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That will never end that Dr.Joseph Cannataci is our Hero

Suga ahokanbochoukan
Mr. Abe's chief cabinet secretary, Yoshihide Suga
Joseph Cannataci Hero1
Dr.Joseph Cannataci
Protesters shoutWhen Mr. Abe's party called for the vote Dr.Joseph Cannataci accused Abe government as a United Nations expert on human rights that Abe government was rushing the measure without sufficient debate on appropriate safeguards for privacy and free speech.
There is nothing more scary than vagueness. It means, this bill has lots of inconsistencies in it. As this article says, the bill includes far...
Dr.Joseph Cannataci, the United Nations special rapporteur on the right to privacy, wrote to Mr. Abe warning that the bill, if adopted, could “lead to undue restrictions to the rights to privacy and to freedom of expression.”
One day before the lower house voted, Mr. Abe's chief cabinet secretary, Yoshihide Suga, lashed out against Dr. Cannataci's letter, calling it “clearly inappropriate” and dismissing the special rapporteur's concerns. The Japanese government also lodged an official protest with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.
“This is the time for the government of Japan to sit back for a minute, reflect, realize that it can do things in a better way and then proceed to behave like a world-class democracy by taking the time necessary” to modify the bill, he wrote. In a country where terrorism is extremely rare, critics say that the bill is far too vague in defining terrorism and that the list of crimes subject to possible surveillance was arbitrary.
An appendix to the bill includes unlicensed bike racing, copyright infringement and stealing plants from forest preserves, exposing those involved in the planning of such activities to prosecution.
By this terrible anti-conspiracy laws,the police can judge "the person picking up mushrooms and the person gathering the ores" as if they seemed to collect funds of terrorism and the police can arrest a citizen even if the citizen only stares at the police officer.
Concerns about the bill were stirred during testimony by "Japan's justice minister, Katsutoshi Kaneda", when he gave examples of the kinds of activities that might cause the authorities to suspect that an individual or group was planning a crime. In one instance, justice minister Kaneda suggested that someone visiting a park with a map and binoculars could be suspected of plotting a terrorist attack.
It's so vague that it allows the police to justify whatever they do. If you buy a pair of scissors in Japan, that may be viewed as preparing for a crime.
But the United Nations special rapporteur, Dr. Joseph Cannataci, said in an email that the bill was “defective.” “With great power comes great responsibility,” Dr.Joseph Cannataci wrote. “Yet this bill is not accompanied by a stiffening of measures intended to safeguard privacy. Other rights like freedom of speech and freedom of association are likewise not reinforced.”
The critics said that such crimes seemed to have little to do with terrorism. They say " Prime Minister Abe's new anti-conspiracy laws" would merely expand the government's right widely to restrict citizens' activities and citizens' freedom in order to put people under surveillance.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan voted on the anti-conspiracy bill in the House of Representatives on Tuesday.
Prime Minister Abe has repeatedly argued that Japan needs to pass the bill in order to ratify a United Nations convention on international organized crime originally signed in 2000, as well as to protect Japan from terrorism in the run-up to the 2020 Olympics.
But it is a blazing lie. 277 kinds of "Prime Minister Abe's new anti-conspiracy laws" cause the unfair arrest of citizens of the innocence in large quantities for several vague reasons and it causes torture and slaughter . 277 kinds of Prime Minister Abe's new anti-conspiracy laws is copied from the anti-conspiracy laws that the Nazi Administration of Hitler made.Prime Minister Abe would intend to approve this terrible anti-conspiracy in the House of Representatives on May 23. By this terrible anti-conspiracy laws,the police can judge "the person picking up mushrooms and the person gathering the ores" as if they seemed to collect funds of terrorism and the police can arrest a citizen even if the citizen only stares at the police officer. Prime Minister Abe would deceive the nation while saying that Abe administration would aim at the revision of the Constitution . And his draft is imitated "bad laws of the Nazi Administration".
Only civic subordination exists under the military regime. Japan's prewar "Peace Preservation Law" established terrible "suppression of free speech", and hundreds of thousands of people received an investigation under this law, and it is said that approximately 500 died of torture.But I think that there are more numbers of people who were murdered by torture. I think that this data about more than 500 persons do not contain the number of people of people who had beaten to death in an island of Okinawa by the former Japan forces.
It is unchanged at all, and "the anti-conspiracy of 277 kinds of Prime Minister Abe" eventually leads to Japan's prewar "Peace Preservation Law" .
And the new Cabinet should abolish the anti-conspiracy laws which looks like prewar "Peace Preservation Law". We must learn from the terrible history of the military regime.

Because people might be worried about the government trawling emails, text messages and social media posts for evidence of criminal conspiracy, anyone who protests government policies might be reluctant to speak out.There will be more self-censorship in a country where there is already not a very vibrant civil society.

The opinion of Dr. Joseph Cannataci which investigation authority is given is reported to the United Nations General Assembly by the United Nations human rights board of directors.
Nevertheless, at the Chief Cabinet Secretary's press conference on May 22, Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan insisted ,"It did not reflect a viewpoint of the United Nations in a personal qualification" about a letter of Dr. Joseph Cannataci.
Protest contents of the Japanese Government for the Dr. Joseph Cannataci's side are lack of commonsense itself. The Japanese Government insisted, "The Japanese Government hoped that he should have explained it directly to the Japanese Government at first , before the public letter was sent directly to the Japanese Government". But will the Abe Administration think it is good that the United Nations should make their opinion be secret based on a way to stub out?
Awwww....Abe government is unbelievably ignorant.
In view of what was not able to prevent World War II, UN's organization was established on 24 October 1945 after World War II in order to prevent such conflicts. The current UN has 193 member states . UN's organization promote international co-operation to create and maintain international peace.
Because the Abe Administration rushed into the military regime and tries to oppress and kill many citizens objecting to the government and is going to cause a war, it is natural for Abe Administration to have received 2 claim's letters from the United Nations.
The steamrollering of anti-conspiracy laws conflict with ‘Performing an act prescribed in Article 77 (Insurrection), Article 78 (Preparations; Plots), Article 79 (Accessoryship to Insurrection), Article 81 (Instigation of Foreign Aggression), Article 82 (Assistance to the Enemy), Article 87 (Attempts) , and Article 88 (Preparations; Plots) of the Penal Code (Act No. 45 of 1907)'.
Article 77 (1) A person who commits an act of riot for the purpose of overthrowing the government, usurping the territorial sovereignty of the State, or otherwise subverting constitutional order, thereby committing the crime of insurrection shall be sentenced according to the following distinctions.

The Self-Defense Forces should surround the Diet as soon as possible and the Metropolitan Police Department should enter the Diet building in order to arrest members of the Abe Administration.
And the new Cabinet should start and should reject 277 kinds of new anti-conspiracy laws of Prime Minister Abe in the House of Councilors.
Every citizens,Don't give up until the last minute.
Prime Minister Abe...Nazis is No.
The independence of the country of Japan is threatened now. Japanese people should protect each human right and the freedom of the nation from Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Brzezinski, and Henry Kissinger.
Abe administration is only puppet government of Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Brzezinski, and Henry Kissinger.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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