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All texts of `anti-Conspiracy laws'

24kakuryo1.jpg Joseph Cannataci Hero1
Preparations punishments against such as terrorism(popular name)
(This law is commonly known as ‘anti-Conspiracy laws.')
 Summary (four pages)
Draft of a proposed law (47 pages)
Reason (one page)
The old and the new contrast text (64 pages)
After this law is corrected several times, this law's documents were finally submitted to the Diet on March 21, 2017.
Because the Abe Administration rushed into the military regime and tries to oppress and kill many citizens objecting to the government and is going to cause a war, it is natural for Abe Administration to have received 2 claim's letters from the United Nations.
The opinion of "Dr. Joseph Cannataci, the United Nations special rapporteur on the right to privacy" who would be given the investigation authority by the United Nations human rights board of directors would be reported to the United Nations General Assembly. The United Nations General Assembly should talk about this bill of Japan seriously, too.
And I think that the International Criminal Court should issue an arrest warrant for Prime Minister Abe for crimes against humanity.
1.The steamrollering of anti-conspiracy laws conflict with ‘Performing an act prescribed in Article 77 (Insurrection), Article 78 (Preparations; Plots), Article 79 (Accessoryship to Insurrection), Article 81 (Instigation of Foreign Aggression), Article 82 (Assistance to the Enemy), Article 87 (Attempts) , and Article 88 (Preparations; Plots) of the Penal Code (Act No. 45 of 1907)'.
2.Because there is not foreign capital regulation, as for Two bills("the seed method abolition method and the agriculture competitiveness reinforcement support law" "Seed method Repealed Acts") that is advantageous to Monsanto, the Abe Administration conflicts with 81 Article (Instigation of Foreign Aggression).
3.Selling Japan's public water service to foreign capital industry such as Veolia conflicts with "81 Article (Instigation of Foreign Aggression)".
The Abe Administration is going to sell Japan's public water service service to foreign capital industry such as Veolia. If foreign capital comes to manage the public water service service, the water rate is increased 4 times, and the difference of the poverty and wealth spreads, and many Japanese citizens come to be poor.
If Japan can’t buy up US Treasury Bonds, the dollar collapses, and FEMA genocide plan of Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Brzezinski, and Henry Kissinger will begin.
Article 77 (1) A person who commits an act of riot for the purpose of overthrowing the government, usurping the territorial sovereignty of the State, or otherwise subverting constitutional order, thereby committing the crime of insurrection shall be sentenced according to the following distinctions.

It becomes the custom that Prime Minister Abe would deceive the citizens.
Prime Minister Abe would deceive the citizens and would approve several bad laws and is going to become a dictator.
However, the lies of Prime Minister Abe about the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant conflict with a crime of the humanity.
Fukushima cow
The cows which were left in Fukushima by the refugees, and starved to death
childrens neck
This child had surgery on her thyroid.
As for the food contamination before the nuclear plant accident of Fukushima, the safe standard values were less than 0.1Bq/kg. Prime Minister Abe raised the security standard value than 1,000 times.
Even if a human being eats the food which is dangerous as enough as a radioactive waste , it can't be safe. Prime Minister Abe would insist as if Japan gives severest test safely in the world, but it is a blazing lie. Ukraine and Belarus suffering from radiation exposure damage apply the severer standard.
It is a blazing lie that all quantity or all packages of the crops of Fukushima are inspected . Abe Administration lets them measure only cesium by an examination for food, and it is a great problem. Abe Administration completely let them ignore "alpha including strontium 90" and the beta nuclide which are more dangerous than cesium.
30% of the crops of Fukushima are eaten in Fukushima prefecture, and 70% of the crops of Fukushima is shipped to the outside area of Fukushima prefecture.
A large quantity of crops from Fukushima circulate in Okinawa prefecture. "The damage to health" including suddenly dying increases remarkably in "the remote area such as Okinawa" , because of the contaminated foods .
This is revenge of Prime Minister Abe against Okinawa citizens resisting the Abe Administration rushing into the military regime.
Ah....it is so sad....so sad..
Prime Minister Abe would hate Okinawa very much.What a terrible person Prime Minister Abe is!
The Liberal Democratic Party revision of the Constitution draft which Prime Minister Abe leads has an item accepting torture. As for Prime Minister Abe, Prime Minister Abe would certainly start the vast unfair arrests in large quantities, tortures, genocide after Prime Minister Abe can succeed to approve whole of a particularly secret bill, conspiracy laws, and the emergency method if Liberal Democratic Party revision of the Constitution draft will come true. And the genocide has already begun in Okinawa.
Prime Minister Abe let the construction company use the radioactive waste of Fukushima for soil of the landfill of Henoko.
Of course in both of "Fukushima and the area around Fukushima", genocide by radioactivity has already begun . And FEMA camp which kills inmates by radioactivity are going to be founded in Fukushima prefecture.
I must notice the dichotomic of Prime Minister Abe and I must fight against Prime Minister Abe.

Fukushima's farmers can't sell much of rice of Fukushima enough. The farmers of Fukushima mix the rice of other prefectures and rice of Fukushima, and they sell rice of Fukushima as a blended rice. Because many farmers of Fukushima can't sell the rice as the rice for the family use, they cultivates feed rice for the domestic animals . But the domestic animals of Fukushima cause Bioconcentration. The milk, an egg, edible meat are polluted. Japan should cancel the production of crops of Fukushima.
As for the radioactivity, most of the cesium-137 and the strontium 90 of the 30-year half-life are not attenuated in six years. The Abe Administration would always explain as if Fukushima products became evidently safe though Fukushima products are still in danger.
Because the Abe Administration does not regulate a contaminated foods strictly, the radiation exposure damage extremely worsens.The people who fall down, and die by heart failure, a stroke, leukemia, a cancer and so on increase remarkably.
In Japan there are days which depend on a fortune-teller. It is superstition but there is the day of Tomobiki that a dead person tries to let his friend die at the rate of one time on 6 days. Generally speaking, Tomobiki day is avoided at "the final service for the dead" so as to 'not pull a friend (to death).
Almost crematories operate fully even on a day of Tomobiki, but the reservation of the crematory needs awaiting 10 days. The corpse hotels of Japan are fully booked now.
Prime Minister Abe is going to build a frozen ground wall to turn off groundwater underground without adopting a method of construction to extract debris of Dr. Morishige. However, four years passed, but the frozen ground wall yet does not completely freeze. And the contaminated water of several tons flows out into the Pacific per day every day.
Because the radioactivity of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant is strong, the human being can not approach to the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant , and the unmanned robot is broken by strong radioactivity immediately.
Therefor, nobody can yet take out debris of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. However, Tokyo Electric continues developing the unmanned robot.
Dr. Morishige would devise a method to make the outskirts of the debris be a vacuum with "a safekeeping container and the vacuum apparatus", in order to pick up debris. As for the safekeeping container and the vacuum apparatus, there is little trouble except that Dr. Morishige would circulate liquid nitrogen in the outside and the internal plumbing even if radioactivity is strong because there are few dynamic parts.
Because Prime Minister Abe would give priority to the profit of the developer of Tokyo Electric, the Abe Administration is not going to adopt a method of Dr. Morishige.
Because the machine of Dr. Morishige is not broken by strong radioactivity, I am convinced that his machine should succeed in taking out debris.
If the Abe Administration does not fall, the method of Dr. Morishige is not adopted, and contaminated water continues flowing into the Pacific every day from now on.And the Pacific every day from now on.
Prime Minister Abe would be going to send the false message to the world as if a nuclear plant accident of Fukushima ended in order to hold the Olympics somehow in Japan. However, it is a blazing lie.
TV director who reported on the fact that ”the people who were thyroid cancer increase rapidly” " was killed.But some one else must insist this fact.
It is said that Prime Minister Abe neglects measures taken against the nuclear power plant accident in order to offer "the data of the experiment on human bodies being exposureed to radiation of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant" to Rumsfeld. The International Criminal Court should issue an arrest warrant for Prime Minister Abe for crimes against humanity.
We are in the War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness.
Every citizen. Every world citizen.
Let's believe in God, and let's stand up to fight against the evil wicked 4 old men.
In this earth we must be able to never bring back the Nazis.
God would be going to save both the human race and the earth of the blue star.
We live in the times when any souls will be saved, if we live in order to build peaceful society.
Let's pray to God, and let's unite.
We should be the Sons of Light.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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