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Prime Minister Abe gloated .

In the House of Representatives, 277 kinds of Prime Minister Abe's new anti-conspiracy laws had been approved around half past 4 o'clock in this afternoon. Because Superintendent General performed an inspection parade today in "MeijI Shrine which is situated within 14 minutes' drive from the Diet " in this morning , I expected it as if the Metropolitan Police Department waited to arrest the members of the Abe government. However, I did not understand why it was so, but broadcasting of Diet was not reported by national broadcasting NHK today. And after that, the Metropolitan Police Department did nothing today...My prospects have sadly vanished.And then Abe government steamrollered the devil bill through the Diet against fierce opposition. And nobody was arrested there.

The ruling party wants to perform purpose explanation and a question in House of Councilors plenary session on May 24th, tomorrow but the opposition parties rebel. It is assumed that the ruling party can hold this meeting of 277 kinds of Prime Minister Abe's new anti-conspiracy laws after May 29 in the House of Councilors.

Prime Minister Abe who gloated .Prime Minister Abe may look a baby face cutely, but, actually, intends to become the dictator of the devil.
However, the Self-Defense Forces should surround the Diet as soon as possible and the Metropolitan Police Department should enter the Diet building in order to arrest members of the Abe Administration. And the new Cabinet should start and should reject 277 kinds of new anti-conspiracy laws of Prime Minister Abe in the House of Councilors.

In this situation Japan becomes the military regime , and Japan may die out in the Japan China war.
Many one-legged persons and the persons of the one arm who got injured in World War I were contained in Auschwitz camp although they fought at the risk of life for their country.Not only Jews but also "the socialists and ‘the people who criticized the political power of Nazis' and romany and the handicapped " had starved to death in inferior environment of Auschwitz camp.
I think the people of 6 million might not have been dead by the Holocaust if easily escaped.They were surrounded by several watchtowers, dogs, land mines, double barbed-wire entanglements, and, they had lost the physical strength any more by "the restrooms without any papers" and "the very poor quality meals of only soup of rotten vegetables" and "severe labor".For example, if six people failed the plot to escape , all the members in the camp were gathered . And the watchmen of Auschwitz made "these each six people" have chosen the other 6 persons to be executed together from the inmates and the watchmen of Auschwitz murdered them as a warning to others.
In Okinawa prefecture of Japan, the former Japan forces educated the brainwashing of the military regime in each local residents' association, but much Okinawa citizens who played truant from residents' associations were beaten to death in each meeting room of the residents' association by the soldiers of the former Japan forces.
Okinawa's boys of excellent academic achievement were abducted by the former Japan forces and were brainwashed to be the agents who watched Okinawa's citizens about whether they were spy or not for the United States.
Only civic subordination exists under the military regime. Japan's prewar "Peace Preservation Law" establishes terrible "suppression of free speech", and hundreds of thousands of people received an investigation under this law, and it is said that approximately 500 died of torture.But I think that there are more numbers of people who were murdered by torture. I think that this data about more than 500 persons do not contain the number of people of people who had beaten to death in an island of Okinawa by the former Japan forces.
It is unchanged at all, and "the anti-conspiracy of 277 kinds of Prime Minister Abe" eventually leads to Japan's prewar "Peace Preservation Law" .
And it should be abolished the anti-conspiracy laws which looks like prewar "Peace Preservation Law". We must learn from the terrible history of the military regime.
His draft and this 277 Prime Minister Abe's new anti-conspiracy laws ares imitated "bad laws of the Nazi Administration".Because there is already 66 kinds of anti-conspiracy laws in Japan, Japan can join enough into "Convention against Transnational Organized Crime" at present.‘277 Kinds of anti-conspiracy that "Prime Minister Abe" would try to establish newly' does not become the counterterrorism at all and are not useful for the counterterrorism.Prime Minister Abe insists as if Prime Minister Abe's new 277 kinds of anti-conspiracy laws were established for the counterterrorism of the Olympics of 2020 , but it is a blazing lie. 277 Prime Minister Abe's new anti-conspiracy laws cause the unfair arrest of citizens of the innocence in large quantities for several vague reasons and it causes torture and slaughter .
We should accomplish that without giving up all the way to the end.
But it is, by common admission, better for the general interest of mankind, that persons should pursue their objects undeterred by this sort of consequences.
Our mission is to continue our efforts to identify best practices to prevent Nazis and scale the challenge up.
Every citizens,Don't give up until the last minute.
Prime Minister Abe...Nazis is No.
The independence of the country of Japan is threatened now. Japanese people should protect each human right and the freedom of the nation from Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Brzezinski, and Henry Kissinger.
Abe administration is only puppet government of Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Brzezinski, and Henry Kissinger.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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