and the Democratic Party government was born. However, CSIS and CIA continued threatening the Governor of the Bank of Japan because CSIS and CIA did not let the Bank of Japan do monetary easing.
So Japan's stock's prices slumped, and Japanese citizens were disappointed in the Democratic Party.
And the Liberal Democratic Party secured two-thirds seats of the Diet when the Liberal Democratic Party recaptured the government again.
In this way,the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) won 296 seats in the 480-seat Lower House, and secured an outright majority for the first time in 15 years.This was the plot of CSIS and CIA. It was a plot to organize a dictatorial regime in Japan.CSIS and CIA causes Japan-China War and intends to destroy Japan.
Prime Minister Abe would intend to approve this terrible anti-conspiracy of Nazis in the House of Representatives on May 18.
Ah.....That is Death march.
Prime Minister Abe would obey to Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Brzezinski, and Henry Kissinger as a darkness' slave. But every citizen never obeys to you.
Prime Minister Abe
Now we are in the War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness.
My voice echoes in your Darkness.
"You are a lost and condemned person,Prime Minister Abe."
Prime Minister Abe may think,"God knows I don't want to be an angel."
It is because you want to do a holocaust.
As if angels will cling to the stars, I will cling to the light of God.
A human being is neither an angel , nor the devil.
A human being is a human being.
It is my freedom, and my right that I believe in God.
Japanese citizens. Cling to the last hope!
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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